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  1. DoctorArtist

    dbchest's Datalog

    Definitely a necropost, I'm aware, and I'm also aware that dbchest is no longer supporting rmvxace, but question to everyone who's used this... I'm having an issue with music canceling when I enter the datalog through Yanfly's System Options, then never coming back on when the datalog is exited. Basically, I'm currently accessing the Datalog through that menu as an added command, rather than through the main pause menu itself. Most likely I won't be asking for help on how to FIX it, so much as I'm asking what's going on? What's the exact issue when these two scripts are combined in such a way?
  2. DoctorArtist

    Mail System

    This is an EXTREMELY old post, but I was wondering if anyone still had the original script? The website is down, and no online archive has the ability to go back to when the website was still up. I would absolutely love to use this, as I've tried a multitude of mail scripts and none of them work exactly the way this one does.
  3. DoctorArtist

    Music Player like in the GBA Final Fantasy games?

    I can't think of any scripts off the top of my head at this time, but the quickest (but least efficient) way to get around this temporarily is the answer you might dread: copy and paste all BGS, ME and SE files into BGM. If I can find any scripts, I'll send them your way, but for now, that's the only thing I can think of. (forgive me, I know this isn't helpful)
  4. DoctorArtist

    Melodia script or something similar?

    Hey Gaming4All. As someone who uses Moghunter scripts, I know how it is to have an issue working with the Portuguese script writing. Best bet would be to copy and paste chunks into Google Translate, which is what I do for things like the descriptions of what each code line does and whatnot. That's the best bet really, and it's what I've been doing for over a year. Second tip I can give you, of course, is to find all the files necessary within the demo Mog provides, as those are the files you need for your own game to not crash. Copy and paste, and you'll be good to go. SPECIFICALLY, you'll need to go into: Graphics/Melodia ...and copy every image file there, from Back_01.jpg to Timer_Number.PNG. Better still, just copy the Melodia folder. Last but not least, the Melodia Script needs to be placed in the script list under Materials and above Main Process. Also make sure to go back to the demo to see which script calls were made EXACTLY when you activate the event through playing, etc. This is all your more base answers really, and I'm sure none of this will help, and you've probably figured it out by now. But this is all the help I can provide at the moment. Sorry mate.
  5. DoctorArtist

    Advanced Game Time

    Alright, Vlue. I'm a lover of your scripts, and honestly need your help. How would one change the rgba setting to the tone-type default for the VXACE engine? red/green/blue/opacity is great and all, but all my original set hues were all built on the ideal of red/green/blue/gray, and having r/g/b have the ability to recognize negative integers. I'm not getting anything when I input a "-100" in spots where they'd normally work in the engine's default tone change setting. What can I do to continue using this script AND regain the red/green/blue/GRAY option?
  6. DoctorArtist

    XS - Popup Item

    Both links are down. Does anyone have access to these scripts, and is anyone willing to share links to them?
  7. DoctorArtist

    Simple text input

    Sorry for "Necro" posting, but I just fixed an issue I was having, and would like to show my fix in case someone else out there had the same issue. I'm currently playing with a 640x480 resolution. At the top of the text screen where you see your typed letters, they wouldn't show up until five or six more typed letters. Like, the fifth or sixth letter showed up in the first slot in-screen. I fixed this problem by going down to lines 53 and 55, and changing the number "360" on both lines to "440". Now the "input text" section is wide enough to show all typed letters. Again, this is for someone who's playing at 640x480, rather than the original resolution.
  8. DoctorArtist

    Basic Pause Screen

    Hmmm...I wonder if there's a way to change the button.
  9. DoctorArtist

    music Composer seeking projects (for free)

    Let us talk in a PM! I messaged you on Facebook, but you might not see it because it was sent to the "Other Folder".
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