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  1. I finally got a laptop! But...of course...it can't run any of the RPG Makers. Sigh.

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    2. Animebryan


      Having enough RAM to meet the Minimum requirements only allows you to run the games at all, but if you want full speed you need more RAM. Before I wrecked my laptop it had 4 GB. When I got it fixed I had it's RAM upgraded to 6 GB. Even then, you'd be surprised what programs jack up the usage. Next time you run a RPG Maker or a game, keep it windowed & open your Task Manager & look at how much memory is being used.

    3. PhoenixSoul
    4. Animebryan


      The advice was for Raymi100, but it varies for everyone depending on any programs you have running in the background. Whenever I feel like a program or my laptop in general is running slow I look at the processes to see what's hogging up memory & if there's any shady processes from malware infections and such. Also recording games for LPs tends to cause slowdown for games due to lack of RAM too.

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