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  1. Quote

    ....and Blue Treasure Chest (far left one on the bottom for the children, girl in yellow)...

    I don't see a girl in yellow. Do you mean the yellow haired girl in the top right?


    Haven't touched RPGM is a while so I'm out of practice with spriting, but I'll give them ago :)

  2. The stuff like that is broken, yea. I'm talking about the OP though since I don't feel like going through every post of mines to update the images :o

    The cars image is under my "recolours" section though if anyone still wants it.



    The car image is added below. I made a v2 colour wise and a bigger version of that version which is why the old one broke so they do still exist :D






  3. Aaaaahh. You replied a while after I updated everything so I thought my stuff broke again :P


    Yea, I renamed alot of stuff and no one pointed out the broken links so I kinda just gave up for a bit.

    Hopfully everythings more sorted now~

  4. The images show up for me though. Are the images in the spoiler tags not showing up? I'm so confused o.o

    There should be some recoloured sprites with some facesets to match.


    Also the mirror does have a stand alone version. It has a full, cracked, slightly broken and fully broken image incase someone wanted to event it in a horror game or something.

  5. Wait, are the links broken now? The old ones broke cause I rearranged them but they should be working the past few days o.o

    I rearranged a bunch of my stuff so the recolors were a separate section (so you should be able to browse them if you click the link for it, and even batch download them) and I put the "sets" on the page.


    I'm planning on doing custom ones soon, just waiting to get my tablet back so I can actually make stuff~

  6. Can everyone access the "Recolours" section on my OP? I've moved all the recoloured sprites to a separate section and not sure if DeviantART's stash allows public access. I think it does, but just wanna check.


    Also taking suggestions/possible requests to try get back into the swing of things.



    Wow, didn't realize my last post was over a year ago...

    Geez, I need to work on more stuff lol.

  7. Haven't checked in in a while (mostly due to not getting a notification back when you replied...).

    Those menu's look amazing. So colourful~


    Checked out the animated version and just wow, I love it. It moves smoothly, the bounces and animations make it so dynamic and it looks so clean and pretty.

    Also learned what "Punkty Nauki" means so now I feel clever haha~

  8. I don't think a plugin exists for this for 2 main reasons;


    - Implementing dialogue is already easy as you just have to play the requested ME before the dialogue box appears to have the character speak. If you skip a box, the dialogue already cuts to the next ME and second text box since everytime you play a new ME is replaces the previously played one. It's tedious, but it is super easy to implement. If you want the dialogue to stop, just add the "play ME" command but have it set to none to stop dialogue suddenly (probably best used after the last dialogue box).


    - Most text box commands are used for actual text inputs (and some face/portrait graphics). Adding voice commands into the mix just becomes too much and would cause alot of compatability issues between similar plugins.


    I suppose someone could write a plugin for it - not sure the difficulty of adding ME commands are - but you'd be much easier doing it manually to be honest.

  9. What font are you using, and what format is it?

    Can you send me a copy of the text file/your game to test it myself? - mainly to test for file corruption or possible miss installation.

    Are you using a plugin to change your font, or are you replacing the actual font file?

    Have you used the font before and it's suddenly broken now, or have you recently changed your font?

    What style of font are you using? Script, pixelated, imagery, serif or sans-serif?


    I can think of a few possible reasons why it's broken, but more info would be helpful, or a copy of where you got the font and/or your game to test it myself would be good.


  10. @Black Mage FEZ is the 3DS version of RPGM.


    I haven't used my RPGM is a long time, especially FEZ but I'm sure it's doable.


    To have a player follow an NPC you need to make two move routes. One for the NPC and one for the player. Make sure both paths are the same (your player is one step behind) and have there move speeds be the same, otherwise they'll conflict.

    You have to manually count what steps to take in each direction, but this is pretty much how you do it.


    On FEZ, you may be better off trying this;


    Just as the character is about to lead the player, turn the NPC into a party member and be the leader with your player character as a party member who auto follows them and then set their "move route" (found in the events page). Once the NPC takes you to where you need to go, change the party back to the player and remove the NPC actor and have a switch activate.

    Set up an event exactly where the event NPC stops and have it turn on as the switch is activated so it looks like the NPC is standing there (once you remove them from your party, they will disappear so you need the event set up).


    I don't have my 3DS atm (Boyfriend has it for pokemon'ing) so I can't confirm if the events are the same, but I think they were pretty similar to MV's.

    Lemme know and I'll try get it back to test.

  11. Once you create the database troop battle, you'd have to create a new event on map that once you interact with it, it'll call upon that battle.


    If you have bats set up in your troops, you can use the bat sprite (right click>create event>click the box on the bottom left to add a sprite to the event) and select the event option for battles and select the troop you want to have appear.

  12. I think 2K and 2K3 are similar to VX and VX ACE.


    Basically 2K is the base system, and 2K3 will be a version 2.0 with some more updates so if you want one, get 2K3.

    However it is really outdated - and I mean that more systematically. I've tried using it a few times and sometimes is crashes and other times is runs into errors whilst developing it testing. It's like trying to run Windows XP on a modern PC - it just doesn't work correctly anymore.



    On a side note; I use MV but I do like the resources from 2K3 - especially the monsters. Takes alot of work to format, but I like them.