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  1. XrosBlader821


    Seems like you haven't install it completely. You need to copy the Skills too. In the Demo skills 1-3 are responsible for the combos. That's why they are called Sword A, B & C. Anyway I ended up inserting my game on the demo instead the other way around because it's faster that way.
  2. XrosBlader821


    This system looks amazing but I am missing the Party script or have I overseen omething? The 0.6b Version is the most up to date Version available right? In the Video I saw the party being controlled by an AI... The Xasabs.com site is down too X_X
  3. A similar magic system would make this the best script ever made Imo.
  4. XrosBlader821

    Explorer's HUD

    Somehow this was the issue. I mean I clearly did a little f*ck up when I made this skin but I still don't see the reason why all the text would dissapear because of it. Before (not working): Now (working): Anyway thanks for the help, this script is really great.
  5. XrosBlader821

    Explorer's HUD

    well you can use a five in the options in this part "SHOW_EQUIP = 5" and then the Weapon dissapears. Not sure if it causes any brain damage to the overall script. I've ran into a random Bug. The HUD wont show any Numbers or words for some reason. It can't be because of the tip I wrote couple of seconds ago since you can clearly see the Axe. This is how my Script list looks like: I even tried by commenting out the non Galv Script. Error still occurs.
  6. XrosBlader821

    Grandia Battle System Request

  7. XrosBlader821

    Script Wanted

    Crystarium is really easy to understand. Imagine it as a tree with many branches. After battle you are given Points that you can spend into these trees. You can spend these points to get abilities, Spells & Items and sometimes unlock even classes. But since its a tree you have decide in what direction you want to go and as far as I remember each class had its own Tree. I guess there are JP Systems that somebody just had to tweak a little.
  8. XrosBlader821

    Lockpick System

    Is it like the Lock system in Risen 2? This is really cool!
  9. XrosBlader821

    Xenoblade battle system wthout the future changing stuff

    I know Xenoblade, it's a great WII game that I really enjoyed playing. However Xenoblade is a 3D Game and even on the original Game the whole battle system felt a little bit unbalanced. I remember at the beginning it felt too sluggish and if not the great story I might never finish this game. I can't imagine that this battle system is going to be easy especially since it is very cooldown related system that doesn't use any mana and has many position related skills. Not to mention the 2-3 other party member need to be programmed since you can only control one character and can't switch in battle. The skills would probably also need some programming skills as the "pre made" wouldn't fit. I doub't there is any chance for this battle system to be created soon by thats just my opinion. What I'd like to see is the NPC system of Xenoblade. That thing was huge!
  10. XrosBlader821

    Grandia Battle System Request

    Well you can say I was studying the Battle system during catching up Grandia Xtreme and Grandia 3. I also looked around the internet and saw that most requests don't explain anything or don't know how the System works at all. So, I decided to take my Time to explain the System as far as I could and hope that maybe someone decides to make this Battle System. Anyway the Bar used in the example and the one I posted in Shadoan's thread are too big. I've a smaller one that should fit RPG Makers resolution perfectly.
  11. XrosBlader821

    [RMVXA Script Request] Grandia Time Bar

    I was bored once and did draw a Grandia IP Gauge in hope there would be a Grandia battle engine by now. It's a little big but feel free to use If you want I could try to make it smaller.
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