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  1. hello, I wanted to see if you can help me with one of your scripts.

  2. Tidloc

    Tidloc's Minimap

    Hi, thanks for trying the script! Just, somehow I don't get that error, neither when running the game from the .exe nor when started within the RPG maker... o_O Always the Custom Mark is set or removed, no errors or crashes here.
  3. Tidloc

    Tidloc's Header

    Issue resolved with the actual bugfix 1.5.7 of the HTML script.
  4. Tidloc

    Lockpick minigame

    I don't think the header is the issue(if it's missing, of course that will be part of it) but guessing from the error it seems to be a copy/paste error...
  5. Tidloc

    Tidloc's Header

    a PM would have done xD Edit: updated all you poked ^^
  6. Tidloc

    Tidloc's compass

    I'd not use the demo's scripts, they may be well out of date and buggy (not that long for the custom equips I think) but updated the mentioned script's links! Damn dropbox with their stop of supporting the public folder, some links work, other don't and others again stop working after some time, it seems... >_>
  7. Tidloc

    Tidloc's compass

    oh really? contact me, when you find such a script! I'll insert a new download link
  8. Tidloc's Minimap v.1.0.1 by Tidloc Introduction Ever wanted a Minimap to float at the corner of your screen or have the opportunity to scout through a map for something without having to run from A to B to C...? Here's a solution for you! Features shows a minimap at the screen minimap discovers itself upon traveling over the map adds a scene where you can interact with the minimap: add custom marks see notes only visible in this scene for marks on events change maps (like on teleporting events) if that map has been discovered so far Screenshot How to Use paste it of course above main, below all standart-scripts and my Header. This script is pretty much plug and play, only needs the constants in the beginning of the script to be set up. (Either way, please read the instructions at the beginning of the script) Also you might want to use my HTML-like-tagging script. See the demo for examples or the side of my header for details about this script. Demo Download this open zip-file. Script Download this file for the script. FAQ Q: I found a bug or have a suggestion, how ca I contact you? A: please look into my signature, there you'll always find the most recent contact information! otherwise, will follow when questions appear Known Bugs - none so far Credits and Thanks - Tidloc I'm always open to suggestions or ideas, so feel free to contact me or write an answer =)) Changelog:
  9. Tidloc

    Item Upgrade Slots

    Maybe you're looking for something like my Socketing enhancement of my Custom Equipment script? (no idea why it's not linked int he MSL...) It's a little different from YEA's MV scripts, but I think it covers your needs ^^ if there's anything you need to be added, just contact me, most thing should be done fast
  10. Tidloc

    Tidloc's Header

    Ah I see, thx Sixth, for pointing that out! new Version up, with possibility to set the Z value minimum for the sprites in line 104: script.
  11. Tidloc

    Tidloc's Header

    yes, that should be disableable in line 102, set it to: Screen_Tone = [ 0, 0, 0, 0]if that won't work, I will do a little modification to disable it ^^
  12. Tidloc

    Tidloc's Header

    ok, I found the troublemaker, it's because Khas did something not quite elegant in his script... I updated my lockpicking script to bypass this issue with any other 3rd-party scripts: script. Have fun with my minigame!
  13. Tidloc

    Tidloc's Header

    Hi wistiecutie! This error only occurs with the lightning script, without it my script runs? when does it occur, when starting the lockpicking? Also, could you tell me of any other scripts you're using? And please send your command you're using to start the script. Don't worry, we'll get it working! ^^
  14. Tidloc

    Lockpick minigame

    uploaded a short demo, hope it helps ^^
  15. Tidloc

    Tidloc's Header

    interesting, but updated the demo link! of course all my scripts are in .rb-files, that are ruby files, but can be openend in any editor ;-)
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