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    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish Granted! Maybe. However, it took almost 2 weeks to be re-granted. I wish this for this thread to be moved to the Forum Games sub-forum.
  2. Loriesquare

    Corrupt a Wish

    There already is a corrupt-a-wish thread: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/22727-make-a-wish-foundation/ However, it was not moved to the Forum Games sub-forum. So um... May I request, mods? Anyways, I'll make a post there.
  3. < Turn 43 > [Passive] HP Regen: Hero regains 1 HP! [Action] Hero attacks! Boss took 1 damage! [Result] Boss HP: 903 (Took an extra 3 damage total due to the effects of Burn. It lasted 3 turns after Fireball was casted.) Hero HP: 76 (Critical: Full Heal) [inventory] Potion x1 (Heals 50 HP) Gold: 37 EDIT: Fixed. EDIT2: I used the Acronym function on the underlined words.
  4. < Turn 34 > [Passive] HP Regen: Hero regains 1 HP! [Action] Hero uses Sword Rain! Boss took 5 damage! [Result] Boss HP: 920 Hero HP: 67 (correction) [inventory] Potion x1 (Heals 50 HP) Gold: 37
  5. < Turn 27 > [Passive] HP Regen: Hero regains 1 HP! [Action] Hero picks up all the coins on the ground! Hero receives 137 gold! Hero goes to a shop. Hero buys a Potion for 100 gold! Hero goes back to Super Evil Boss Lair of Doom. Hero attacks! Boss took 3 damage! The effects of Attack Boost wore off. [Event] A Stat Correction occurred! [Result] Boss HP: 931 Hero HP: 35 [inventory] Potion (Heals 50 HP) Gold: 37
  6. <Turn 22> [Passive Skill - HP Regen]: Hero regains 1 HP! [Action]: Hero uses Blood Strike! Boss took 15 damage! Hero took 5 damage due to the effects of Blood Magic! [battle Result]: Boss HP: 951 Hero HP: 36 Gold: 137
  7. Hero uses Struggle! Boss HP: 990 Hero HP: 62 Hero is damaged by recoil! Hero HP: 60 Boss uses Stat Correction! Boss HP: 988 Hero uses Screw Recoil! Hero HP: 62 Battle Result: Boss HP: 988 Hero HP: 62
  8. Hero uses Post! Boss HP: 998 Hero HP: 77
  9. Loriesquare

    forum game Two Words Forum Game

    Nice one, that's the answer I was expecting. XD Level
  10. I'm guessing you mean just having one character while walking (party leader), and have them come out of you for certain scenes. You don't need a script for that since it is possible using events, although there is a script for controlling followers. (Here's one, and here's another one) Well, if you're willing to use events, you can just disable followers, and then have events of the characters you want to show on the map (you would have to make one for each map if there's scene using them) and having a parallel process to make said events transparent and through (or have them need a switch condition to appear). So if you need them to "come out" of you, use the Set Event Location command and put them on your character's position, then set the transparency and through to off and do your move route stuff. To get rid of them, just set them back to transparent/through (and put them in some unused corner of the map) That's only how I did it though, there may be more efficient ways.
  11. Loriesquare

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish Granted! You get a sword made of apple that can talk. It lacks any punctuation though Later, you find out that it has a worm infestation, and was eaten from the inside. Hold on, I forgot to make a wish again. I wish for an orange sword that can talk, and supply an infinite amount of orange juice.
  12. Loriesquare

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Your desires have been fulfilled. Only to you, though. And so nobody granted any further wishes from you since you prohibited them from announcing it was indeed granted. I also forgot to make a wish again. I wish that everything would be white, and that nobody would call me racist for it!
  13. Loriesquare

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    god damn it what is wrong with me Actually, I think you need something harder. That brick was pretty brittle. Wish Granted! You have split yourself in half. Both of your persons died immediately. --- Wish Granted! You have an army of figurines of them. About 50,000+. I wish I didn't forget to make a wish.
  14. Loriesquare

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Dammit I forgot to make a wish again. Wish Granted! You now have 420 cats in your room. Nothing is wrong. Except that they all smoke weed everyday.
  15. Loriesquare

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish Granted! However, since you did not include the number 42, you do not actually know everything. Wish Granted! You found the meaning of life in it. You found it meaningless. You were just trippin' balls. You did not enjoy the orange juice, though. In fact, you never drank it. You just have it. (I was going to put a link as reference, but I could not find that post on Imgur.)
  16. It's actually great! I didn't get bored watching it. It caught my interest the whole time it was on. The only grammatical mistake I saw was near the end, "Why would you do this to the them?" And the beginning with the crystal thingy, I think the wait duration until the text starts rolling is a bit too long. Although you may be just waiting for the music to kick in. Speaking of the music, the BGM is amazing. When you were fighting, I was screaming "USE YOUR ABILITIES!!" XD I guess there's none yet or you don't have any but nevertheless, it was really good.
  17. Loriesquare

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish Granted! You got a gun that's loaded with chocolate! Yummy! The chocolate is 100% chocolate, it tastes really bitter. I wish I had some nice and tasty bread.
  18. Loriesquare

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish Granted! The Make-A-Wish Foundation already does something beneficial for you. The catch is, they try their best to ruin your wishes. But still, it did something beneficial, right? You get the idea. I wish I had a pet turtle. (Seem familiar?)
  19. Loriesquare

    Very Strange Occurrences

    Uh oh, it's happened to me now. Clicked on notifications with 17 alerts... Poof, nothing! Although I can still right-click -> new tab and access it in the control panel.
  20. Loriesquare

    The Cookie Empire! (Roleplay Fun Event!)

    Admittedly, I haven't ate any other kind of cookie (or an actual cookie) with any other flavor other than the ordinary chocolate chip... But that ^ sounds great. I think that would be my favorite despite not knowing how it actually tastes like.
  21. Loriesquare

    Free Sketch-Lineart (-/- slots) - [On Break]

    I didn't know how to word that and I don't know what I was trying to say either, never mind it. XD What do you mean? XD Gimme some of ur nice weatharrr --- So just a question, do you do weapons or is that not included in "people only"? Because the character I have wields a scythe, so yeah... I hope you don't so I don't have to draw it X_X lol
  22. Loriesquare

    Free Sketch-Lineart (-/- slots) - [On Break]

    Muhehehe, I'm gonna have to request that... -rubs hands like an evil supervillain- Just kidding. --- I was planning to request a 3-person (not in an epic fighting scene), but I would have to draw a reference for all 3 of them (and decide on their designs)... Anyways, I'm still trying to do the reference so I can request (1 person) but I'm getting lazy X_X (and the weather is really hot) On another topic, those drawings are amazing! Like, you really know how they would look like as a whole just by looking at one picture o_O