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  1. ♥SOURCE♥

    New "RPG Maker" based on the needs of the community.

    Hello everyone! After a period of intense planning, mockuping, and trying things out... development has started.
  2. ♥SOURCE♥

    Footstep sound problem

    Can you upload a demo of the system in action to work with?
  3. ♥SOURCE♥

    Dual wield script not working

    Hey. What have you tried?
  4. ♥SOURCE♥

    Effectus for Looped maps not looping with boats or ships.

    PM sent to OP. What do you mean? Events outside the visible area/camera don't have active graphics in Effectus, and the default Cache is not going to consume CPU power. Chances are the default Tilemap class doesn't render outside the camera either.
  5. ♥SOURCE♥

    New "RPG Maker" based on the needs of the community.

    I will! <3 Feel free to brainstorm ideas, everyone. It's happening.
  6. ♥SOURCE♥

    New "RPG Maker" based on the needs of the community.

    I absolutely agree. Do you have any examples of documentation that you like? Thoughts on the format?
  7. ♥SOURCE♥

    New "RPG Maker" based on the needs of the community.

    I'd like that! Yes, I like those ideas. Where would we draw the line, though? IDEs are complex, and although making the script editor feel like an IDE is very tempting, it would also be very time consuming and pretty much a different project. I do like the idea of basing its design on how IDEs work. What I had in mind is something simple: Syntax highlighting. Indentation support. Open script files in separate tabs, allowing multiple files to be opened simultaneously. Proper organization of the project's scripts, with sub-directory support and stuff. The above list would be the basics I'd like to include. Additional IDE-like features may be relatively easy to implement using this: JRubyParser. It should also be compatible with dedicated IDEs and code editors, for those who would prefer to code in their favorite program instead. Regarding the script files: yes, metadata would be nice. Not only for the author information and license, but also for compatibility and, as you mentioned: requirements. If scripts also come with GUI plugins for the editor, it might be a good idea to define a format to package both the editor and player scripts/plugns/add-ons. An example of a GUI add-on for the editor would be adding proper "event commands" for the features introduced with a script, to make using custom features a more comfortable experience.
  8. ♥SOURCE♥

    New "RPG Maker" based on the needs of the community.

    I don't want to derail the conversation into a "Open Source versus Closed Source development" debate, but: there's a track record of failed "I'm going to build my own RPG Maker with blackjack and hookers" in RM communities. I've seen such projects start and how people want to join and help, and I've seen how they died. Open Source development is not always better. More hands can be more helpful but they also can be more harmful. Some of those projects are still up in a repository somewhere, and nobody picked them up. I'm talking about projects like Express Game Maker, Advanced RPG Creator, ARGSS, RPG Advanced Editor, etc. What I want to create is not a "slightly better RPG Maker" or an "RPG Maker clone" though, I want to create a new and more powerful program to make 2D RPGs that doesn't sacrifice ease of use. It is a big project, and I think it has more chances of eventually being completed if a small and determined team works on it. It does seem like it. It's amazing. :3 Very High Performance C Extensions for JRuby+Truffle. Here's a link with more information about the JRuby+Truffle project.
  9. ♥SOURCE♥

    New "RPG Maker" based on the needs of the community.

    Oh, yes. Ace tries to do that. It's pretty common. I thought you meant something different with the "slow-mo mode". You could still have access to the source code even if the project is not open source, but that's not the only way to allow expansion of the editor as well as the "player". Java is okay, I really like the JVM and its ecosystem. The player I mentioned in the OP (the one I did with Solistra and Enelvon) uses JRuby. JRuby for scripting would be a pretty good idea: the Truffle + Graal implementation, although not ready yet, looks very promising. Current JRuby is great, too, but the future Truffle + Graal version makes going with JRuby even more attractive. Performance is not the only good thing about JRuby: you also have excellent interoperability with Java and its ecosystem out of the box. It's pretty awesome :3
  10. ♥SOURCE♥

    New "RPG Maker" based on the needs of the community.

    Could you elaborate more on the Frame Skip point? Regarding multiple scripting languages: that's not very likely to happen, for many reasons. Everything else sounds good. Yes! I definitely want it to support Git and other version control systems. It would make working with a team so much easier. The tricky part would be integrating it in an easy to understand way for beginners.
  11. ♥SOURCE♥

    New "RPG Maker" based on the needs of the community.

    Thanks :3 The map editor would definitely allow less square, more natural-looking maps. Unlimited layers, and some way to integrate "parallax mapping" into the editor as well as classic tile mapping. Do you mean like Paint or similar programs? I think that would add unnecessary complexity to the program, and there are lots of proper drawing software out there that you could use. I agree, no single person could know what the community really wants. That's why I'm asking for input. I think it's possible to develop a pretty decent idea of the general needs and wishes after talking about it with the community. I understand where you're coming from. I used the term "RPG Maker" within quotation marks in the title because it was the easiest way to say "game development software to make 2D RPGs that is easy to use and requires no programming knowledge", but that in no way means it would be a clone of RPG Maker. Think Construct, Game Maker, and Stencyl. They're tools to make games, but they're not clones of each other. I guess you'd like to script in Ruby. The scripting language is not set in stone yet, but it wouldn't be limited, so yes, you could use it properly. I'm pretty sure I didn't say they don't *care*. I raised these points in the OP: They're in Japan, they don't hang around the English-speaking forums. It's very likely they don't use the program at all. They receive information about the western community through Degica. I appreciate your input and your kind words, but I don't agree with the above statement. Artificial limits are not a good thing: they frustrate people and waste the time of anyone who wants to go past them. Their energy would be best spent making their games instead of fighting against a stubborn program. There are people that enjoy creating solutions to break the limits of the program, yes, but they would also enjoy doing the same in a less rigid program. Oh, I'm not saying they should. There are constants in what the community has been asking for a while, general things. Quoting what I wrote above in this post: I used the term "RPG Maker" within quotation marks in the title because it was the easiest way to say "game development software to make 2D RPGs that is easy to use and requires no programming knowledge", but that in no way means it would be a clone of RPG Maker. Think Construct, Game Maker, and Stencyl. They're tools to make games, but they're not clones of each other. Yes, I do, but I'd like to know how it ties with what the community wants. (True, I've only used the PC versions.) I would like that too! The command console sounds like it would be very good for playtesting and debugging.
  12. ♥SOURCE♥

    New "RPG Maker" based on the needs of the community.

    Text wrap is a given! With proper localization support, you'd be able to spell check every text in your game easily. I haven't thought about open or closed source yet, but one of the things that I definitely want to include is the ability to extend both the editor and the player. For example, I'd like the editor to support a script or plugin added to the project, allowing integrated GUI support for any new features created by the community. I wouldn't call it "arbitrary" since I'm asking for the input of the community. If your question is "why would my ideas be better than those of the japanese developers?": I answered that on my first post: because I actually used every iteration of the program since RPG Maker XP (RPG Maker XP, RPG Maker VX, RPG Maker VX Ace, RPG Maker MV) in a span of 10 years and I'm asking for the input of the community to know what everyone would like to have available. I wouldn't be making a clone. The whole point of creating a new program is to break free of the limitations of RPG Maker, and "a blatant RPG Maker clone" wouldn't live up to that. When I say "RPG Maker based on the needs of the community", I'm talking about taking the simplicity of RPG Maker, but adding tons of new features, better performance and possibilities. But most importantly removing the limitations every version of RM has had since RMXP up to RMMV.
  13. Hello everyone! Some of you may know me, some of you may not. I'll tell you a little bit about me to help you understand why I'm thinking about doing this. I've been using RPG Maker for 10 years as of this post, and have enjoyed helping others tell great stories through their games in my time using it. Part of what I really like about RPG Maker is how friendly it is for beginners and for people with no programming knowledge (such as I was upon first discovering it!), and I firmly believe that we don't have to sacrifice that in order to achieve a much more powerful software. I remember the first time I learned about what "scripts" are. I was amazed! They opened up the doors for things I didn't think possible with the program. I immediately knew that creating scripts was something I definitely wanted to learn more about. So I did. Learning to program in RPG Maker helped me understand how it really works under the hood, and how unnecessarily limited it is. At first, I enjoyed the challenge of making new solutions to work around the program's limitations. I saw lots of impressive projects suffer because of the program's limitations, and decided to do something about it. That's how Effectus was born. Many problems in RPG Maker are related to the program's performance, but there are many that aren't. Having used every iteration of the program since RPG Maker XP, I found lots of things I'd like to improve about the workflow of the editor, and the architecture of both the editor (the program itself) and the player (what runs the games made with it). I had really high hopes for MV. I thought they were finally going to adress most of what the community has been voicing for more than a decade. They didn't. MV might be an improvement upon Ace, but it is definitely not what I wanted. It's not what I expected after a decade and after three iterations of basically the same program with different names. Last year, I talked with my good friends Solistra and Enelvon about the limitations of the program and what we could do about it. At first, we focused on the limitations of RGSS (every version) and the "player", and thus, we decided to make a new one to play games made with RPG Maker. We did, and by doing that, I noticed how much I had to artificially limit many things in order to honor RPG Maker's architecture. The player, although almost complete (...missing wave effects for Sprites and some minor release details, basically) was never released. I didn't want to do the same thing I fault RPG Maker for: artificially limit things. By the end of the year, I told them that maybe we should just go ahead and create a new program altogether. Although they liked the idea, we didn't really move forward with it. They were very busy (still are!) and we didn't have time to talk about it properly. But the seeds of creation were already planted in me. I didn't really stop thinking about it, and the idea has grown since then. Fast forward a couple of months: I'm writing this to request the opinions of the community, because I really love the idea of making a new program instead of fighting against the limitations of RPG Maker.
  14. ♥SOURCE♥

    Save File Doctor!

    Thank you <3 Hello. Could you send me a demo? I would like to take a look into the script list.
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