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  1. uploading soundtrack of Chronicles 2 on newgrounds also soundcloud but have it limit there so pick soundtrack i really i like of Chronicles 2.






  2. 10 download from my game thank so much ^^

  3. I forgot to drew lol well i say need improve my drawing

  4. vx ace Tales of Boredom

    i like black and white remind of old Pokemon
  5. thank you for accepting my game :D now take a break need improve my drawing and voice act or find one lol

    write my Afterword for the game and upload the music will still chat here

  6. Abstract: A black mist covering the town Genre: Rpg, Modern fantasy, Barrage STG. Game Progression: Completed. Recruitment: None. Playtime: 3 hour Prologue After the incident want back to normal, some week later mystery black mist Appears out of nowhere cover whole town everybody going crazy one reason protagonist are not, Charlotte know where is coming from, So up to Kiwi, Zero and Charlotte what causes this mist. Trailer: Characters: Screenshots: Game: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vl38hu7wjcj6lnt/Chronicles+2.rar Features: Update 1.00a: CREDITS: Author's Note This my second game I made, there lot Improvement especially artwork, I hope you guys enjoy the game. Inspired by Obscure game and Epic Battle Fantasy Series most obscure game. Make sure Read the Manual Be sure to give me your feedback and let me know if there's any bug, and/or a grammar error. Original post on rpgmakervx.net
  7. submit?

    how do you post your game? since i new here
  8. Hi New here

    thank thank will post the game
  9. Hi New here

    I never introductions this website I basically like to draw, make game and make Music (Still a beginners) when I can, be using rpg maker for 9 year I most the story and idea based on personal experience and underrated stuff right now i using rpg mkaer VX all pre idea in that system do have ACE VX and MV but don't have right scripts yet My first language is Spanish mostly speak English and write English, bad at it writing Spanish and spelling in Spanish, I have stuttering commentary not by my language 'What I have' please don't ask "what is your first languages' i get that lot other website. please don't write in spanish i can't read spanish even i was born different
  10. I forgot made a account on this website, well i finish my game will post it here later so they accept rpg maker VX?

    1. Nirwanda


      Yeah we accept vx. Welcome!

    2. lonequeso


      Yay! Welcome new old member!

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Of course we do! We're probably the only one that does (aside from RMN perhaps).


      And, welcome back!

  11. I get a error Line 315 of Alternate MP X v3.01
  12. testing...

    1. Robin-Lightning


      1, 2, 3, Testing... Completed!


  13. hi, I need help of something, I made tales of series the skits/chats, i know how to make it and put on events spot but this more kill a enemy count it work but one map doesn't go next map some reason only one map i did put parallax mapping doesn't work either, i doing variables point. kind hard for to explain on text going try it. I went have skits it add one variables point, let say you two defeat enemy one same map will get the skits there control variable on troops with slime, this suppose work on random encounters not enemy on the map plus still work map too, I went random encounters only, now I defeat four enemy in different map the skits won't activate next map, it won't work some reason that problems. here a demo test https://www.dropbox.com/s/d4ow9gfsv89njr7/Project1.exe?dl=0 also doing this on Rpg make VX too