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  1. clstn Achievement System

    Could you please provide the exact steps you took so I can reproduce the bug? I will look into it during the weekend most likely.
  2. clstn Achievement System

  3. clstn Achievement System

    I will do something like this in a day or two coz I'm trying to finish the Crafting System script at the moment.
  4. clstn Achievement System

    If you have an achievement like, gather 1.000gold, you could update your achievement on every event. Like this: set_achievement($game_party.gold, index) -> index being your achievement index That way your achievement will update on every event, and it the progress will be equal to your current gold.
  5. clstn Achievement System

    Well, it's not finished yet, I still have to implement the titles along with some other stuff. But thats probably next week cos thats when I 'll be back home. Edit: Crafting System soon as well!
  6. clstn Multiple Currencies

    It's impossible for me to tell you whats wrong without having the script. I need you to post the script after u modified it, and then i can give u a reply tomorrow.
  7. clstn Multiple Currencies

    If you are using 4 currencies, their indexes are (0, 1, 2, 3). 3 is the 4th currency. So if you're using gain_currency for the 4th index (5th currency) which doesnt exist, it will throw an error. I will make a better revision of the script in a week or two.
  8. clstn Achievement System

    Could you please post the script as you have edited it in a pastebin? I can't presume to get my client to produce the exact same thing. AP works just fine for me. Edit: I will look into it someday tomorrow, in the meanwhile, post the script please.
  9. clstn Achievement System

    It does display everything on my game. Could you please provide me with a screenshot or something? I do some light testing before i post an update, but I can't check for every possible bug every single time. Sometimes bugs just don't get noticed, that's why I'm posting the script here, so you guys can give me a heads up of any possible bugs to fix.
  10. clstn Achievement System

    Done. There is Achievement_Unlocked_Icon, Achievement_Completed_Icon and Achievement_Locked_Icon. There is also a new variable, Achievement_Display Achievement_Display = :Color -> Gold color when achievement completed - Icon used is Achievement_Unlocked_Icon Achievement_Display = :Icon -> Icons change depending on status (Locked, Unlocked, Completed) Achievement_Display = :Both -> Both of the above
  11. clstn Achievement System

  12. clstn Achievement System

    v1.4 Quick Bug Fixes - Added Conditional Brances Updated Main Post with Conditional Branches.
  13. clstn Achievement System

    v1.3 Added Notification Sound - Updated Prerequisites :Prerequisite => :none -> Unlocked by default :Prerequisite => [AchievementIndex, TimesRepeated, Objective] e.g [0, 3, 50] -> Unlock when Achievement #0 has been repeated 3 times and it's current progress reaches 50
  14. clstn Achievement System

    I will make it an option in the Module, having Requirements as Tiers or entire Achievements, i ll have that ready by wednesday, Thursday tops. I need to finish another project first ;/
  15. clstn Achievement System

    v1.2 Added Repeatable Achievements.