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  1. Hey thx for your reply but i think that would be too much work to get it look and work like the one im using.

    Also there could be compatibility issues with Victors and my own scripts.

    I try to avoid using Yanflys scripts because of that, using just allmost Victors.


  2. Hi and hello,

    im using this Script here which is used to let the actor change his equipment during battles.

    The scene doesnt have an help window so i tried to add one by looking how other scenes

    does that but i couldn figure it out.

    Got me a hadache so far, hope anyone here could figure it out.

    Thx in advance!

  3. Hi and hello,

    i wonder if its somehow possible to make the Window_ActorCommand to horizontal instead of normal commad window and then set the col_max and window size depending on item_max?

    Think of Final Fantasy 7 where when you had more then 4 commands the window got 2 col_max and doubled the width, when you had 9 or more commands the col_max got 3.

    The first problem is that item_max is nil before the commands get added and the second is to sort the commands that they will still in the same order they would be added with just one col_max.

    See this picture here if you dont get what i mean:


    Would be so awesome if anyone could help me with that.

    Greetings and big THX in advance!


  4. Hey there,

    really nice work so far!


    I created a FF7 Limit break system in my project and made it that every text character have

    a differnet color and the colors move from left to right.

    But your gradient text looks so much better!


    I wonder if i could use it and if so does it affect performance really hard to have just the gradient text?

    Here is my code, i know really novice but hey it works for me. xD

    # ** Window_ActorLimit
    #  This window is used to show actor command "Limit".
    class Window_ActorLimit < Window_Base
      # * Initialize
      def initialize(x, y, width, height)
        super(x, y, width, height)
        self.z = 500
        self.opacity = 0
        self.back_opacity = 0
        self.openness = 0
        @actor = nil
        @frame = nil
      # * Frame Update
      def update
        return unless @frame
        return unless @actor
        return unless @actor.tp == 100
        @frame += 1
        @frame = 0 if @frame == 50
      # * Refresh
      def refresh
        return unless @actor
        return unless @actor.tp == 100
        case @frame
        when 0
        when 10
        when 20
        when 30
        when 40
      # * Draw Limit text
      def draw_limit(id)
        c1 = "\\C[2]"
        c2 = "\\C[1]"
        c3 = "\\C[27]"
        c4 = "\\C[14]"
        c5 = "\\C[3]"
        case id
        when 0
          text = c1 + "L" + c2 + "i" + c3 + "m" + c4 + "i" + c5 + "t"
        when 1
          text = c5 + "L" + c1 + "i" + c2 + "m" + c3 + "i" + c4 + "t"
        when 2
          text = c4 + "L" + c5 + "i" + c1 + "m" + c2 + "i" + c3 + "t"
        when 3
          text = c3 + "L" + c4 + "i" + c5 + "m" + c1 + "i" + c2 + "t"
        when 4
          text = c2 + "L" + c3 + "i" + c4 + "m" + c5 + "i" + c1 + "t"
        draw_text_ex(4, 0, text)
      # * Setup
      def setup(actor)
        @actor = actor
        @frame = 0
      # * Close Window
      def close
        @actor = nil
        @frame = nil



  5. Hi there,

    is there a way to have this code below optimized a bit?


          if @note =~ /<ki_text: "(.*)","(.*)","(.*)","(.*)","(.*)","(.*)","(.*)">/i
            @key_item_text = [$1,$2,$3,$4,$5,$6,$7]
            @key_item_text = [""]


    i would like it to check for up to 7 "(.*)" and return them as array but if there would be just 3 or maybe just 1 text string the array should only conatin these and not the empty ones.

    Example: <ki_text: _Your special Vodoo here_ >/i with 3 text strings gives me [$1, $2, $3], with one text string just [$1].


    Would be so nice if anyone could help me out! :)

  6. Hey there,

    i have problems getting these two properly to work with each other.

    It works fine for skills with no cast time but as soon as a skill have cast time only the first skill gets casted.

    Here is link to a project folder containing all scripts: Click me

    Would be awesome if anyone could help me with that so big thx in advance! :)

  7. On 29.9.2017 at 11:25 AM, PhoenixSoul said:
    module SceneManager
        @scene = Scene_Menu.new
    class Scene_Load < Scene_File
      def on_load_success


    I found this in RMW forums under the same topic. I wonder if this would work.

    Gives the same error.


    uninitialized class variable @@last_command_symbol in


  8. Thx alot for your help so far!

    That works great when you just go back to the title screen and load a game but

    when you restart it and load then ace crashes.


    uninitialized class variable @@last_command_symbol in




    Edit: Well when i close my menu i call a worldmap scene from where i go to different maps.

    I cant tell why i dont want people to save from maps yet cus its a big part of my game mechancs.


  9. Hi and hello big sry if im posting in the wrong section!
    I wonder if i can get vx ace to open the menu instead of going to scene map after loading a file?
    I tried to set a switch to true when the game gets saved and again to false after that and then added
    a condition in scene map which checks if the switch is on and then go to the menu scene but you can see the map
    before which i dont want.
    I tried to put a Graphics.brightness = 0 at the top of the start method but that didnt worked so i have no clue what to do.
    Maybe someone can help me out with that.
    Sry for the bad grammar and big thx in advance! :)

  10. Hi and hello, its been a while since i was arround and im sorry if im posting in the wrong section!
    Well i wonder if its possible to start a battle from another scene then scene_map.
    when i try to do that i have no battle background and after the battle is finished the game is crashing.

    Script 'BattleManager' line 77: NoMethodError occured.
    undefined method `replay' for nil:NilClass

    Now my question is, is it a flaw from the scene i use (a worldmap script) or is vx ace not able to do that?
    And if not is there a way to change that?

    If not my idea was to create a map where a event checks a specific variable and then start the battle i want with a branch and after the battle is done calls again my worldmap scene.
    But it would be much better if i just could call the battle_scene directly from the worldmap scene and get there back after each battle.

    Sorry for the bad grammar and big thx in advance! :)

  11. hmm it should be possible to get that done what you want but it would need some scripting.

    but im sry i cant help with that i dont even have the time to work on my own project... :(

  12. Hmm i think its allready implemented...

    Look at the code, i have found this:


    # * New method: get_bitmap
    def get_bitmap(filename, part, sufix)
      base = part[:name] =~ /^[!]?[$](.*)/i ? $1 : part[:name]
      char = filename + base
      pose = part[:name] + sufix
      file = filename + base + sufix
      name = character_exist?(char) ? char : part[:name]
      name = character_exist?(pose) ? pose : name
      name = character_exist?(file) ? file : name
      bmp = ["Graphics/Characters/", name, part[:hue]]                            <------------ This line!
      [load_bitmap(*bmp).clone, name] rescue [empty_bitmap, name]


    so there should be a way to change the hue somehow, is there nothing about it in the header?

  13. Haha my english isnt good enough to say if you are really mad with me or just because i the idea wasnt that bad at all...
    Well so ro so i have to thank you and i will test it later and give response.

    @Shiggy: I tried myself with working on the choice window but it was too much for my skills.
    This way was the only one could think about without recreate the whole message window.


    Edit: Ok works great so far, rly good work! :thumbup3:

    But what i dont rly like is that the choices move out of the nothing and the pop message box gets bigger.

    Is it possible to change that or is it part of how it works?

    And sry but i have another lil question and since i dont know your code its easier to ask, is there a way to

    adjust the x pos of the choices inside of the window?


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