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  1. getting Error code: EX1062 every topics

  2. Widen612

    Hello everyone

  3. Widen612

    Hello everyone.

  4. Widen612

    Foxblade Fable - A 90's JRPG Inspired Adventure

    oh, man you did all that by yourself
  5. hi and welcome.
  6. Happy New Years Eve folks

    1. Rikifive


      Happy New Year!! ūüéČ

  7. Widen612

    (Rated T) Fantasia ~Surreal Cosmic Progeny

    oh man, lot to read also remind someone did like this too XD
  8. Man, lot appointment pass few weeks now are done except one appointment the dentist, why so hard to find a dentist, anyway all that appointment forgot finish some game stuff just forgot just about it

  9. Widen612

    hi im new

    I been there also Welcome
  10. Widen612


    welcome stranger
  11. Widen612

    Hello everyone!

    hi and welcome
  12. drawing halloween time, already made five paper sketch one is done, working other one next, one drawing more culture thing better upload on nov, two  paper sketch look too good better wait get new computer using a drawing tablet

  13. Widen612

    Looking for Team Writer

    I dont know how to ask for help with a project here go. I need help with my project but need Rly help for my project being held up for so long about two year, just made minor follow up build up for the third game that was four month ago, already got story setup (and tutorial stage I guess call that) and gameplay mechanic, there seven character, six characters for the plot i got one character done, need make five characters idea (maybe two more characters for extra area because it outdated) they knowing two main characters in the past, it was supposed do this with my brother but he doesn't have time anymore so yeah i will send the story script and some raw idea if you respond back we can make five (seven) characters brain storming and discuss i will making the art, sprites, music and programming, event, map, i using Rpg maker VX it meant use first to fourth game. really went make third game, i can make fourth game and can break this mental block creativity too i dont know is the right post this on recruitment forum dont get pay im sorry
  14. Widen612

    Looking for Team Writer

    Oh wow didn't know got a reply back on this topic since my computer desktop broke down two months ago so didn't know, If get reply back we can talk about it also take your time if get this notification reply or just message you
  15. still here and alive just writeing mosty time since my computer desktop broke now 

    1. Kayzee


      *gives you a big hug~!*

  16. Widen612

    Hi I'm new

    hi and welcome
  17. Widen612

    New to the forum

    Welcome to rpgmakercentral
  18. feel all better ready to do stuff unless seasonal allergies kick in lol

    1. Kayzee


      I am glad you are feeling better! Haven't heard from you in a little while.

    2. Widen612


      Hi, just Practice a little bit of my draw since the recovery, I will send the concept art later

  19. Widen612


    hey and welcome
  20. wait there a discord servers for rpgmaker central?!

  21. Widen612

    Looking for Downed Mack Sprites

    One downed person: https://grandmadebslittlebits.wordpress.com/2014/11/20/chidurid-gives-an-armored-mack-style-sprite-with-poses-for-rpg-maker-vxace/ Down templates: https://grandmadebslittlebits.wordpress.com/2014/11/19/one-hundreds-mack-style-sprite-emotes-and-poses-for-rpg-maker-vxace/ XP down bases: https://www.deviantart.com/cucumberapples/art/Down-Sprites-for-RPGM-XP-278723404 I didn't create this
  22. Widen612

    Influunt Page 1

    Abstract: Just wake up by feeling sick Genre: Rpg, Fantasy, Horror Game Progression: On-going Recruitment: None. Playtime: 10+ minutes Screenshots: Setting: There no story yet, Can't tell you much, you had experienced for it, it is a psychological horror game mix with something else, it going be by part next two updates. Tell me what you find? Character Info: Not much about the character yet, it up to you want to know the character there be update game Video: youtu.be/5jQqPEqOWKc Game link rar version: mega.nz/#!5kcXhahB!deSw4UuzLwm‚Ķ Game link zip version: mega.nz/#!c9ExCaoC!xEY4h_uLBSt‚Ķ If you having you having trouble you need RPG MAKER VX ACE Run Time Package(RTP) Credits: Scripts ÔĽŅ: Zeus8, Khas Arcthunder - arcthunder.site40.net Victor Sant Special Thanks: TheUnproPro Skytric Drawing and sprites character made by me The music made by me Please give me your feedback that cool.
  23. still alive just working my third project having hard time making characters and the story this only third project

    also i got a idea for a small horror game only problem is making horror image, I got enough strange dreams by my anxiety now get nightmare image don't want have same thing at Scott Cawthon but all can say now.


    made short version of Chronicles 2 but remove some feature.

  24. Widen612

    HP MP TP Colors & Names

    yes! it does exist on MV thank for plugins
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