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    Stuck in the twilight between art and code
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    Kerbal Space Program. Making things. Spending more time than what is healthy watching youtube.

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  1. To improve my work ethic, and keep me motivated, I've joined the 30 day projects at dk30.day9.tv

    1. Arrpeegeemaker


      If you want motivation, I could rig up some kind of machine, where like a program reads if you've made progress on your project. If not, it lets alligators loose on you. 

      Or there could be like, a thing where there's three judges, and you have to go on a show once a week and present your progress to them. If none of the judges give you a rose, then they set alligators loose on you. 

      I guess if you want to be realistic, you could lock yourself in a room with your project. Then, surround the outside of the  room with alligators, and like the only way out is through the roof, by helicopter, but the pilot only comes to get you once your project is done.

      Either way, help me get rid of some of these alligators.