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  1. in that case, get on the first flight and come bake them fresh in my kitchen >:P I have a bunch of baking appliances that don't get much use~

    That way I can eat all everything once it's fresh out the oven xD


    Having an online cooking store would be tough. Atleast "fresh out the oven" style anyway.

    Hey, maybe you can make some themed cakes ;P

  2. @Killo: I always pull that joke too xD I always make sure to enthusis the captials ToE just to avoid being asked about my toes :P

    I had the same problem when an old charrie had a pet ferret named Ramen. When I RP'd them, everyone thought I was talking about a bowl of ramen... xD

    "Ramen sat on top of Alex's shoulder, snuggling here face gently" was a line that made people laugh apparently.


    @Chaosian: The game itself is an old fantasy styled RPG. I'm unfamiliar with armours and weapons at the time, so I had a habit of making every character I drew... plain. A huge, yet slightly bad. habit I have is in every project I work on, the MC is always based upon some part of myself, so they always end up looking similar too xD *unoriginal*

    I have recently started looking to Avatar's Last Air Bender for a bit of inspiration based upon the whole "each region has their on element" type thing. Still tweaking it though.


    I say the same for you though Chaosian. I knew nothing about your projects in the years I have been here haha. Was kinda sad about that - your ideas and concepts had my interest. Now that I get to see Anoh's design, I'm especially curious. It's a shame you didn't get to fully use him as well :(

  3. If I hit a guy, I expect to be hit back just as hard.

    If a guy hits me, I will retaliate.


    As long as you don't counter by beating the **** out of them, then there shouldn't be a problem.

    Equal force. 


    Of course, that changes if there is a group. You should still defend yourself, but a group is a more difficult situation.

    I would suggest moving to atleast a populated area that way there are witnesses. if they followed you and continue their "assault" then you are entitled to defend yourself.


    Witnesses just make sure you don't get a court trial over your word against a group of friends. You weren't in the wrong, but people are cray nowadays.

  4. To be entirely honest, I'm kinda wanting to do that. I don't speak to the person at all, and they don't exactly do anything game designing-y so they wouldn't exactly find my game to claim anything.


    Plus, the game is a F2P so I wouldn't be making money using the character(s). I also don't intend to offend or abuse said character, so I don't intend to use them badly in any way. 


    I'll probably still make the game itself, and I suppose worst case situation, I get told to remove the character.


    I personally would feel happy if someone used my characters/name in a game, so you'd think this would be a good thing? >.< 


    Thanks Shiggy - knowing you said that actually made me feel better because I thought the exact same thing xD 

  5. I think if you fail, you fail.

    Having a system where you pass no matter what would make our, already deteriorating society degrade faster.


    I do feel bad for students who try and just struggle to keep up with the work, but if this kind of system became a thing, then I wouldn't be to happy.

    Atleast in my area, students are already dropping out of High School and immediately claiming benefits and then never doing anything else but binge drink when they get paid.


    I would support this idea for elementary/primary schools because you don't exactly get graded as much, but High School and higher should be a fail if you fail. 

  6. I think having an anime/manga/cartoon/game character crush is fine. I personally have a little crush here and there for certain characters because they are appealing and I love their characters.


    People who have "relationships" with the above though I think need help/a good talking to. I don't think it would be healthy for anyone to sit in their room/wherever and pretend/actually think they are dating this fictional character. Not because "oh, they suck and cant get a RL partner" but because that can lead to reclusion and a bad mind set.

  7. Everyone has a chance at a relationship no matter there age. For every 30 year old man, there is a 30 year old woman in the same situation, and vice versa (and so fourth for LGBT relations to).


    The problem may be he's just chasing/asking the wrong woman. If he's been rejected 100 times, then it sounds like he hasn't really sat down and befriended any of them, since befriending and being rejected 100 times seems... unreal. I could be wrong though.


    I'm currently already in a great relationship, but if I was a single 30 year old woman, I would totally date someone the same age, of course. 


    As long as your not a single 30 year old looking to score some 18 year old, then your good.



    Also, I prefer a guy with no experience. We can both giggle and talk about it, and I personally prefer someone who is inexperienced over someone who has done it 100 times with other woman. Just my opinion though.

  8. Maybe he says he has a GF - not because he's deluded - but because he doesn't want to be the third+ wheel to the other couples.

    He can be upset that he's not in a relationship, but if friends started talking alot about couple stuff and he sat there, single, listening to it, he might have said it to settle things with their friends.


    Maybe he recieves unneeded pity and sympathy - and that makes him feel worse. "Oh sorry man, I forgot you don't have a GF", "You okay man, your surrounded by all of us in a couple and your single after all".


    We dont know the guy or his real reasoning, but there could be more to it than simply "he's deluded".


    If he was though, I would hug him tightly and buy him ice cream.

  9. I'm fine with it as long as it isn't to bad.

    I can handle a bit of flesh or bust, but nothing to scanty. If the story or whatever makes a good reason as to why that character is like that, then sure, but if it's simply a "fan service" situation, then no, I usually just get aggitated at the actual character. 


    However, I feel the same about the typical womanising men in games too. 


    It doesn't bother me, but it does make me think little of the character. 


    I can handle the occasional (sex)joke or whatever, but not a full on sexualising situation - that character will be left out of my party. If that doesnt work, then i'll deal and if it's an NPC that constantly is in my face - well, the game better me amazing, otherwise, I will probably stop playing due to annoyance.



    @Chaosian: lmao, that reminds me of my TR fangirl days. Lara Croft was literally known as "Boob Raider" at one time during her early games/development.


    Also, my fav SC characters were Talim and Seung Mina. Keep Voldo away from me, and we are good~

  10. As long as it isn't death everywhere, I'd say no to it being to emotional.

    It's nice to have an emotional attachment to a game - as long as it isn't thrown at you. If it's suttle and the player develops a "bond" with the playable character(s), then no, I don't think you can have to much emotion. As long as it's good emotion, and not bad emotion (ie, death everywhere, everyone who know suddenly dies coz lol)


    As for an enemy. No. I honestly haven't played a game where the enemy has been "sinister". Yea, every game has there bad guy. But they always turn good, or are killed coz they underestimated the player, ect. I would like a game where the enemy is serious and actually does bad stuff. 

    It's always "haha, ur so weak player - i'll let you live and see how you become stronger than me and be my demise ahaha!" 

    No, a real bad guy would just slaughter you. Give you a sense of "oh crap, I'll die if I dont do something".


    I may be wrong though - thats just a personal opinion from personal experience.

    I like these questions.

  11. I want to be topless right now because of the heat nowadays. My area had a temperature rise that we are not used to and it causes me to roll around naked in my house because damn, i cant handle it!


    However, my answer is mostly yes. They should be allowed.

    However, apparently woman walking around in revealing clothing is an invite from guys and woman who dress with short clothing is "asking for it".

    I assume that would be the exact same case if woman were to go around topless. 

    (Please note, I am not saying all men are like that, but it has been alot of reported cases on stuff like that).


    Also, woman can also be quite flirty and such and if given permission to go topless, I'm sure we'd see it everywhere... (currently generations are already wearing minimal clothing, i fear the future where i see everyones panty thong *shudder*)



    If the world was alot of maturer, filled with less idiocy and everyone respected one another like supposed to, then YES, boobies out ladies! But honestly, even if it was allowed, I wouldnt do it due to the types of people nowadays (Again, NOT everyone). I wouldnt want to risk myself, my friends or my future children by allowing that.



    Overall: Yes, I think it is acceptable, but no, in this day and age, I wouldnt risk it. If respect, maturity and in general decency came back, then I would totally nude that shit!

    (Finally, again, not everyone - I doubt anyone even on here is what I am talking about - if you are, then wow to you using RPG Maker and being productive, and not being out doing horrible things xD, but there is alot of butt-holes and scumbags out there that think woman are meat to be enjoyed, so no thank you~)


    [Everything in this post is a personal opinion, and was in no way intended to offend or insult anyone within the current discussion, thank you]

  12. I like the sound of C.


    You can have a main story based on the main memories, but have some hidden memories that you can only get through some minor quests. It would make the player want to explore more to find out more about the two :)


    I like the sound of your game however, and would be interested in a demo if you released one!

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