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  1. Sessie

    Free Sketch-Lineart (-/- slots) - [On Break]

    Ohhoooo!!! <3 They both look awesome~ She turned out splendiferously 8D Staring into mah ssooullll
  2. Sessie

    Free Sketch-Lineart (-/- slots) - [On Break]

    @Cadh20000: Thanks!! @Bugs: Yaayyy 8D
  3. Sessie

    Free Sketch-Lineart (-/- slots) - [On Break]

    Hey hey, wanna draw her for meeeeee?
  4. Sessie

    Hello everyone here!

    Hi and welcome! Good luck with your project, and yes, don't hesitate to ask here if you hit and bumps ^o^
  5. Sessie

    Why Hello there!

    Excellent~ Welcome to the forums! This is the place to be to help get things rolling ^o^
  6. Sessie

    Best order to work on a game?

    I like the organic feel of making things as I go and as I'm motivated to do. I find it helps keep me interested and not make tasks feel like a chore after a while. I do want to finish a project, but I also want to enjoy it as much as I can- after all, that's why I'm doing it xDD I do recommend a little planning ahead though- know what core details your game needs, story/character/object-wise. It can make the whole thing feel more daunting, but I find it helps keep things on track in the long run so I don't end up getting stuck, trying to figure out where to take things.
  7. Sessie


    Hi and welcome! ^o^ Hopefully this site will be able to help you with your future endeavors~ Aww yuss, David Bowie +__+ Ryan Gosling has met your husky? 0___0
  8. Sessie

    dbchest's Artwork

    Hehe, very nice work you have here! You've got a good knack for defining anatomy and musculature~ I'm looking foward to seeing what you can do with your tablet! Your mannequins are quite solid and I like how your body types are very natural. My only comment is that the female has a very small waist box (though I can dig it xD). I know it would fill out if you added detail, so it could prolly be brought right to the edges. There's nothing wrong with drawing mannequins either if you want to improve- it provides an excellent base and foundation to your drawings that pays off in the long run. Things like muscles and body fat take their own time and skill to master, but it'll be that much easier if your bases are good. ^o^/) Don't hesitate to experiment around though The more things you draw, the better you'll get~
  9. Sessie

    Sugar Sweet

    Awesome! *A* You've got a lovely looking cast and daanngg dem maps be sweet~ Out of curiosity, how are you doing your maps and getting those effects? Or are those secrets of your trade? ;D lol
  10. *after a million years of forgetting to reply* @bugs Thanks! I'm trying to refine my colouring. It's been over a year since I've actually really created anything so I'm struggling to get back into it. I think I need to rediscover a more engaging colouring style :3 @spec A man after my own heart xDDD colours really bring pictures to life so I find I end up labouring over them for so long I kill some of the joy in the process :'D Thanks for the feedback! A fresh pair of eyes always helps ^o^ When (if) I refine the lizard dude more, I'll keep that in mind~ @NH Awwweeee, thank you *A* You flatter me too much haha! My art never turns out how I want so I find most of the time I roll with it or stumble into happy accidents xDD I also abandon ship often though haha (my computer and room is a graveyard of half baked sketches and roughs lol) Totally relate to the game thing xDD
  11. Sessie

    pixel art Amy's Artwork

    Your chibis are super adorable!! And your traditional pepenmanship is stunning *A*
  12. Sessie


    Hi and welcome! I found myself in the same situation which is why I joined too haha~ I hope this site will help you with any of your future game making ventures too ^w^
  13. Sessie

    Hello everyone

    Hi, welcome to the site! I'm sure you'll have a blast here ^o^/)
  14. Sessie

    Pantheon Live!

    Ooooh! This sounds super cool~ It's always awesome to see what techniques and tricks other artists use and it's a great way to inspire and learn <3 I might be interested in participating too
  15. Sessie

    NH97's Art DUMP

    Ooooohhhh! I love the vibrancy and energy in your characters and colours <3 Your latest piece makes me grin~ The personality in it is fantastic hehe. Also, your hair and skin colouring is great!
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