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  1. Cait

    #rpgmakermv Cait's MV world

    Yeah, I don't know what happened to it, but it could have been anything. o_o; Not that important, but it's just baffling.... Of course, it sooo could have been on my end, too, though.
  2. Cait

    #rpgmakermv Cait's MV world

    ( =>.<= ) I just want to say that I found this new system to be dumb, now that's out of the way, I will state my real reason for starting this. I have created MV graphics and I could have sworn I started a topic here, but if I did it seemingly vanished into thin air. NO, I am certain I shared something, but oh well. Terms of Service: 1. You must own a legit copy of RPG Maker MV, using it in any maker you own legit. 2. You are free to use this in whatever sort of game you want. 3. Credit the company and me, Caitlin NicNubill, Caitlin, NicNubill 4. Feel free to offer me a free game, if used in a commercial project. Character Set (Includes objects) Original pieces
  3. I decided to start an MV resources thread and found I couldn't start any topics... >_< I tried to start topics in the ACE thread found that I couldn't there, either. What in the BEEP is going on?

    1. PhoenixSoul


      I wish I knew...

    2. Rikifive


      That's because you need to post these in Submission subforums found in specific sections.

      *sigh* It can be confusing, that's true.

      If you're having problems or if you're thinking, that something is dumb, please feel free to make a thread in Forum Feedback area and rant on that. You all can change things, but you need to tell us what you need. Thank you and sorry for inconvenience.

  4. Cait

    New characters - Haunted Hills

    I have been continuing working on graphics for commissions, my own game "CHRONICLES OF HONOR - Age of Heroes", but I have continued my work on Haunted Hills. I have added more character types to my game, other than just women who work the streets to expand the reality of being in that situation. There are people of various levels of risk at being a victimized and how likely they are to be noticed being missing. The one thing that will not be in my game, as it doesn't fit the theme is that this game will not have any male characters in it. I am actually planning on having men in the next game, but this game or any game does not have any romance in it. Okay, so the new characters are as following, but are currently not named or place holders for now. Diane - A woman, who served in the army, but due to nightmares that she suffers from and an addiction to drugs has led her to losing her job and house. Her family hasn't seen her in years and mostly, she pan handles to get money for whatever she needs. She goes to the center, once or twice a week to get her money from an ex-spouse who isn't aware of her hardships or if he does, he doesn't seem to care. VICE: Drugs, alcohol Strengths: Her strength is that she knows quite a bit about fighting, when not high on something or drinking. Weaknesses: She can be cruel, fights when on drugs or drunk, and fights very suddenly. Uncertain: It is believed that she might have PTSD, but other people just think that she's hiding a deep pain inside that she doesn't like to talk about. Rachel - A runaway, who likes to hang out at the beach and is apart of a band called the 'Death Angels' and ran away from home, away from her Catholic family to become a big star. Death Angels is mostly an underground band right now, but she she trying to get it into the big stage. She and her band live in a single apartment and work part time jobs. The sad thing is that she swears that her band is going to find her at any time and that they're going to make it big. Vice: Seems pretty normal, actually Strengths: Kind and sweet, with a bit of sass to go along with it. Weaknesses: She actually can say one thing, and say another thing to someone else. She can turn on you in an instant. Uncertain: Does she have a band or is there something wrong with seemingly average girl that doesn't fit in with the group of woman whose activities all involve the street in some way. Michelle - Another woman, who has lots in common with Diane in that they are both addicted to drugs, only Michelle has turned away from drugs when she got pregnant with her twins. She still works the streets to earn money for college and lives with a three other women in the same situation. She has been beaten, robbed and raped (Two times in the last five years), but only once when she was working as a prostitute. She hasn't been arrested, since she had her children, but has been fined and ticketed over the years. Vice: None, only a few cigs and maybe a drink from time to time Strengths: She is fierce, determined and it is one of the reasons that she has survived over the last year in this horrible place. There is a humanity about her, as she tries to survive the best that she can without killing anyone and will not attack first. Although, she doesn't trust people enough to turn her back on them, either. Weaknesses: Her lack of trust is what is her biggest problem, as she has seen women with PIMPS who are beaten and even, murdered at the hands of their pimps. Candy - (real name not known) - She is a former exotic dancer, who burnt her bridges, because she was underaged when she started and even, did porn underaged, too. Now, she is 19 years old, and recently turned to prostitution to earn money. She has a real hatred of men, as it is believed she was molested by her father, uncle or close family member. She has been arrested for stabbing a man, even arrested for assault, but she claims that they were trying to attack her, so she defended herself. Vice: None known Strengths: None known Weakness: No one can get close to her to find out what her strengths or weaknesses are, as she apparently doesn't trust anyone. ( == ) My inspiration still is to have a group of people that people seemingly think deserve their fate and me, I am saying that this women have stories, lives and the only thing that they deserve is that they should be safe any where. No one should be forgotten, not even if they are doing things that they shouldn't or things you disagree with. I wanted to create a story with a group of women, facing a horrible situation where you can, either pull together as a group or doing the wrong things. This game has three endings, a good ending, a neutral ending and a really bad ending, and I might create a secret ending... I am still trying to figure out how to have a better way of creating the endings. Those are my new characters, but as usual, there is something more going on in this city. I do hope that people will, at least, give it a try. I am going to be selling it for $5.00, in hopes of making enough money for a new computer tower, so that's my ultimate goal. I will say this, though, none of my characters, even people who are the antagonists are throw away characters and each has/had a life, feeling and reasons for doing what they are doing. In the first game, I was making for a contest, I was pushing myself to get it done, because I was trying to make a short game and in a short amount of time. If I had been more honest with myself I would have decided that this game isn't going to be the right game for that contest and taken more time to get it finished. I left things out of the game that should have been in there, if I had more time that is. This time is going to be very different and I am going to have more interaction with the characters. Jason, the antagonist isn't going to be seen in this game and it isn't even certain if he is in the city. Carol, the woman that he is looking for and believes that he finally found is his wife or girlfriend. It is his intention or their relationship that you will discover as you search your way through the city and avoid traps..
  5. I wanted to explain further into my inspiration of my game and go into detail. Criminal Minds is a really good show with excellent characters, interaction and had really crimes, suspects and so on. I have always been interested in crime, but Criminal minds got me interested in looking up real life inspirations behind those episodes. In each case, I have found the real life inspiration behind the episode to be more interesting. This is one of the reasons that I put Criminal Minds as an inspiration and the second one, is an episode was really interesting. It was only similar in the fact that the suspect or antagonist captured people who were on drugs and forced them to escape. He had no intention of letting them escape, as he was always going to kill them. Why prostitutes? Why not make the character some pure holy character, who haven't made mistakes in their lives, gone down the wrong path or facing hardship every day? Because I do not believe in people that worthless human beings, and I think that everyone deserves to be safe. Poor people in general do not truly trust the police and you know why? I do not know about other countries, but this is because many times the poor are subject to police mistreatment. If you add mental illness, color to the mix you often increase the likelihood of being shot by the police. If you have children and are arrested, you will have your children taken away from you. The police in my country will use any excuse to arrest people in hopes of curbing the crime, and it's called the 'broken window' method. It doesn't work, actually and it actually increases crime, not decreases it. The sad thing is that people forget about prostitutes until they are found dead. I think that prostitution should be made legal for a number of reasons, safety and to do that you need to see their hardships. What type of hardships am I talking about? 1. Pimps - These horrible men use, beat, hunt down, murder and take any money that the girl makes. This is on the verge of rape, because if they do not do as their pimp says, he'll hurt them. There are, also, crime groups that trick young women from other countries that they are moving into the United States legally and when they are there, they are trapped. Why? Because they do not speak the language and are afraid of being deported. I do not know how many women are in this country that face this issue. (To be honest) 2. Drugs - Yes, drugs are not a poor person issue to be honest, and why would it, no one can afford it. That being said, the women who are using drugs and are prostitutes live in a bad side of town, live on the street and sell their bodies for drugs. I do not know how many women that do this, most certainly not all of them, but there is a connection between prostitution, drugs and crime groups. 3. Being robbed, beaten or attacked - when you get into the car of a stranger, you are at their mercy and sometimes people who are not so nice do things that effect you. The more illegal things you are into, the more likely you are to be arrested, fined and that includes if you are the 'victim'. Once, a police officer gets something into his head, he doesn't change his mind and will not listen to anything you have to say. (I have nothing against police officers who try to help the situation rather than jump to conclusions). 4. Murder - The worst case situation is being found dead by a serial killer or killer or even drugs. To me, there are no worthless people and no people who are throw away, with little purpose. This is the saddest case, because it was so preventable and that means to legalize prostitution, legalize certain drugs and have programs that help people to give people a choice. I do not feel that prostitution needs to be illegal, because it actually helps in the long term. Which I will not go into, actually. My two main characters, Elisabeth and Keisha are from two different lives, but have found themselves on the same spot of life. None of them are on drugs, each of them had a reason for running away from home and one has been a prostitute for awhile and the other one has just started. But the biggest difference between Elisabeth and Keisha is this: Elisabeth can not go home for reasons you discover in game and mostly, it is Keisha's pride that keeps her where she is. Each of the characters are very different with their back stories, so I guess the question of, "Why prostitutes?" I love to use characters who are not always perfect or have done the right thing in their life. It doesn't matter if they are prostitutes or decide not to be. The true story is that story is about two young women and their relationship with each other. It isn't about men, their relationship with me, but these women lives. So, I do hope that this explains my reasoning behind my game, because I sick to death of "strong" women. These strong women do not seem to face any hardships, feel any emotion and in my opinion to be strong doesn't mean that you are not facing hardships. Strong women have weak moments, too and that includes sad moments, as well. It's like being brave isn't that you are not afraid of something, but your willingness to acknowledge your fear. If you read this and still have your issues, please feel free to ask questions, but just remember that I do not have to answer. Thank you and have a good evening! (=^.^=)~
  6. (^_^) I am working on a commission, plus I am working on template items for my game. Learning new stuff...

  7. Characters: I wanted to have a story about characters that you wouldn't normally see in a game like a horror game and those characters are prostitutes. A lot of young women, who run away or tricked into prostitution for one reason or another, from abusive relationship, to even being tricked into thinking that they are moving to the United States legally. Not every prostitutes life is the same, but they often share the same path and hardships. Some women have 'pimps' who beat them, force them onto the street, hunt them down when they try to get away, some women are on drugs and sell their bodies to support their habit and no matter what happens, they often do not go to the police. These women do not go to the police, because they will be arrested, fined, and if they have children, their children taken away from them. These women may be robbed, beaten, ripped off, raped (yes, raped, because they wouldn't tell people, because of the nature of rape trials would use their lifestyle against them) and an unknown amount of them are murdered. There are a lot of stories of women on the internet, who got away from this lifestyle and I am not going to discuss it, only wish to state my inspiration about this game. I am not going to discuss it, only wish for people to see life through the eyes of someone that they might not have heard otherwise. I am not against the sex industry, actually, but I would rather it be legal, so these women can do it in a safe environment and not be afraid to go to the police for any reason. The only thing that I would like to discuss is my characters, my story and my game in generally and will not discuss my inspiration... whatsoever. I have had bad experiences in the past, with people who started conversations about something dealing with women issues and they are always the same kind people. Thank you very much for your understanding and I am a person who is willing to talk, only if you don't come at me, like you are attacking my point of view. Cait (==)/ Elisabeth - about to turn 17 years old. She ran away from home for reasons that deal with her father and due to the fact that her mother died of cancer a couple of years back. She believed that she could get a job, but reality has begun to set in, when her money runs out and she is forced into selling her body. She believes that anytime that she will get a job, so truth being told, Elisabeth is still kind of naive about life in general. She can be tough, but that is hidden within her, because right now, she's timid around stressful situations. Can she tap into that hidden strength, with the help of a friend, or will she slowly lose her mind unable to deal with the hardships around her? Keisha - A young black woman, who ran away from home after a fight with her mother and mostly, pride has kept her from returning home again. She is tough, street smart and is more than willing to tell it like it is to naive Elisabeth, to help her from a life that Keisha has grown to loathe. She has been a prostitute for the last three years of her life, seen things that she would rather not and has been raped and beaten at least, once in her life. Jason - Mysterious, dark person who is sadistic... Can you discover the secrets behind him, escaping from the city that holds you and the connection to him to Carol, to the past that he seemingly can not let go of. Carol - Jason's girlfriend, who apparently left him for unknown reasons and she is the person that he has been searching for years, because she is the seemingly only person who understands him. She just seemingly vanishes into thin air over 18 years ago, for reasons that he never understand. Inspiration: Corpse Party, Criminal Minds, real life crime shows Motto: You must escape, but can you do so with your sanity intact!
  8. I am taking a break from my big game, due to computer trouble and working on the problem. I won't go into that, but the problem is solved at any rate. While I am working on my commission, I am remaking a horror game that I created for a contest, and using Yanfly suggesting in her comic I am working on the traps, the database and stuff before I get to the awesome stuff of remaking my maps, plus, creating the layout of my locations. I am a bit stuck, because my game isn't a JRPG and that's the game that her comic is about. Sooo, I have to give it a lot of thought about how to do the things that she suggests. 1. Traps - I have a debug room, for my traps and already I have two created. Be wary of blood. 2. Instead of a darkness script, you are free to see everything around you, but I do use a tint to help with the atmosphere. 3. Thinking of layout before I start. The game is called "Haunted Hills - The death of Innocence" It is a mature game with a young runaway teenager who went to look for work in the city, running away from her abusive alcoholic father, but like most teenagers she doesn't get the job. She ends up becoming a prostitute and like all prostitute, she finds herself taken by a person who means to do her harm. He gives her three days to escape using whatever is lying around and in this game, you make choices. Those choices lead you to an ending that may or may not be good. Can you escape with your sanity intact? This is a mature game, with a mature theme and mature language, with people that are not always remembered in life. My original game is for RPG Maker VX Ace and is one steam, but it isn't the best, as I made it in a month for a contest. I would not suggest that copy at all, but please wait for the better version of the game. My sister is really waiting for this version of the game and already knows the story, she loves it. I used inspiration from various sort of horror games, from Corpse Party, crime shows (real life crimes) and unlike most horror games, there are no true enemies in this game. Only one, one man and he taunts you in the shadows. I had always planned on remaking it, because this game had things that I couldn't do in a month time and because I saw potential in the game. I am planning on selling it, though to help raise money for glasses, new clothes and even a brand new computer, if I can sell enough.
  9. Cait

    Chronciles of Honor - Age of heroes

    I used a script, because pictures just didn't look right... the script is located here. () Thank you for the compliment. I just love the way the map looks.. One of my proudest moments.
  10. I've been working on my game a lot from working on graphics and such, really needed to show off my latest map. ()/ Anyway, here it is. It is an ingame map, with effects added, fog and such. Now, the thing is I need graphics created and I hope to the Gods that I can find someone. You see those characters? I have a total of eight characters, two children and six characters with two characters having two forms. I am going to have a side view battle system and going to use Yami's system. I am going to use Kudai battlers. (_ _') Urgh, I've look them over and I just have no idea how I am going to go about that, because I've never edited charactersets like that. .. not that radically. (o_o#) it does make you appreciate the professionals, actually.
  11. Cait

    Cait's Graphical World

    Hello! I have an update for you guys and not just RPG Maker VX, either, but for MV, too. I have to check if I created a topic for that, but I don't think I have. I had meant to add this a while back, but I had computer trouble. My computer was dusty as !@#$ and had to be cleaned. I just got my computer back from the resident IT gal. I created a completely open engine animated Juke box for both VX/VX Ace and MV. VX/VX Ace MV version
  12. Cait

    Cait's Graphical World

    Update: I've added a zip file for those who want to download my graphics and (=._.=) kept bugging me about it. ( = ^ _ ^ =) I've actually been meaning to, but my old computer was sooo slow that it made doing that kind of stuff a pain in my butt. I still have to update my topic here and in RPGMakerweb.com. Plus, this computer was sooo outdated that I had to update everything, had a bug or two, and finally got to play a game or two that I haven't been able to. In other words, (=@.@=) Cait's on OMG overload from all the games I wanted to play, but couldn't... Dead Space is to blame, plus, Family Guy: The Quest for stuff, but I should calm down in a couple of days or so. Hopefully, I'll start to update it then. NOTE: I've had to change the link, because someone told me that they couldn't download it.
  13. Cait

    Cait's Graphical World

    In lieu of hitting my head against the wall, until I get HAPPY, I've decided to create a graphic, because I thought that the gate on RPG Maker VX ACE was too bland. Now, before you guys ask why I'm not very happy I will tell you why. It's all this stupidity after the election and some people just not getting it. I am sick to death of all those stupid ideas, so I wanted to do something constructive with my day. Hence my new gate. First of all, it is bigger than the original graphic. You have to have part of it on the tile set, and the part on the right is the automated door. I thought that the graphic was original too gray, if you get my point, so I wanted something fancy. Feel free to edit the graphic's colors.
  14. Cait

    Cait's Graphical World

    I had my birthday, so I celebrated that and I'm back with gifts for you! I am remaking my Victorian tiles and I decided to do them over time instead of all at once. This first set is pretty basic with walls of various colors, a heater, a window and two similar floor tiles. Feel free to remix as needed.
  15. @AceofAces_Mod Actually, the way that I have it set up, it's not all that hard to set up, part of it is on A5, and some other parts are on Tile E, so I can chose what parts you walk under and what you can't. () As for your NPC clothes, I think they look nice, but I have no experience in designing, making clothes whatsoever.
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