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    Indie in a Week 5!

    Just in case intense procrastination like never before stops me from even signing up for IIAW. And no IIAW is an IIAW without the great procrastinator. hi guys sign me up also it's past 3:30am when i posted this kek also hi shin Now may I mention the lack of a logo? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. Loriesquare

    The Duo Dev Challenge~

    See Yuugami, I told you it was Missing Not-missing Pendant. It was the only game that had eggplants. Team Never Second Again was indeed never second again! Grats Nir and Shiggy! And grats to Kloe and Zelly too! ...And grats to everyone who managed to submit an entry! When in doubt, call upon ERIC. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- The amazingness of EITS2 aside, it would have been silly to give 1st place to the entry which had no teamwork in a contest about teamwork, indeed. Its dev time was less than a week, only barely surviving due to Host One's extensions. It's still a deadline panic project pulled out of my ass like the first one every time i say the word silly, i think of riki Wait, where are the individual scores for each category? Can we see them? Also, when's Duo Dev Deux? Yes, please name it that. I told Retnuh about it. topkek
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    will this even be approved kek where are the gallery rules

    © i don't think i need to for this one

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    The Duo Dev Challenge~

    AT LONG LAST, THE MOMENT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR. GET HYPED. BEHOLD... ERIC IN THE SEA 2 Download (Mediafire) Although only 1/4th of its plan. This only contains the "Prologue" chapter. But that chapter is "complete" for this contest nonetheless, and can stand on its own. Enjoy THE GREATEST SEQUEL TO THE GREATEST GAME EVER. EDIT: Oh yeah, Jackus didn't do anything for this game. You can give us a 0 in Teamwork if you like. :3
  6. Loriesquare

    The Duo Dev Challenge~

    Nirwanda nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Well, there's still Saltwater CVincent, Amitch, and Chibrank. EDIT: And Zelockloe. EDIT 2: Ah, sorry. Apparently Croc and Vincent have already dropped out. UPDATE THE OP, YUUGAMI. inb4 we win by default
  7. Loriesquare

    The Duo Dev Challenge~

    Yeah, we'll have more time to procrastinate do things! Now I can do this (nothing) and that (nothing)... and some other things (nothings)! Maybe it's actually possible to finish it (nothing) now...
  8. Loriesquare

    Poll: what prizes would you like to see?

    I haven't voted yet and I tried to, but it also said "You must cast your vote in each question of the poll." Another forum bug! Dammit. XD I tried voting Witcher 1 & 2 too. But instead of voting Ace... I vote MV. Nyeh heh heh heh.
  9. Loriesquare

    Poll: what prizes would you like to see?

    @Takeo I've heard that the game-making period will be longer. (obv) --- I agree with the people saying "we're fine with no prizes but forum awards are cool". We're all about dat swag. also I'm totally gonna team up with Jackus and we'll form the "IIAW" team Also like Tarq said, I'm actually more interested in hearing the details of how the contest will work more than the prizes too, myself having been part of the official setups for IIAW. EDIT: It seems that I can write on a line that I can't see on the quick posting box below.
  10. Just making a status update to change the one that's displayed when you hover over names. :P

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      WHAT IS THIS!!???

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      Yes, but I actually cheated a bit because the rest of the outlines aren't finished. I just colored this section so I can use it as an avatar.


  11. We already found the solution by talking in the Discord group chat, but I'll post it here for others who might be reading. Since you're also using Victory Aftermath, using text boxes and giving it via event commands might look a bit tacky as you said. The best way to display the gem drops without looking awkward is making it an item, including it in the battle spoils. It will blend in because with the More Currencies plugin there is an option to treat the display of dropped gold as an item in the battle drops screen in Aftermath (it is 'true' by default). For the prices, use the <Item x Buy Price: y> notetag on the stuff you will sell (you do not have to put it into a variable). But now since it's an item, it will respect the item limit (e.g. 99) and you can't have more than that if you plan to have more than 99 gems. To bypass this (and not affect other items), Yanfly's Core Engine conveniently has a notetag to set the limit for a specific item through the <Max Item: x> notetag. Now to deal with enemy drops since by default they can only drop 3 individual items. Use the Extra Enemy Drops plugin by Yanfly and its extension for drop quantities by Nekoyoubi (it is mentioned in the plugin page) to have the enemy be able to drop a number of gems. Without the extension you would have to copy-paste the same notetag to add one more drop of the same item and it would become tedious. But with this you can use the new <Item x*y: z%> notetag which is to drop Item x, y times with a z% chance. So now you can make an enemy drop 10 gems by simply changing the value of y. I have tested it and it does work! (I'm also using Yanfly's Shop Menu Core) Again something like this was already said in the group chat but I have posted it here just in case.
  12. Since it's just for bosses, why not make a battle event in the troop that counts up the variable once you win? (e.g. Enemy at 0% HP) Or if the bosses are in events/one time battles, just count it up in the event after the battle processing.
  13. Loriesquare

    Indie in a Week 4!

    Man, I can't believe I reached my like quota. I need. To like. More posts.
  14. Loriesquare

    Indie in a Week 4!

    It's over, everyone can calm down now. ...Time to download the games with my painfully slow internet! There's a lotta games this time... this gon be fun If anyone needs a quick breather play my Eric in the Sea. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) See you in the next IIAW, everyone. Unless you don't plan on joining and suffering through this hell again. XD
  15. Loriesquare

    Indie in a Week 4!

    Ooh, there seems to be a lot of entries this time around! IIAW 4 is a success! Not for me, sadly. I failed to do anything. (I'll go cry in a corner now) So... have this instead. ERIC IN THE SEA! http://www.mediafire.com/download/ba84gm2qece5l6a/ERIC_IN_THE_SEA.exe EDIT: I forgot to mention that you need to have the VXAce RTP installed to play this! (It is pure RTP ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) Best game. I did it in a few hours just now. XD Yeah, that's my entry. Just for the sake of having one. Sorry guys I have failed you yet again Anyways, good luck to everyone! For those who haven't submitted your games yet, upload it and post the links ASAP. I'll be playing all of those soon. Note: I ran out of likes for today, apparently.
  16. Loriesquare

    Indie in a Week 4!

    Damn, due to too much procrastination, I don't think my game will be able to spit out more than 5 lines of dialogue. Should've made an RTP game instead. I'll just... make a badly drawn boring dialogue fest, I guess. Won't be any gameplay in that. Last place here we gooooo.
  17. Loriesquare

    Indie in a Week 4!

    @Takeo Make sure to submit it in time later even if it's unfinished, we still appreciate those. You already have a 2 minute intro? And here I am spending multiple days drawing 1 character bust due to procrastinating too much... XD
  18. Loriesquare

    Indie in a Week 4!

    Don't worry, there will be a next one. IIAW 5! (roughly bi-monthly, assuming there are no problems on Jackus's side) About my IIAW game, well... It pretty much has the amount of work you could do in half a day. XD
  19. Loriesquare

    Indie in a Week 4!

    Whoa, damn. I don't even know how to start. XD
  20. Loriesquare

    Indie in a Week 4!

    Ah? If you're trying to join as a contestant, you can't anymore. Sign-ups are closed because the contest has already started, sorry. People can still sign up as a judge, however.
  21. Loriesquare

    Indie in a Week 4!

    @Kirimash If you mean resources (graphics, etc.); Again, if you already had the resource made before IIAW was even announced, it is allowed. But if you made it with the intention of using it for your IIAW game later, that's not allowed. @Deathtroth Yes, Steam DLC is allowed. Even if you had bought it before the contest began, it wouldn't count as "making" resources since it's already there.
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    Indie in a Week 4!

    ...goddamn i did not notice that either Welp, time to procrastinate.
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      That's exactly what I'm going to do. XD

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