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  1. Aletheos

    An Inquiry About RGSS...

    In a strict programming sense, yes, that is obviously THE problem, but I don't see that as A problem. Rather, that's the fun challenge. Not that I'm likely going to be the one to succeed... ...maybe I'm super naive about this, but it seems to me eminently doable. First, clone the repo, and merge all corresponding .c and .h-files, since Ruby doesn't really use headers. Then, replace all typedef and structs with... is it DEF(?), and move variable and function declarations in headers into class definitions. After that, find all the call sites where cholocate doom would use SDL2 for things like drawing, playing sound and catching input, and replace those with whatever the equivalent would be for your RPG maker version. ...then, I guess, remove the default scripts? I have zero experience with porting games, btw. All this is feelies.
  2. Aletheos

    An Inquiry About RGSS...

    Well, we could begin with a minimalist open source sourceport, like chocolatedoom. https://github.com/chocolate-doom/chocolate-doom/tree/master/src/doom
  3. Aletheos

    An Inquiry About RGSS...

    Does this count?
  4. In Krita there's a wrap option that makes the canvas loop forever. That makes it real easy to see if the image is tiling properly. These look nice! You seem to be doing just fine. If you copy the group of five stones on the bright square to the other bright squares, it would seem impossible to me that you could end up with a situation where it didn't tile properly. Or did I misunderstand something?
  5. To improve my work ethic, and keep me motivated, I've joined the 30 day projects at dk30.day9.tv

    1. Arrpeegeemaker


      If you want motivation, I could rig up some kind of machine, where like a program reads if you've made progress on your project. If not, it lets alligators loose on you. 

      Or there could be like, a thing where there's three judges, and you have to go on a show once a week and present your progress to them. If none of the judges give you a rose, then they set alligators loose on you. 

      I guess if you want to be realistic, you could lock yourself in a room with your project. Then, surround the outside of the  room with alligators, and like the only way out is through the roof, by helicopter, but the pilot only comes to get you once your project is done.

      Either way, help me get rid of some of these alligators.

  6. Aletheos

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Oh, that wish is granted alright, so very granted. In fact, your broken body, twisted up in the burning rubble that was once your car, you can't doubt the reality of it. Not that you'll be able to enjoy it for very much longer... I wish depression is immediately erased from existence for all time.
  7. In the face of depression, unrequited love, and financial debt, I must now more than ever before finish a commercially viable project or enter the... job market, yuck.

    Will I prevail? Will Scrum come to my aid in these dire times? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of...

    Life of a wannabe game programmer.

    1. Arrpeegeemaker


      But first, a message from our sponsors....


      "I love working outside. But when my HP starting getting low, I thought my questing days were over. That's when I talked to my doctor about Hi-Potion. Now, I'm back on the road to my next level up." 

      -Hi-Potion is an over the counter medicine and is not meant to be taken by players level 14 and under. 

      -While not common, some side effects may include dizziness, confusion and a loss of MP.

      -Women that are pregnant or nursing should not take Hi-Potion.

      -You shouldn't take Hi-Potion if you're allergic to Green Herbs or other High-Fantasy healing substances.

      -Hi-Potion restores HP and is not meant to treat Poison, Sap or other HP draining physical ailments.

      -Talk to your doctor immediately if you begin to bleed from your eye sockets after taking Hi-Potion.

      "Having my HP down used to get me down. Now, I'm back to treating every day like a new adventure."


      Hi-Potion. From the makers of Potion

    2. Kayzee


      Honestly it seems to me like having a commercially viable project is kind of more a matter of random luck then anything else at this point. It must really suck to be a human, needing to actually work and get money instead of play all day like us fairies... I honestly don't know how your society even functions!

  8. Began @ PSQ, Falun on the 21st of August. It's hard work, but I will persevere!

  9. Aletheos

    Let's Get To Know Each Other~

    Free-running(Parkour). I would love the feeling of freedom of movement where ever I am, and I'd love to be that athletic. In reality, it's the opposite of what I'm like right now. I can't even do a single push-up. I want to answer that last one as well, and I mentioned this earlier. The sonic mover from the movie Returner: A small device worn on the wrist that when activated speeds up your movement 20-fold and consequently slows everything else down(from your own perspective). (Or, you know, literally ANY time machine from whatever franchise.) This might be cheating, I don't know... or at least extremely meta: If you could get a truthful and accurate answer to any question, what question would that be?
  10. Aletheos

    Let's Get To Know Each Other~

    A woodchuck would in fact chuck no amount of wood, since woodchucks have a biologically determined hatred for alliteration and very low tolerance for sarcasm. But what is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  11. Aletheos

    Let's Get To Know Each Other~

    Ok, so we're breaking with the format somewhat, but I've prepared myself for this one for some time now. Here we go: Step 1 On the day the machine was first unveiled to the world, I broke through security and stole it right off the stage. First jump, 50 years into the future. Here I gathered tech to protect myself from the dangers of the past and enough computer power that I could effectively bring the internet with me wherever I go. Step 2 I went back through my own life, with the intent of undoing mistakes and repairing relationships. First a month or two. Confess your feelings to that girl. Don't let the opportunity slip by. Then, a year or so. Succeed on the MCSD using knowledge from my future. Then, another few years. Slap myself in the face and tell me to get my marriage back in shape, and maybe actually use that platinum gym-card for something? Then it's off to... Step 3 Exploring the past, like the doctor. In fact, you know what? I might just end up being the real inspiration for the show. I stepped back longer and longer every time. A year here, a decade there, then a few centuries. Adventuring, kicking ass, saving civilizations, maybe ruling a few. Then it's off to the grandest adventure of all time. Step 4 Find out what's on the other side of the Big Bang. ...It gets a bit fuzzy at this point. ...would there be a reason not to do so? Naturally, since there are no known mechanisms by which causality could somehow bend backwards through time. ie. Every movie depicting someone fading out of existence is violating the first and second(and third?) law of thermodynamics. We therefore can only really accept the multiple worlds hypothesis. So, no. No reason at all. This world you leave behind, and there are a potential infinity of others, so. We'll be fine. You can have your universe. I'm sure it'll be fine too... mostly. Will you bend the knee to Daenerys Targaryen, our rightful queen of Westeros?
  12. Aletheos

    Let's Get To Know Each Other~

    The ability to snap my fingers and project realization into people's minds. Not my own subjective viewpoint, but actual profound realization. I think it would make the world a better place, if more people thought deeper about... well, everything really. No clue how it would work, though. I'd take time travel as a close second, or at least the sonic mover from Returner. But that's more super gadgets than super powers. Speaking of which... if you could time travel, when would you go, and why? Edit: No. I do not believe in fairies. And, no. I will not clap my hands. Does that mean you're going to die now?
  13. Aletheos

    Let's Get To Know Each Other~

    Blender, hands down. It can do 3D-modelling, 2D/3D-animation, coding, video editing(and similarly sound, I suppose, but that's very limited). About the only thing It's lacking, and I may be mistaken about this, is decent 2D-layers. For that I still prefer GIMP. But the two in combination is about the greatest thing I know. Throw in BFXR for sound effects and you have, in my opinion, the ultimate free art/code/game-design package. But I'm biased, and stuck in my ways. SAI probably is better than GIMP, but I could never get into it. But I wanna know... Daenerys "Stormborn" Targaryen or Jon "Snow" Stark-Targaryen for the Iron throne? And/or... Do you have a really unpopular pick for favorite character from a popular franchise? Who? Why?
  14. Aletheos

    Let's Get To Know Each Other~

    I only played the worst guitar hero, the third one(Legends of Rock), for the Nintendo Wii. I liked it. But it wasn't until many years later I realized it was a total rip-off; That the experience other players had was completely different, with their own downloaded(or uploaded) music and what not. And apparently, the song lists for the earlier games were much better. Favorite song: Even Flow - Pearl Jam. What is your favorite Dungeons & Dragons class and race? (3.5e, 4th, 5th, any editions and home-brews allowed. Motivate your answer with at least two sentences.)
  15. Aletheos

    Let's Get To Know Each Other~

    Arts and crafts and/or programming, depending on which school we're talking about. I also enjoyed English; It was always one of my stronger subjects. My least favorite was always PE, and now my body reflects that disdain... speaking of nothing... I could really go for a pizza right now... Well, let's bring it back to game design with another double question: What do you think of Extra Credits' youtube-series on game design, specifically the Making Your First Game-videos? And, if you haven't watched them, or don't care: How do you get out of a funk where you don't feel motivated to work, or what do you do when you feel like you're not good enough? Oh, no... did I break the rules, posting twice in a day?
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