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    Immortal Sins

    This is a great game! I've been playing a few hours now off and on. Not sure if I'm getting the most out of the battle system just yet, but I'm enjoying the gameplay so far. I'm at the part after you defeat Zero on the bridge before the castle and she and Gus join the party. I like when the party's shaken up in RPGs. It always throws a wrench in the player's system and makes them develop a new strategy. The game feels alive and ultimately that's what player's want. They don't want to know what's coming, where the story is heading and following a precise direction. Freedom is what makes them feel like they are part of something and not just watching a movie. (At least that's they way it has always felt with me!) I like the custom facesets too. They have a unique art style, and it's better than looking at re-hashing faces and poses the player has seen a hundred times over the years. I know artwork takes time and I am not very good at it, so it's easy to appreciate the dedication it takes to render facesets and character sprites--especially good ones. As a programmer, I'm also a sucker for great menu systems, new layouts, and new scenes. It doesn't always have to be a huge makeover, as long as the alterations are in key spots, you know? Like the one in Immortal Sins. Anyway, I'm looking forward to battling with Zero and figuring out why everyone is asking where all the children have gone. Just wanted to stop in and let you know I was enjoying it. Keep at it.
  2. ixfuru

    Catty Lands

    Love the setting...on a flat land surrounded by fog and that the stars are winged-cats. I've always loved open-world games too. I can code in Ruby, so if you need some type of game-specific script, I may be able to help. Best of luck on your project Saeryen!
  3. Stopping in to announce the newest update to NETHERQUEST. Version 0.83b, improves on 0.82 by way of the following features: -Implemented character creation info window, describing bonuses given for each character trait taken. (See Screenshots) -Finished the dungeon, Mount Orion. However, Battlezones are still not completely functional. -Smithing system has been implemented. -Fort Dunn map has been completed. However, all NPCs at Fort Dunn are not complete. -Implemented a new Battle System Feature that pops up any bonuses an actor has upon attacking. -Identify System is now fully functional -Added a party stat and parameter sorting scene from the menu (in the 'Score' tab). -Fixed glitches in the weight scene -Worked to reduce lag when digging (still not completey right!) -Fixed an abbundance of minor type-o mistakes in text and NPC conversations. -Fixed minor glitches to numerous to count or display Remember to report any bugs, offer suggestions, share your stories and screenshots, and comment any concerns here! Thanks! Those Stars are out there!
  4. NETHERQUEST has been updated to version 0.82. This adds another 5 hours to possible gameplay. There's a new nation to explore, a new city to discover and many more enemies with which to do battle. Several new systems have been added/worked on. Among them are the smithing system, and the 'battlezone' system, which is the second battle system of Netherquest. Hope you enjoy. Be sure to post any kind of bugs or concerns you find.
  5. Hey man. I fixed the one issue with the Event sprite not reading from the correct Tileset. Here's the code. ################################################################################ # SGEN Fix # By: Ixfuru # A patch to a script by: # ???nObOdY??? # January 11, 2017 ################################################################################ class Sprite_Character #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Get tile set image that includes the designated tile # tile_id : Tile ID #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias ixsgenfix_tlsetbmp tileset_bitmap unless $@ def tileset_bitmap(tile_id) if $game_system.tilesetID > 0 set_number = tile_id / 256 tilesets = EXTRA_TILESETS set = tilesets[$game_system.tilesetID] bset = set[5] cset = set[6] dset = set[7] eset = set[8] return Cache.system(bset) if set_number == 0 return Cache.system(cset) if set_number == 1 return Cache.system(dset) if set_number == 2 return Cache.system(eset) if set_number == 3 return nil else ixsgenfix_tlsetbmp(tile_id) end end end I guess I should have looked into fixing that one myself sooner, rather than bothering you with it. I'm not sure I can fix the other issue, but I'm also not sure that's your issue, as I've added so much to the project.
  6. <LINK REMOVED!> Be sure to notify me on here when you get it, so I can remove the link. This is the unencrypted version. This is the link to the NetherQuest Project, so you can see what's going on with it. Remember to look at Mithran's script because it outputs the info regarding undisposed sprites and viewports. If you want to make the error occur, and get Mithran's script to output the information, load up save9, the one with 70+ hours, go into the Atlas scene from the menu and teleport to 'Clark', 'Turline', or 'Koza'. This use of teleportation is the only time it occurs. For the other issue, you can just make add an event to one of the newer maps and use the a Tile image as its event graphic. You will see that during runtime, the event will use the tile image from the default set regardless of which tileset in your script is active. The maps are linked to the tileset_IDs through the module 'TransferTilesets'. ************EDIT***************** Hey, if you're gonna play through the demo, you'll need to fix this method in the Nq_Journal script: #----------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Entry has Topic? #----------------------------------------------------------------------------- def entry_has_topic?(teller, topic) return false unless @entries.has_key?(teller) for i in @entries[teller] next unless i[1] == topic return true end return false end Again, this isn't mandatory to fix the issues we've discussed, but it will cause an error if you're trying to play through. Working on simplifying the dialogue system.
  7. I've been unable to fix the first issue. It's the way the tileset disposes upon a fast travel. I'm on my phone, but i'll try to explain the tileset transfer hash i made through code: Map_id => tileset-id Every map in the game links to one of the tilesets in your script's tileset hash. I'll have to edit this when i get home and copy paste the actual perform transfer method so you can see how your script is called. For the second issue, i still havent figured out why that occurs either. Having made this script, I'm positive you know more about tilesets than I do. There just needs to be a way to ensure the event sprite matches the tile from the set in use from your script if you use a tileset image as the event's graphic. ****EDIT***** Okay. Here's the perform transfer method: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Execute Player Transfer (Aliased) #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias nqperform_transfer perform_transfer unless $@ def perform_transfer if $game_switches[80] if !Ixfuru::NqOcc::TRANSPLACEMENT_MAPS.include?(@new_map_id) @transferring = false $nq_system.fasttext.string.push("Cannot transfer during Transplacement") $nq_system.fasttext_counter = 180 $nq_system.fasttext_showing = true return end end tts = Ixfuru::TransferTilesets::TILESETS return if !tts.has_key?(@new_map_id) tileset_id = tts[@new_map_id] if $game_system.tilesetID != tileset_id $game_map.interpreter.qwerty_change_tileset(tileset_id) end nqperform_transfer end You can see in the second part of the transfer, before it calls the aliased original method, it looks up the appropriate tileset from the hash (tts). Then, it sets the local variable tileset_id equal to the appropriate hash entry. Finally, if the tileset_id isn't equal to the tilesetID from your script, it changes it to make it so. Here is one such output from Mithrans script. Remember that Mithran's script only sends this output if there is an undisposed sprite or viewport:
  8. By: Ixfuru (J3I Games) Most Recent Update: November 24, 2017 Original Post: January 26, 2017 Current Demo Version: 0.83b Current Playtime: up to 90 hours, dependent on depth of exploration INTRODUCTION THE STORY PLAYABLE CHARACTERS THE WORLD FAMOUS FACES SCREENSHOTS THE DEMO CREDITS
  9. Hey ???NoBoDy??? I'm not sure you even still check this thing. But if you do, I would like to inform you of a few things I've found regarding this script. First off, I need to tell you up front that I modified the script to do as I needed it for Netherquest. The game offers fast travel to certain points in the game. As such, I couldn't always do a 'hard script call' from an event that altered the tilesets when entering through a door or other transfer to a new map. So I added a TransferTilesets Hash which works alongside your script which checks at all transfers for the tileset_id linked to the new map's ID. Anyway, a while back I got this script called 'Mithran's Prevent Sprite Crash' because the game was crashing in wierd ways. The script is handy, and I was able to pinpoint some spots in the new scenes I created which were leaving sprites or viewports un-disposed. That said, there is still a viewport or something from your script which isn't being disposed of properly. It doesn't crash, but it does send a text of the error found when it occurs. I'll try and get it to happen again, and when it does, I'll try and post the text output here so you can see it. Secondly, and more crucial probably, is a glitch I found when an event's graphic uses one of the tileset images. You know how you can create events and choose from Tile B through Tile E when selecting a graphic? Well, when using this script, even when the tileset is changed, when you use a graphic like this, it always shows the default Tile B through Tile E graphic instead. I know this because I had an orange tree that I made the top of as an event to overlap some stuff. The result was an orange tree with a green top. That is all good sir. Hope you get this and are able to fix at least the second issue.
  10. You know I still love this script, ???nOBodY???!
  11. ixfuru

    RIP VX.net

    Nice to meet the both of you. Thanks for the welcome.
  12. ixfuru

    Making a Sprite bitmap "blink?"

    def blink_sprite case @window.index when 0 move x and y here when 1 move x and y here when 2 etc... end (then do the blinking here) end The case/when branch should work in order to move the sprite around, just base the case on the index of the selectable window.
  13. ixfuru

    Making a Sprite bitmap "blink?"

    I don't know RGSS3, but in RGSS2, you'd be best to use some type of counter. And if you're wanting to blink and not fade in/out, you'd want to change the 'visible' property to true and false accordingly. I'd do this: In the initialize or start method, add two counters: @blink_count = 0 @max_blink_count = 12 Then, create a method like this: def blink_sprite @blink_count += 1 if @blink_count > @max_blink_count @sprite.visible = @sprite.visible ? false : true @blink_count = 0 end end Then, all you have to do is call the 'blink_sprite' method from the update method of the scene. The line: @sprite.visible = @sprite.visible ? false:true Basically, says to change the visibility of the sprite dependent upon whether or not it is currently visible. It's the same as saying: if @sprite.visible @sprite.visible = false else @sprite.visible = true end Hope that helps. And again, I don't use, RGSS3, so I'm not sure if it's the same. But if it is, then that should work.
  14. ixfuru

    RIP VX.net

    Well. I kept visiting VX.net each and every day for a while, hoping it would come back up at some point. Then, the week before last, I said thellwitit and just moved on. It was terrible. I had a lot of stuff over there. I had just started doing game reviews for folks. I had a tutorial that I was pretty proud of. I had games, and links and scripts. Toward the end, my two teenage sons had even joined the site. Which I thought was the coolest thing of all. Then, this morning, I try to visit VX.net for thelluvit and I see "R.I.P." So, I guess it's back to square one for me. I remember hearing 'Biz' say that this site was welcoming members from VX.net. So, I figured I'd come aboard to see what the place has to offer. I know a lot of folks don't like VX or whatever. But since I started my main project in VX, that's what I've spent my entire time in and that's what all my material is for. I saw no reason to switch to Ace (Though I do own a copy of it), when with scripts, VX could do about anything that Ace could.At any rate, that probably won't be very popular, since this site is angled more toward VX Ace. But anyway, I have a lot to share, if only I can take the time to repost the stuff here. Also, I have dang near every resource that was available on VX.net stored as well as countless game projects, scripts and musics. I know it's not right to post other people's stuff, but if anyone here lost anything on VX.net. I won't promise you, but I may have it saved. I appreciate RPGMakerVXAce.net being a place where a lot of us could go, following IEntry's negligent loss of VX.net. I know a lot of us over there, were pretty loyal to the site... I'm here. It may take a while. But I hope to be able to share some stuff with you. I just have to get over the shock and get back to working on something. Then maybe I'll be inspired to transfer a lot of my stuff over here.