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  1. Wait! Youtube has a dark theme?

    What now?

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Yup, and I use it too.

      However, it doesn't affect everything, like channel/video manager for example...

    2. Takeo212


      Oh, ouch. I checked that actually and the contrast from using the dark theme and suddenly the bright white hurts the eyes...


      I've started using it, but it feels weird haha. It's nicer to watch videos on though.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      @Takeo212 Agreed; especially with certain types of videos such as music videos, gameplay footage, or live streams/stream highlights.


      However, flashing lights and contrasting lighting are not so great, hence why I have a lamp nearby turned on most of the time when I am on my computer.

  2. What formula could I use for MV to allow an item to heal 100 on field but 300 in battle?

    I understand I need to use a switch, but I forgot how to use them in formulas >.<

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      I tried. Sorry. lol

    3. Takeo212


      Haha, no worries. Didn't mean it to sound whiney~

      Thanks for the help anyway Phoenix :) It gives me an idea to work with~

    4. Vis_Mage


      I did a bit of digging, and I think I found what you're looking for.


      $gameSwitches.value(1) ? 100 : 300


      Put this formula on your healing item. If switch 1 is off, you'll heal 100. If it's on, you'll heal 300.

  3. Custom text screen

    You would need a custom made plugin to get the exact same thing. Having one similar to Stardew Valley would require someone to change the position of the face portrait and the size and design of the window. With some effort and work, you can maybe use Galv's message background to do something similar, but the face portrait would still be on the default left without a custom plugin. Galv's Message Background If you added the faces onto your message background though and changed them manually, you could probably do it but it'll require some work on your part. You could always request a plugin in the MV Plugin Requests section of the board, though I don't think it's as active as it used to be.
  4. I've been drawing for the past 40+ minutes now. This has been on loop the entire time.


    1. lonequeso


      Intentionally? :huh: I can see being focused in on your work and not realizing it's been on, but if were actively listening the whole time how have you not had a brain aneurysm yet? Unless...



    2. Takeo212


      Whenever I draw, I usually "zone out" so I occasionally put something like this on loop. It's catchy whenever I remember it's playing.


      However, once I take a break from drawing, I suddenly feel like I've been driven crazy once I realise it's sill playing haha.


      I used to listen to playlists but since I zone out, I usually end up missing like 80% of the songs so I began looping ones instead.

    3. Rikifive


      Heh, I remember this song having stuck in my mind-


      When I was playing a video game- I kept yelling 'OH, THAT'S SO~ COO OO OO OO OOL!' whenever there was something nice in the game. :D 
      ... It's been a while though- I miss that. :lol: 

  5. 💖My Little Pony: The Game

    I like 1 due to the clean lines of it and easy to read simplisity, though I've always been OCD with pixels being diagonal and looking to pixely/messy. On that note, I like 4 but I can see someone being really low on health and struggling to see the little bit left in the bottom, so I'll vote 5. It would make it easier to see the little HP remaining and looks good. The "HP" on 7 looks weird (which brings me back to pixel art looks weird diagonally haha) so yea. They probably look fine though zoomed out I vote 5~ Looking good so far Riki~ I really like the head portraits you made too.
  6. Nah. I checked the folder for it and there's no "resource" folder which I found surprising. You can add content to the main folder in your MV generator itself but if you aren't sure about the way they name and order their items, I wouldn't recommend messing with it.
  7. pixel art Amy's Artwork

    @Amysaurus Oooooh. Watching that, you make it look so easy haha (welp, it probably is since you practiced so much with it). I always started with a black outline for stuff like hair, but watching your method makes more sense and is easier to work it. I think it's the sideview sprites that give me the hardest time since the perspective is sometimes off (like drawing a womans low cut top for instance). Thanks for taking the time to make that video~ It was short, but fun seeing how you handle shades and detailing. I love hair~ And that's true. Drawing from scratch each time is just unneeded extra work. I usually edit the generator hair to make what I need but it can get limiting. I love your style~ @PhoenixSoul The software looks like Photoshop which is a windows software actually, though I could be wrong.
  8. I own both GCH and GCH: PE. I admit, I've never fully used them since I find them both to be exactly the same (GCH should've just had an MV update instead of redistributing the same program with a new engines spritesheet...) I've tried importing some custom stuff to the engine and it's giving me several problems. It's not importing them, but instead giving me multiple options to do something with it. I have no clue what it wants. You'd be best making your sprites in the generator with what resources it provides, and use a program like GIMP(which is free to download) or any editing software you have and make your changes with it. If you make your resources as seperate PNG files, you can just add them in yourself. I find GCH's interface to clunky and it isn't freiendly when you want to try make your own edits. The only thing it's good for to be honest is the fact it has a walk cycle so you can see your edits but it's not a good program if I'm honest. There has been several issues with importing that never seemed to get fixed, so yea... Sorry this isn't the answer you wanted.
  9. Been seeing alot of those "you can beat/break/put a woman down but they always come back stronger" on my facebook lately.


    Does this mean all women are Saiyans?

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    2. Amysaurus


      Man, I hope not. I don't think I'd look so good with blonde hair :(

    3. Plague Docteur

      Plague Docteur

      Yes. Move quickly and cut off all our tails before we transform into giant gorilla beasts and rampage through the streets.:giggle:

    4. PhoenixSoul




      It is a BUNCH of elitist BS; I know it, you know it...


      I'm already a non-mortal...the boomerang is bound to knock many of the elitists heads loose...

  10. Song Skills

    Listening to the Disturbed version just now after clicking your link. Love his voice. I'm enjoying the new and old music here as well as skill ideas actually. Title: Sound of Silence Type: Debuff Effect: Target is inflicted with Blind and Silence. Target us unable to overcome their ailment and becomes immobilised due to fear. "Blurry" by Puddles of Mudd
  11. Song Skills

    Title: Bark at the Moon Type: Self Buff Effect: The user suddenly becomes overwhelmed by an urge to starting barking at the moon. During this, the user begins to feel more dominant. The user's physical attack and defence is increased for the duration of the moonlight. Side effects may include occasional growling and an urge to pee on hydrants. "Funhouse" by Pink
  12. Song Skills

    Glad I wasn't the only one who immediately though "yep, thats exactly whats gonna happen". Title: An Epic Of Time Wasted Type: Support Magic Effect: Effectively stops time. User attacks the target 99 times and finishes with a final 100 hit combo finisher. When time starts again, nothing happens and your turn was wasted. Whoo, need to go listen to them more actually. "Figure 09" - Linkin Park
  13. Song Skills

    Foreign songs are harder to do which is probably why no one responded Saeryen~ From a quick google search, Leyre seems to be related to a monastery and religion, so; Leyre; Scope: all allies Effect: Shrouds the users allies in a protective veil, reducing dark damage taken. "Echo" - CrusherP
  14. Cheebz

  15. Dang it Youtube! Stop changing your layout! 

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    2. Saeryen


      @Chaosian That seems extreme. I'd rather bribe someone with a Kit-Kat to change it back (if I had a problem, sorry that you do @Takeo212)

    3. PhoenixSoul


      YouTube is going to (eventually) become a dead platform, so there's no point in complaining. Steemit is better.

    4. Saeryen


      @PhoenixSoul I hope not! I need a free service to advertise my games and (eventually) post songs. I know nothing about Steemit.