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  1. Takeo212
    Hey nosy blog reader~
    Just found my old concepts for one of my main charries from Tales of Eadris and wanted to give you all a laugh.
    This also shows my lack of creativity... ToE is a medievil-esque fantasy genre RPG.
    This was my first ever concept for Leina, a quiet girl. Very meh.
    Okay, yea, bad design haha.
    My next design was;
    I like this design to be honest, but considering the game type/genre... this outfit doesn't really fit in...
    Also, can you tell I like Tomb Raider? xD
    My final design was;
    Her entire design changed, as well as her race. She originally was a simple human, but became an Elven hunter/thief.
    I also had a similar... phase... with Faeona. Her original design was stupid. I don't have the old file anymore, but trust me on it. She looks better now.
    Marina's design came so nicely. I got her design pretty well based for her first design and her final was just a detailing of the original. I love Marina <3
    What similar stages did you guys come across?
    Are you still developing your characters?
    What characters are you having most trouble with?
    Is there a favourite amongst your cast you just can't help but like more than the rest?
    Find out next time, on Dragon Ball Z!
  2. Takeo212
    Game Updates
    I currently deleted all my game projects. I had alot of game projects that I had started, mapped out and then decided I'll "do it later". Months later, they remained untouched, so I decided to just delete them.
    In that retrospect, I created 2 new projects that I am only using. No more.
    My main game project is currently just named TheGang due to a lack of title yet.
    My other game project is still a WIP. I might do a small horror game for lighting practice and eventing, but I also feel like doing a simple simulator game such as a basic farming game, or life simulator. Not sure yet, but this is a failsafe so I can take breaks from my main project occassionally.
    Progress is slow however, but it's there.
    Permission and Technical Legal Issues
    My main game TheGang is a game based around old RP characters from many years ago - characters I hold dearly and pretty much the entire reason I wanted to go into game development. For whatever reason I never made a game for them to begin with, I have no idea. The whole "I can create anything" took over and I pushed my characters away - stupidly, I shouldn't have done so.
    My problem however lies within a problem I have. During my RP games, I used to RP with friends and online RP'ers. This meant my character interacted and made connections and relationships with these characters - some of which are really good and main points in their character.
    However, my main OC, Alex, had befriended a certain character and that character becomes a major event in Alex's life. Problem is; I don't own that character. The creator and I fell out in a really bad way quite a few years ago... I have written to this person with a civil request of using this character, plus 2 more that play, not as big, but still important roles. However, due to immaturity, they haven't responded to me at all and I fear they won't.
    "Takeo, why not just make a new character to replace them?"
    It's not that easy. Atleast not for me mentally. To make up a character takes away that personal connection with the character, and having interactions with this void being just wouldn't work as well.
    I've considered it as a really last resort - but, I don't feel comfortable doing so.
    Not being allowed to use this character, and not being able to replace them, leaves one more option.
    I have no idea what to do right now. My projects at a stalemate because of this, and as much as I really want to continue. I can't...
    On a side note: Since my characters have some empty spots in their "timeline", I was gonna make a thread about people entering in cameo characters of themselves. Not sure about that now though...
    Ah well, back to the drawing board it seems.