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Image Comments posted by Takeo212

  1. I couldn't draw fingers with my shakey hand so I went for the "chibi clump" hand xD


    Also just noticed Marina's (the girl) upper arms are weird. Ones super skinny and the others rather thick Dx I miss my tablet lol.


    Thanks for the feedback Riki :3 I agree the other version is rather "agressive" and just messy but versions brighter. I loved drawing their ears xD

  2. The scarf is bundled together and would be heavier than the hair in this instance.

    It seems the wind is blowing to the right and then to the left and then right again.


    The scarf should move more subtley and as a bundle. You also account for the neck and shoulder so the scarf itself shouldn't move organically and would collide with the body.


    Try keeping the scarf in place and move it subtley to the right, left then right without it flying over the place.


    Note: this is hard to explain so I'll try make an example later tonight if I can get my tablet to work.

  3. I normally do, but for these I didn't. Only reference was an old drawing I made of the characters with these weapons, and those weren't referenced either xD

    I need to study some weapons and blades, especially their terminology so I can draw them more accurately. These are rather bright which ruins the "blade" though >.<


    Need to study handles and hilts too. These are too simple :P

  4. It's supposed to be a katana. I just suck at weapons xD

    The blade is meant to be a little slimmer too, as well as the handle.

    On that note, the daggers I uploaded are also squint (atleast the blades are) so yep xD


    Thanks you both :3

  5. Haha, thanks guys~

    It's nothing "epic", but it's nice to get back into drawing, if only a chibi doodle.


    Also, my tablet wouldn't sync up to my PC correctly, so this was actually drawn and coloured by mouse xD

  6. Your current project :P

    I've seen alot pf pieces of your games over the years, but nothing finalised.

    I'm curious about your games, especially this one since you seem passionate about it ;P

  7. The makeup itself is pretty well done, but it's a bit flat. Maybe add a bit of transparency to it to show it's drawn onto the avatar instead of painted, and this would be a neat addition to the generator.

  8. This has to be my favorite piece out of the recent ones you've submitted Kaz.

    The shading and gradients on the leaves and roses looks really well done and I'm glad your image capture caught that~

    I feel the water could've used a hint of blue along the side (faint blue/green) just to show of the fact it's water more, but regardless, those leaves are amazing. 

    I'm glad to see your artistic side :3

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