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    She's most certainly not pregnant. That would really make this extremely simple game unnecessarily complicated.
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    Tsarmina and Knighterius, thanks for comments, guys. The game really is straightforward, but that's mostly because it's short. Knighterius, you may want to try the easy level. Just pay attention to your health bar, and use the items when necessary. There should be a lot of potions.
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    A somewhat diablo esque button masher. Genre: Fantasy Action-RPG Average Game Time: 1+ hour(s). Story: A group of unknown bandits, with the mysterious masked man in charge, burnt to the ground the Noel Village, to show the king, that they aren't the enemy, that should be treated lightly. Akage's house was turned to ashes with the rest of the village, which pissed her off tremendously. Now is the time for her to chase down the man responsible for this act, and make him pay. Bio: Akage: Her past is unknown, but her skill with the sword suggests years of training. Credits: *Graphics* Faces Gyakushuu 5 by ANIM Windowskin by ♥SOURCE♥ *Scripts* Ace Core Engine v1.09 by Yanfly Engine Ace CSCA Difficulty System and CSCA Light Effects by Casper Gaming Sapphire Action System IV by Khas Arcthunder Multiple Fogs by Woratana and Necromus Message Busts by Galv Sleek Item Popup v1.13 by V.M of D.T Mana Stones Enchants 1.6 by Falcao Everything else is a default RPG Maker VX Ace RTP. Screenshots: Features: - Sapphire Action System IV - 4 Difficulty Levels - Mana Stones Enchantment System - Endless flow of loot - Unencrypted files Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/a70n3a2douaia64/Akage+1.1+%28Complete%29.exe Known Issues: Nothing that I know of. For now at least.