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  1. I finally drew a Halloween avatar for myself! Although I got lazy and didn't color it properly. Also, Shift+Enter, y u no work on status updates?

    1. Skysagi


      It looks nice, though.

  2. Loriesquare

    Halloween Contest!

    Well I'll be trying to start now. I have about 20 days. XD I procrastinated for 10 days. >implying i wont procrastinate further I GAVE Y'ALL 10 MORE DAYS OF DEVELOPMENT. I WAS JUST TRYING TO GIVE YOU A CHANCE. > Just kidding. I'll probably end up finishing nothing again. And it becomes Procrastination 2, which has no relation to the previous game. I'll try, though. EDIT: Will we get user awards for this? :3 >implying i would get any
  3. Loriesquare

    Indie in a week!

    I forgot to add in my credits: Yanfly and Mithran, for the scripts. Derp.
  4. Loriesquare

    Indie in a week!

    Just in case... If anyone wants the result of procrastination, or the lack of it. http://www.mediafire.com/download/4ycvk9vvfyttqbb/Procrastination.exe Here you go. It's probably not even 5 minutes. It has practically no gameplay. Enjoy. I drew stuff for it. I'll have to make this into a regular project too.
  5. Loriesquare

    Indie in a week!

    Yes you can. Even a blank project can be submitted. XD My game is just half of an introduction and not even 5 minutes. Derp.
  6. Loriesquare

    Indie in a week!

    Now that's something I did not expect. o_O
  7. Loriesquare

    Indie in a week!

    Day 0: Procrastinate Day 1: Procrastinate Day 2: Procrastinate Day 3: Procrastinate Day 4: Procrastinate Day 5: Procrastinate Day 6: Procrastinate Day 7: Procrastinate Now (12 hours): Procrastinate I'm amazing. But, NEVAR GIB UP. I'll only yield at the last minute. Or submit a blank project. I've been doing nothing, actually. This experience taught me that I can't do a thing in 7 days. Procrastination always prevails. Dun worry Chibs, I'm the one who should be crying a corner.
  8. Loriesquare

    Indie in a week!

    I'm with you 5-day peoples. I was stuck at trying to think of a basic story. XD
  9. Loriesquare

    Indie in a week!

    Sign me up, for laziness and procrastination.
  10. Loriesquare

    How do you feel about your RM-ing ability?

    I'm good at... not knowing what I'm good at when asked the question. Don't ask me, I'll say "meh, i'm good at nothing. maybe procrastination, if you count that". You'd have to ask another person's opinion. I'm not a good judge of anything, for that matter o_O I'm also a one-man army (who isn't?), trying to become a jack of all trades (master of none!). Currently, the least of what I am is a musician/composer. But really, I don't think there's even an army, I do nothing (and get nothing done). XD I picked the 'Designer' in the 'RM Skills' thingy, because that's what sounded the most "not specialized in anything". Though one can say it means "specialized in design", but I don't really think I'm good at designing, either story abstract or technical functions. I don't really 'study' anything, I just laze around and procrastinate really hard(!). So in summary, I feel like I'm a nothing person and my skills are practically zero. Well, I don't feel like I can say really anything due to me not really having/have worked on/have finished a project, nor have 'seriously' tried to make one (with all that fancy planning stuff), so... yeah. But, you can say it's just because I haven't used any of my skills on any existing project and that's the reason why I think what I said, because I have no reference on what I can do. Welp, sorry for being the first person to basically say "I'm not good at anything" in this topic where everyone has said that they're good at something, so far. If you really need something, I'm toward the abstract design of things, and not so much the technical workings of things. I think. I appreciate that picture on the first post though. The skills being on the skills database tab is pretty neat. Procrastination all day every day.
  11. Loriesquare

    forum game Sentence Game

    Meow, I am a cat and a dog sang badly, so I cried. But it doesn't matter because I cast my spell called which witch will is more deadly than angry gorillas eating nuclear waste. Then I decided to get some bananas to play with apes fishing sharks with sticks and gets lost in the senseless woods after doing their homework. Ninety goddamn bees
  12. Loriesquare

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish granted! You were given everything, therefore... I wish the future-me will make a wish to my past-me.
  13. Loriesquare

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish granted! You can stop time whenever you want-- once you stop it, it will be stopped forever. You cannot make time 'go' anymore. I wish when I eat tacos (hard shell) the whole thing doesn't break and spill all over my hands forcing me to eat it messily.
  14. Loriesquare

    Pixel Art Contest! (Entries now closed!)

    ^ I'll say the same thing! (I'm too lazy to say my own thing, lol) Muhahahaha, feel the power of some extra space occupied below your avatar! XD
  15. Loriesquare

    Pixel Art Contest! (Entries now closed!)

    Me too. XD Hell has frozen over and pigs have flown, Eien got 1st place in something (shared with you )! --- I actually expected Dainiri to be 1st, didn't expect him to be 4th o_O
  16. Loriesquare

    Pixel Art Contest! (Entries now closed!)

    Awh, I thought I was out of time. Looks like I had a day or two left XD I thought it would end right at 29th where I am, but you posted that at around 2 am of the 31th where I am o_O Oh well.
  17. Loriesquare

    Pixel Art Contest! (Entries now closed!)

    Whew, finally. Here's my entry. Had to rush a bit, I was about to run out of time XD (I think?) Here's an enlarged version: EDIT: FYI, the girl there is one of my original characters.
  18. Loriesquare

    The Color Quiz [Take Me!]

    ^ I'll say the same thing. XD (@Minerva if anyone ninja's me) It's... both? Therefore, it is not black, but it can be considered black. --- For me, I see it as a really dark pink (or a purple-ish thing) Or pink hair, but within a shade (light didn't reach it) So my final answer is... is... ugh... X_X its not black but can be considered black but maybe it's more of a not-black because i have doubts about it being completely black? I guess I'll vote not-black, because I see a very dark pink color, so I can't really say it is truly "black". It is quite dark, though.
  19. Loriesquare

    Show your Desktop!

    All of the desktop dump is in a folder. XD I pretty much have no games... And yes, there's that derp.png on the desktop. I never moved it into the Images folder. He watches.
  20. Loriesquare

    Pixel Art Contest! (Entries now closed!)

    I fail at spriting, but I'll try to make something >_< Although I might end up getting nothing done cause I'm lazy most of the time, but we'll see. I hope it's not too late? XD
  21. < Turn 163 > [Passive] HP Regen - Hero regained 1 HP. [Action] Hero looks for around for his items! Hero finds nothing! Hero throws a rock towards the boss in anger. Boss took 1 damage! Aria uses Crimson Flame! Boss took 5 damage! Boss receives [Crimson Burn] status! Boss cuts its debuff by 7 attacks. [Result] Boss HP: 393 [One Please!?] [Crimson Burn] Hero HP: 28 Aria's HP: 50 [Help] [One Please!?] - Can only deal 1 damage. [3 attack(s) left] [Crimson Burn] - Takes 1 damage every turn and takes 1.5x more damage from crimson skills. [5 turn(s) left] [inventory] -Empty-
  22. < Turn 144 > [Passive] HP Regen - Hero regained 1 HP. [Action] Hero does Dark Slash! Boss took 4 damage! Triple Strike did not activate. (Bad roll) Thief attacks! Boss took 1 damage! [Result] Boss HP: 431 Hero HP: 50 [Dark Knight Form] Thief HP: 30 [inventory] Medium HP potion x4 [EQUIPPED] Angel's Gift [Help] [Dark Knight Form] - Hero's attacks has 60% chance of Triple Strike which deals deals 5 HP each strike and heals the hero by 3 HP per strike. [2 turn(s) left] [Party] Thief - This greedy thief will shoot the Boss with her gun for 1 damage on even-numbered turns. If she gets hurt, she'll demand an item or money from the Hero, or leave him. Items: Medium HP potion - Recovers 40 HP. Angel's Gift - Ability: User will not die from any attacks that deal damage more than hero's HP if he has more than 10 HP. Breaks after ability activation.
  23. Loriesquare

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Ishway Rantedgay! Oweverhay, veryoneeay seduay theroay, uchmay arderhay otay nderstanduay ndaay earnlay anguageslay. Eoplepay ownay peaksay niay aay ixmay foay Rabicaay, Hinesecay, Apanesejay, ndaay Oreankay. Ueday otay histay, neoay ashay otay ogay hroughtay aay eryvay ardhay ndaay onglay earninglay lasscay eforebay heytay ancay ommunicatecay. Lsoaay, heretay reaay igpay atinlay anaticsfay hattay antway otay onquercay hetay orldway ndaay etgay idray foay hetay theroay anguageslay osay heretay siay ustjay neoay-- heirstay. I wish people would just do it. (I mean, uh... Iay ishway eoplepay ouldway ustjay oday tiay.)