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  1. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you wonderful people! Did you get what you wanted? ^^"

    1. Tejas


      Nope :( I wanted what you got!!

    2. Cadh20000


      Merry Christmas to you as well!


      Not quite... I got an expansion for Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty, but I don't have the main game so I can't play it!

  2. I got the best gift ever this year, the girl of my dreams finally entered my life ^^

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    2. Radiant Arin
    3. Knighterius


      Naww, yay! I got the best gift ever, the girl of my dreams has stayed in my life.

    4. Monzta


      we've known each other for 2 years, have only been dating for 4 days but these last 4 days I haven't stopped smiling. I'm the happiest I've been in my entire life :)

  3. Finally got a Logo for Yggdrasil Games!! Thank you Izu!!! :3

  4. After going through it again I see what you mean lol. I'll have to work on that ^^ Thanks for the input
  5. !!Updated!! (My last one didn't have my beard lol)
  6. Been feeling under the weather, and now I hear I might not have a white Christmas? I'd give up every gift I'm receiving for a white Christmas D:

    1. str8studios


      pssh. They're overrated. below zero gets old real fast.

    2. Monzta


      I grew up where it always snowed for Christmas. I love the cold ^^

    3. Jolt Android

      Jolt Android

      I grew up where 95% of the time it was a white Christmas. Now I live where the first snow comes in January or February; if there's enough the city shuts down. I do miss how it looks... but it gets old fast.

  7. Thanks for the input I'll keep these things in mind while editing as well as creating new content ^^.
  8. Monzta

    Hey there! :D

    I love everything and hate nobody! Everybody has good traits and they deserve love as much as anybody else
  9. Monzta

    Hey there! :D

    something tells me we'll get along quite well and don't worry I'm not needy and am quite well versed with patience I may need help with a few tiles and sprites here and there but I'll offer to help with writing or my own love as payment :3
  10. Look, if you dare! lol x3 I just realized something... I don't have my beard in this picture D: OMG BABYFACED MONZTA!!!
  11. Writing a Christmas story!

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    2. Monzta


      thanks, I'll check those out in a bit. I'm sharing "To the Moon" with a friend at the moment on Instasynch lol

    3. Cadh20000
    4. Monzta


      yeah I saw that ahah I think I posted on the person's status update about it :3

  12. Monzta

    Hey there! :D

    Glad to hear it's not dead I plan on making a multitude of projects and I would love support, opinions and critique when possible
  13. Info on this story: -took me about 2 hours to finish writing/editing etc. -Based off an actual childhood memory lol -This is actually an alternate ending, the original had a sort of "twist ending" that i thought didn't really suit the whole "Creepy" factor I was trying to go for lol -wrote this about a year or 2 ago? One or the other lol
  14. Monzta

    Hey there! :D

    Thanks for the welcome ^^ to be honest I thought this forum might be dead D: Glad it's not :3 Also, another July person! yay! lol
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