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  1. Dragonfly89

    Triple Triad - FF8 Mini-game

    Edit: Okay, I checked it. It was easier than I thought. I'm so stupid that I didn't chatch that before. Thx therefor @ Dymdez: Thank you very very much. That sounds easy somehow. But I'm not really good at scripting. Could you maybe show me a picture from where I find this script line and tell me what I've to change in this line? Sorry for being such a noob.
  2. Dragonfly89

    Triple Triad - FF8 Mini-game

    Hi, sorry for necropost and for my broken English. I don't find any forum with newer posts to this topic and I have some little questions you could help me with. 1st: after choosing a card from the other player (after winning or loosing game), is it possible to close the window without pressing any button? If yes, how can I do this? 2nd: when there's a "draw" game, another game starts automaticly. Can I disable this function and how can I do?
  3. Thank's, now I get it. But there's a new problem. The rpg maker says there's an error in line 390 when I want to start the video. It says there is no "display" (in german it's "Anzeigefenster" - don't know how to translate in english) this is line 390: raise(buffer.squeeze(' ').chomp('\000'))
  4. Hi, I have a little problem with your script. I don't understand, what I've to write in the script, if I want the video to start by event. Could you please show me an example? My video file's called "lightdragon" and it's an .avi-file. I hope, you understand my problem (my english isn't really good^^). It's just this part I don't understand: play_video(filename,exitable,pausable) # ~ filename : name of video file (Must be in quotes) # ~ exitable : Can the video be exited? (When left out = true) # ~ pausable : Can the video be paused? (When left out = true)
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