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  1. Wish you all a merry christmas! :))

  2. Animated Battle and Custom AI... Well i knew the day would come but now im scared xD

  3. Today is our first own event! :D

    1. buddysievers
    2. buddysievers


      Ok got to go, must help to build.

      Cant wit for Lightsphere!!! <3

      Wish you all a nice weekend! :)

  4. Oh my, it slowly comes to the hot phase before i will introduce my project.

    1. philteredkhaos


      Are you going to put it in Early Projects? or are you waiting for completion before you drop it publicly?

    2. buddysievers


      I will make a short post in Early Projects but it will link to rpgmaker.net ;)

    3. buddysievers


      Im planning to release a Tech Demo when im far enough and after that i will try to recruit a mapper, a dialouge writer and an gfx artist. ^^

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