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  1. Happy Holidays RyenSaotome, keep up the good work
  2. Cool, looking forward to the next update!
  3. When using Rations out of combat it exits the menu after every use. If multiple party members need healed this can be a pain Perhaps display names of important npcs as after their introduction I forget whom they are making some bug descritions difficult Same for locations with a sign post or greeter If you do Theremis's Diplomatic options with Begus before Amagal Theremis will not allow you to select that menu again once the meeting is complete and keeps saying "Please meet me at the fortress in the south to prepare for the meeting" When acquiring Mira you can't walk into her cage but you can walk on the spider web then to the roof area Broken castle in Amagal where you fight their commander offers infinite skillstones Amagal east village north there is an npc with glasses that says "test test test" which slows the area down and makes npcs there hostile. I think it starts a war with them... Going to war with Amagal can give them negative population Amagal's people will not care they lost a war to you Play tower defence mini game was lost before it even began How does one play Unlocked Minigames? Quest for Gunslinger Elly the bribed guard does not return to post after the quest is complete Ice Demon sprite reappears after defeat if you flip the green switch. Catgirl Mercenary should have been able to be hired After quest "In our own ranks" the screen stays dim. Neither sleep, leaving the castle, or battle do anything to releave this Skill Crystal: Bodyslam description is "Enables the 'Cure' skill for one character." Katana Fire Element Skilltree changes Tsubaki's class to "Fireswordgirl" and reduces her to level 1 with 0 exp You can give a present to Ryen which will get "This doesn't work!" and deduct one item Needs a way to monitor relationship points No bathhouse was added after upgrade purchase Good job so far