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    Video games, game designing (duh), music, art, singing, drawing, writing, fangirling, Pokemon, Minecraft, Sailor Moon, Pikachu

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About Me

Pika pika :3 hehe



12/10/07 - 9/25/16



My name is Raymi :)


I'm generally a really friendly person, and I love to make new friends! If you want to be friends, don't be afraid to add me and shoot me a PM :)


If you would like to add me on Discord, my username is @Raymi#1775.

If you would like to add me on Skype, my username is princessraymi145.


I'm currently 19 years old,

and I live in Illinois, USA.


Here's a picture of my face (if you want to see it XD):








Here's a few random survey questions I answered (I stole this idea from Jackus lol, the original poll is here):




What's your current eye colour?: Brown
What's your current hair colour?: Light brown-ish? Almost blonde.
Do you have any siblings?: I have 2 older brothers and 2 older sisters :P
Do you live in a small town or big city?: Kind of in the middle.
Are you employed? Where?: Nope.
What gaming systems do you have?: PC and a GBA lol.
What language sounds cool to you?: Spanish~
What's your favourite colour?: Pink!!!

What's your favourite food?: Broccoli~ :3
What's your favourite drink?: Root beer :D
What's your favourite animal?: Cats. Kitties are cute :3
What's your favourite candy?Milky Way~
What's your favourite fruit?: Cherries!
What was your favourite childhood cartoon?: Powerpuff Girls ftw~
What do you like snacking on?: Anything sweet :P
What's your favourite music genre(s)?: Pop :3
What's your favourite movie genre(s)?Comedies and Cartoons.
What anime art style do you admire??: Uhhh...idk.
What are your hobbies beyond your RM skill?Singing and acting~

Can you swim?: Kind of...
What's your favourite thing to cook?: Eggs. I make a mean omelette XD
What's your favourite Jell-O flavour?Cherry!!!
What's your favourite hair colour?: Blonde~
You enjoy the food most of what culture(s)?Chinese!
What is/was your favourite subject(s) in high school?: Choir.
Would you rather live in a small town or big city?: Big City!!!!
Do you drink alcohol? If yes, what kind?I'm too young XD
If you were angry at someone, you wouldI don't really know. It's kind of hard to make me angry.

What's something you're good at?: Singing~
What's a character a flaw of yours?: Social Anxiety, shyness, awkwardness, impulsiveness :/
What character trait do you admire most?: Being kind even when someone isn't kind to you.
Find a car you would want to be/ have: A pink Beetle! (Or Mustang)
You relax at home by: Sleeping.
What's the best trait you have for your friend(s)?: Being silly.
Have your ever stolen anything?: Urm, yes...XD
What would you want to change about yourself?: (Casually skips this one)
What was the hardest year in your life?: 2015. For sure.



Here's some stuff I love:


My favorites:



Color: Pink


Song: Say Somethin' by Austin Mahone (yes, go ahead and judge me :P)


Band: Big Time Rush (once again, judge all you want! XD)


Food: Broccoli (^w^ <3)


Season: Winter :3


Month: February...cuz my b-day ^~^


TV Show: As of right now....Austin & Ally :D


Movie: Camp Rock (1&2)



I'm also a huge fan of Sailor Moon and Pokemon! My favorite Sailor Scout is Sailor Moon and my favorite pokemon are pikachu, jigglypuff, and gardevoir :)








Sailor Moon ^~^ <3






Pikachu!!! <3 :D






Jigglypuff~ :3






Gardevoir~ ^_^



I'm currently taken  :wub: 

(Greg + Raymi [5/24/15 - Still going strong <3])


I enjoy making video games as

well as playing them.

Who knows, maybe I'll

post some of my creations

online someday!


Check out my windowskins thread~ I post some of my custom windowskins there :)


Jv3eMil.jpg <--- Click Here


My youtube: Click here


That's all for now!

I love meeting new people,

so add me! :lol: