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  1. Takeo212

    staff Rooooooooood | New Sectional Staff

    *facepalm* I keep forgetting Discord is a thing nowadays. Really need to get on that chatroom more. Congrats though Chibae~
  2. Cookie for whoever knows what day today is :P

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    2. Wingflame


      Happy birthday :3

    3. Chadzter01


      Happy Bday!

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Birthday sandwich!



      Enjoy. :)

  3. Takeo212

    Plugin for voiceover etc.?

    I don't think a plugin exists for this for 2 main reasons; - Implementing dialogue is already easy as you just have to play the requested ME before the dialogue box appears to have the character speak. If you skip a box, the dialogue already cuts to the next ME and second text box since everytime you play a new ME is replaces the previously played one. It's tedious, but it is super easy to implement. If you want the dialogue to stop, just add the "play ME" command but have it set to none to stop dialogue suddenly (probably best used after the last dialogue box). - Most text box commands are used for actual text inputs (and some face/portrait graphics). Adding voice commands into the mix just becomes too much and would cause alot of compatability issues between similar plugins. I suppose someone could write a plugin for it - not sure the difficulty of adding ME commands are - but you'd be much easier doing it manually to be honest.
  4. Takeo212

    MV Text "Corruption"

    What font are you using, and what format is it? Can you send me a copy of the text file/your game to test it myself? - mainly to test for file corruption or possible miss installation. Are you using a plugin to change your font, or are you replacing the actual font file? Have you used the font before and it's suddenly broken now, or have you recently changed your font? What style of font are you using? Script, pixelated, imagery, serif or sans-serif? I can think of a few possible reasons why it's broken, but more info would be helpful, or a copy of where you got the font and/or your game to test it myself would be good.
  5. Takeo212

    counting game Level Grinding | LV 7

    703 *creeps back into the shadows*
  6. @Black Mage FEZ is the 3DS version of RPGM. I haven't used my RPGM is a long time, especially FEZ but I'm sure it's doable. To have a player follow an NPC you need to make two move routes. One for the NPC and one for the player. Make sure both paths are the same (your player is one step behind) and have there move speeds be the same, otherwise they'll conflict. You have to manually count what steps to take in each direction, but this is pretty much how you do it. On FEZ, you may be better off trying this; Just as the character is about to lead the player, turn the NPC into a party member and be the leader with your player character as a party member who auto follows them and then set their "move route" (found in the events page). Once the NPC takes you to where you need to go, change the party back to the player and remove the NPC actor and have a switch activate. Set up an event exactly where the event NPC stops and have it turn on as the switch is activated so it looks like the NPC is standing there (once you remove them from your party, they will disappear so you need the event set up). I don't have my 3DS atm (Boyfriend has it for pokemon'ing) so I can't confirm if the events are the same, but I think they were pretty similar to MV's. Lemme know and I'll try get it back to test.
  7. I'm back.

    Internet as down for a few weeks, so sorry for the sudden absence (not that anymore noticed since I only lurk nowadays ;P )

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Just in time for me to leave on the first.


      I can't stand my Anti-Karma situation; every day I suffer from the cyber-attack is another day I am masochistic. 

    2. Rikifive


      Always good to have you around Takeo! :) 

  8. In the absence of Seriel, I'm considering taking up the task to host something similar to IiaW.

    Essentially a Game Jam.


    So I know for reference though, how many people would actually be interested in participating (no judges, actual contestants).


    We always have alot of people drop out, so unless a fair few is interested, I'm not sure whether to actually make one or not. And what would be better for a time frame? 

    A week or a weekend?

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    2. Asharonapaul


      why isn't this a thread? will be buried by mitch in a week or so.

    3. Nirwanda


      I would be interested, I haven't worked much in the maker lately. :)

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Get me a working computer, and you can absolutely count me in. 


      Since there is no RM port for Android, this is pretty much an absolute necessity... 

  9. Takeo212

    counting game Level Grinding | LV 7

    635 Ah, my bad then Riki. I thought OP always counted as a "reply". Never actually thought about it though. Atleast it's back on track now (for now) The overly complicated replies get confusing.
  10. Takeo212

    counting game Level Grinding | LV 7

    Due to two overlapses, I'm gonna go with the post count so that Riki's game is back on track with it's replies=exp concept (and so Riki doesn't have too many posts to edit). 627
  11. Today I discovered that an anime for Ao Oni exists.


    1. ShinNessTen


      That should tell us something: even the shittiest of shitty projects can make it big with enough luck.

    2. Chaosian


      Yeah actually. I think there are two films.

  12. Takeo212

    How to add monsters

    Once you create the database troop battle, you'd have to create a new event on map that once you interact with it, it'll call upon that battle. If you have bats set up in your troops, you can use the bat sprite (right click>create event>click the box on the bottom left to add a sprite to the event) and select the event option for battles and select the troop you want to have appear.
  13. Takeo212

    fnaf tilesets mixup request

    Can you define "mixup"? I assume you mean a bunch of different characters, but this doesn't really explain much. Can you give more details on what and who you want? Tiles, sprites, audio, ect.
  14. SRD's Character Creator EX plugin does this I'm sure. I recall it allowing you to make a character in game, but to also call upon parts and create sprites and copies with command calls. You'd have to watch his video on it to get the full idea, but it's the only plugin I'm aware of that does this.