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  1. Hey friend, gimme your Battle.net tag so we can be friends.

  2. Nyapurgisnacht

    Hello :3c

    Daaamn, look at dem arts, sign me up bby!!~ ;D Seems I get to be the first to cordially welcome you ^^ I do hope you have a lovely stay during your time here~ Call it a hunch, but you and I, I believe we'll get along fine. Just fine <3
  3. Nyapurgisnacht

    Kitty Survival Simulator

    Heya, thanks for asking! Nope! It took a while but things have begun to sort themselves out ^^ I have a computer! A nice desktop even! Woo! Kitty Survival Simulator is still on my dead laptop! Boo! But that's okay! There's still things I have to take care of, but getting that and everything else off my old laptop is on the list~ I STILL want to finish Kitty Sim! I'm keeping myself busy with other things in the meantime ^^ Thanks again for checking in~
  4. Nyapurgisnacht

    Forum Achievements

    -raises hand- I like the idea of 'trusted seller' badges/achievements the most, it's practical and helpful, I don't see a downside to that one in particular. Also, adding on to what Shiggy brought up, if, for instance, he had something denoting what it is he's helping out/has helped out with, then I automatically know that I have the option of asking him for help with those things in particular. Seems tough to track, however. Dunno how these particular badges/achievements would be given out or managed, especially if exchanges take place somewhere outside of forum posts (PM's etc.) but I still like the idea. Otherwise, idk, my thoughts towards the matter are along the same line as Chaosian's as well, but I'm largely impartial myself. I'd probably have fun with it anyway ;p From your posts Tarq, yeah, any huge worries I would have are assuaged, seems cool I suppose~
  5. Anyone want me to draw fan-art of a character for ye? OC's are fine if you have a reference.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Asharonapaul


      ya, but my reference is under copyright in contract. would have to ask the artist if it was ok for you to view it :(

    3. Rikifive


      If you want to have your work featured in my profile then you know what to do. :D

    4. Nyapurgisnacht


      I did actually see all these x3 Owo Sure Riki, I had no idea that was an option!

  6. -wakes up- Wow I sure slept a long- -sees the husk of my 3DS.- Whelp. Going back to sleep.

  7. Yup. Spilled water right on the 3DS. -seppuku-

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    2. magic2345


      *internal screaming*

    3. Alphys Hedge
    4. Thejaxinator


      i got food on my alot and it is fine and some water but mine is a 2DS

  8. Nyapurgisnacht

    Female Characters, and the Anime That Does Them Best

    Hey, I saw R.O.D the TV too! Quite an obscure one ;o Maggie was definitely my favorite of the bunch too, hands down~ Paper super powers was a silly concept, I gotta say, there was a character in Naruto that did that too, so I couldn't help but be reminded of that the whole show ^^; I do share their love for reading though x3 I feel the same way about gender in media, I dun care, just give me good characters right? With that, idk, Strawberry Panic has a pretty wide range of female characters without a whole lot of bias, it's super cute too! Totally recommend ;3
  9. You think I can beat FF X-2 without new game+ in a day if I skip all the extra stuff?

    1. Yuugami
    2. Nyapurgisnacht


      So it seems! -scratches cheek- Well, that directed me around, guess I'll try dis http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps2/562386-finalfantasyx2/faqs/38278


      I want to spend as little time as possible getting through it once <<;

  10. Rebuilding database??? Why PS3! Why!!

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    2. Nyapurgisnacht


      ...Well all the files have been renamed to 'blank' and they're out of order, but that's okay! We live to fight another day!!!

    3. Yuugami




      Huzzah! Huzzah!

    4. Rezanta


      Eh, until it says system files are corrupt. :/

  11. I just went through a vivid Groundhog Day experience in my dream- It's like I wasn't allowed to wake up, I feel like I just lived many rather violent lifetimes o.o;

  12. Nyapurgisnacht

    New Community Chat

    Sounds fun, I'll likely join in later ^^ (Tried hopping in on my phone, but no dice.)
  13. Nyapurgisnacht

    My Thoughts on Anime/Manga and Japanese Culture

    Beeehhhh I mean in certain structural ways, education, parts of the government even though the box says Constitutional Monarchy, the nationalism, the consumerism, but when it gets down to the gritty it's night and day... Y'know that was a super general/broad/vague statement, it's not important <_> I like how you put that though ;| In that sense I'd consider Japanese to be incredibly more efficient in conveying more with less, but I'm biased and I just plain don't like English and prefer everything else to it xp But, pretty.. Yeah, can't argue that one~ (Completely off the mark, but Italian has my vote for prettiest language overall, actually x3)
  14. Nyapurgisnacht

    My Thoughts on Anime/Manga and Japanese Culture

    I agree with basically everything here xp I'm not totally educated, but I have looked into Japan society quite a bit out of interest: From what I understand, they're really kind of another version of the USA over there? There's a few different points, there's a kind of 'aesthetic' that doesn't really exist over here, but their entire culture is based on conformity. There's SO MANY rules to everything you do out in public and in your own home. Some people that move there say they grow to appreciate the rules and that it brings a sense of stability etc., and others find it stifling. I think Paranoia Agent, that you brought up, is one of the closest examples I've seen of what the society over there is actually like- Which paralleled America in a lot of ways. So yeah, getting back to anime, I got into it myself knowing that there's going to be just as much corporate produced, shilled out shows there as there are in Western cartoons. Most anime isn't all that great, if you ask me, but I think the same thing applies to just about every mass-produced medium, and should be approached with a few grains of salt. Like anything else ya? ANYONE can make an anime, after all. Oh, and I personally just go with calling 'anime' whatever animation that was originally produced in Japan. Things like Avatar: The Last Airbender I call 'anime-inspired cartoons.' Seems to save confusion a bit ^^; I do also think it's funny that Japan is simultaneously the happiest country in the world, and also has the highest suicide rate. Just from observing, I think there's a lot of escapism in the culture, especially in the form of anime. There's a lot of encouragement and niceities, but that's because in Japan you're going to be working yourself to the bone your whole life, or risk being totally excluded. Shame society, yeah o.o; That being said I do LIKE the culture, even if it's still xenophobic and sexist (tell me about one that isn't D;) and I love learning kanji, the language is really wonderful and conveys a lot more than Latin based languages can, I'd love to be fluent and ditch English, but still not sure if I want to jump on the bandwagon and move there... Only if I can live on Tashirojima, I'm thinkin -wink wink-
  15. Hearing the youngin's discussing their school-life really makes me appreciate being an adult. And not in school.

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