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  1. SRD's Character Creator EX plugin does this I'm sure. I recall it allowing you to make a character in game, but to also call upon parts and create sprites and copies with command calls. You'd have to watch his video on it to get the full idea, but it's the only plugin I'm aware of that does this.
  2. Been wanting to get back into game making but can't seem to get into it. I enjoy everything except the actual game-making (events and dialogue, basically).


    Not sure how to get around this sadly. Maybe it's time for another IiaW type thing :P

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    2. Tarq


      Make a different genre of game. One that doesn't need a bunch of eventing or dialogue.

      If you think up an interesting system I'll take a stab at it for you Takeo.

    3. Takeo212


      I've considered different genres actually. Even tried one of typical horror games RPGM's known for. I sort of enjoyed the horrory one for fun, but never actually worked on a story. 


      I've been thinking about trying short story writing. Writing isn't my strength, but it's something that needs improvement.


      I think I've been "avoiding" my game deving for a few years now and I think that habit has sunk inn, which sucks. On my next holiday, I'll take another shot at it. I've actually been thinking of that "Tarqeo" collab idea you had a while back Tarq. Something simplistic, yet creative sounds nice haha. If only we didn't have to be adults and work for a living xD

    4. Rikifive


      I know that feel. :P I also have some difficulties with some elements of gave dev. :P 


      Tarqeo sounds like a good idea, perhaps that could work. But yeah, being an adult kinda 'sux'. :P Or not being an adult - but having to have a job. :P 

  3. Differences between RM 2k3 and 2k

    I think 2K and 2K3 are similar to VX and VX ACE. Basically 2K is the base system, and 2K3 will be a version 2.0 with some more updates so if you want one, get 2K3. However it is really outdated - and I mean that more systematically. I've tried using it a few times and sometimes is crashes and other times is runs into errors whilst developing it testing. It's like trying to run Windows XP on a modern PC - it just doesn't work correctly anymore. On a side note; I use MV but I do like the resources from 2K3 - especially the monsters. Takes alot of work to format, but I like them.
  4. Please help!!! Black png background

    What script are you using to make your menu? The Window Skin is a different thing from the menu screen so we need more information on what your using and such.
  5. Suggestions for the shawl/movements?

    The scarf is bundled together and would be heavier than the hair in this instance. It seems the wind is blowing to the right and then to the left and then right again. The scarf should move more subtley and as a bundle. You also account for the neck and shoulder so the scarf itself shouldn't move organically and would collide with the body. Try keeping the scarf in place and move it subtley to the right, left then right without it flying over the place. Note: this is hard to explain so I'll try make an example later tonight if I can get my tablet to work.
  6. Moving out soon. Been chaotic but yea...

    No internet for a while after the 14th, so whoo!

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    2. CyrusJazzberry


      i can mail order you memes if you'd like


      good luck on moving

    3. Rikifive


      Hope that's for the better! :P Good luck! c:

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Happy trails, as they say, lol

  7. Tales of Eadris

  8. Upscale all graphics

    Yanfly's Scale Sprites plugin might help you. I use it and it works well.
  9. Just a heads up to anyone interested;

    MV is having a big sale on Steam for anyone wanting to get MV or any of it's DLC.


    I've already added a bunch to my cart for tomoro's payday :P

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Yup, got the email already.

      I could even buy one of two of the items with my very limited wallet balance...


      I intend to get MV, when I am able. Gonna need it (apparently), if I wish to legitimately use the angled faces I made in GCH: PE...

  10. Sovereignty: TCG

    I had a suspicion Riki had a hand in helping with that menu. The amount of purple gave it away hehe. The card image behind the trading screen could maybe be transparent a little. Reading the card names over them is a little bothering since the text is so thin and on a bold background. This is a personal opinion however. Overall, this looks really good so far. I'm off work tomorrow, so I'll be sure to check out your updated version. It's been a long time since I played an VX/ACE game
  11. Okay, so... I made a "Plugins Master List" for the forums a while back, but how useful would a similar "Resource Master List" work for everyone? 


    Is it worth the time and effort to do it?

    1. PhoenixSoul


      I'd just go for it, to be honest; there's a lot that could be beneficial from having one of these.

    2. Rikifive


      I think master lists are great.

      I was working on Resource Master List a while ago, but I think it didn't perform well, so I eventually moved that to trash. :P


      Either way, if you want,  go for it! Members seem to have some nice usage of these. :) 

  12. Non-Commercial donations

    It's hard to say exactly though as each resource maker is different. Some don't care as much as others, so always safe to look into it. If you can't find anything related to any terms, then it should be fine to use them though as long as you credit. Could always try contact the artist if their on a forum or something to be safe.
  13. Non-Commercial donations

    @Gun2SV Yep, any non-commercial resources are free to you as long as you follow there terms and conditions. @Traverse I'll write it this way then; If you take money for a specific game that is using the non-commercial resources, such as kickstarter or gofundme, then it's considered commercial since your getting revenue from people for that games development. If you take money for yourself, or for your personal being and/or team/group then you are allowed to take money as you, yourself are being paid/donated to. This is more of a support fund for the developer themself and can't be called out if they receive money for themselves/the team since it's not directly supporting that one particular game. I suppose you can just claim donations as a "your helping me make a game in general" instead of "your helping make this particular game". Honestly, I think most creators care mainly about you selling games rather than taking support money so long as the money is invested in the project and not for yourself. But yea, Traverse is right. It comes down mainly to how you write and promote yourself. Take donations as a developer and you should be safe.
  14. Non-Commercial donations

    Donations are still classified as "commercial" since you are still receiving money in support of a game that uses these resources. Whether the game itself is free to play, the concept of you are still receiving money in some way for a project using the materials still puts it in the same category. Also, you say you'll release the game for free after receiving these donations - but that's just the reassurance of a stranger wanting our money. For all we know, you can stick a price tag on the game, or even just run off with donations in the end - but this is a different topic. Just be aware of this when setting up or asking for permissions. However, due to this not officially being a commercial game (commercial being that you are selling a game), depending on some resource makers, you can try and ask them individually for permissions. I know alot of makers are more concerned about there resources being in one of those many, many steam games that gives RPGM and other engines bad reputations so asking them for a donation/kickstarter exception in exchange for a free game release might work - but not always. I strongly suggest you don't use the non-commercial resources in your project until you get permissions to prevent any problems and back lash in future.
  15. When the kitten bites me, he immediately licks the wound and looks at me apologetically.


    His older brother bites me and he refuses to let go, runs away in a huff and looks at me as if I offended his ancestors.


    The kittens the ash-hole in this household though...

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    2. Takeo212


      The kitten attacked me yesterday and drew blood on my wrist.

      The same kitten is lying in my housecoat right now, stealing my warmth and occasionally punching me when he stretches.


      I think I'd prefer claws and teeth over beaks though. I've never been pecked, and I intend to keep it that way xD

    3. lonequeso


      Cats are waaay more entertaining. Birds just chill in their cage all the time cuz if they get out, all hell will break loose, and they'll probably fly into a mirror and kill themselves. I prefer pets that can run and jump around even if that means I have to bleed on occasion. 

    4. TobiObito4ever


      I've lived with cats long enough to know they are adorable, fickle jerks.