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  1. Takeo212

    Looking for Downed Mack Sprites

    I don't see a girl in yellow. Do you mean the yellow haired girl in the top right? Haven't touched RPGM is a while so I'm out of practice with spriting, but I'll give them ago
  2. Takeo212

    Looking for Downed Mack Sprites

    If you upload the sprites you want downed then I can try give it ago.
  3. Takeo212

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    Aye. I wasn't a participant, so I vote for the new stuff. No one's mentioned it since then so I doubt it's too much of a biggy since most entered for the fun of it~ Hope your keeping well atleast Seriel
  4. Takeo212

    Takeo's Resources

    Author: Takeo212 License: Used for Commercial and Non-Commercial (for now) Useage: You must own RPG Maker MV to use these resources. Credits: The current content is mostly RTP Edits, so crediting me isn't required but is appreciated. Inquiries: If you have questions or such, feel free to contact me! Guidelines: - All resources within this thread are created by myself. If anything is created using other's resources, credit will be added to that section with details. Otherwise, everything in this thread is credited to myself. - No redistributing of any materials found within this topic. If you wish to share these materials, then linking back to this site is allowed, but no re-uploading or claiming as your own. - I appreciate any and all feedback on how to improve as long as it's constructive! Please tell me what you like and don't like so I know what to improve and what to keep doing. Master Download Recolours: CLICK HERE Character Sets Imp Set Slime Set
  5. Takeo212

    Takeo's Resources

    The stuff like that is broken, yea. I'm talking about the OP though since I don't feel like going through every post of mines to update the images The cars image is under my "recolours" section though if anyone still wants it. EDIT The car image is added below. I made a v2 colour wise and a bigger version of that version which is why the old one broke so they do still exist
  6. Takeo212

    Takeo's Resources

    Aaaaahh. You replied a while after I updated everything so I thought my stuff broke again Yea, I renamed alot of stuff and no one pointed out the broken links so I kinda just gave up for a bit. Hopfully everythings more sorted now~
  7. Takeo212

    Takeo's Resources

    The images show up for me though. Are the images in the spoiler tags not showing up? I'm so confused o.o There should be some recoloured sprites with some facesets to match. Also the mirror does have a stand alone version. It has a full, cracked, slightly broken and fully broken image incase someone wanted to event it in a horror game or something.
  8. Takeo212

    Takeo's Resources

    Wait, are the links broken now? The old ones broke cause I rearranged them but they should be working the past few days o.o I rearranged a bunch of my stuff so the recolors were a separate section (so you should be able to browse them if you click the link for it, and even batch download them) and I put the "sets" on the page. I'm planning on doing custom ones soon, just waiting to get my tablet back so I can actually make stuff~
  9. Takeo212

    counting game Level Grinding | LV 7

    753 *slicks back into the shadows*
  10. Takeo212

    Takeo's Resources

    Can everyone access the "Recolours" section on my OP? I've moved all the recoloured sprites to a separate section and not sure if DeviantART's stash allows public access. I think it does, but just wanna check. Also taking suggestions/possible requests to try get back into the swing of things. EDIT Wow, didn't realize my last post was over a year ago... Geez, I need to work on more stuff lol.
  11. Is there a feature to use BBCode during forum posts? Just tried editing my resource thread and had alot of problems with spoiler tags being a nuisance and couldn't find a raw format version to edit it.

    1. Rikifive


      BBCode still works like it used to, though it is no longer *officially* supported, which means, that while some things will work, some may generate issues.


      With that being said, [ spoiler ] tags still work, but they are extremely buggy and I strongly advise to not use them at all. Doing so may wreck the whole post, by moving its contents all over the place.


      As of V4, all we have is the WYSIWYG editor, so we should be seeing how the post looks like before submitting, rather than converting the code while posting. Please use the spoiler button from the toolbar.



      It will put a spoiler box in your post. If you want to wrap existing contents into a spoiler, highlight the part you want to hide and then click the spoiler button.


      Also this area seems like a better place for these: Forum Feedback and Support ;)

    2. Takeo212


      No worries Riki :) I knew there was an issue a while back, but wasn't sure if anything changed around it. I tried the preview feature to see if they worked but it all came up as a single thing (as if the spoiler tags were open and everything was visible).


      I only use them for images since they take up so much space. I'll try be careful with them then :)


      Didn't want to make a new topic to ask just a silly question so sorry if this seemed rather rude Riki >.<

    3. Rikifive


      Yeah, these tags behave weirdly. If you want to hide the image, just click it to highlight it then click the spoiler button. ;) 


      Silly questions are also questions. It's also easier to come up with an answer for these. ^_^ Besides, your question isn't silly at all. I've been poked few times by members, who had their posts wrecked by BBCode, asking me to help with fixing these. 🙂 Either way, no worries. It's just nice to have these things mentioned/discussed in the feedback area, for potential future reference, even if that had to be pointed out over and over again.

  12. o.o

    Says i'm the only one online... yet the site suddenly got fixed. Spooky.

  13. Can you give us a screenshot of a map in your editor and then the same map during gameplay? It's hard to imagine exactly what you mean is missing from your editor.
  14. I now realize the pain of that reboot. I've lost all my templates for RPGM... 

    Also GIMP's updated so now I'm super not used to it and everythings weird >.<


    Templates made me lazy so I forgot all the specific pixels for stuff now so now I need to go relearn that to make more templates.


    1. Rikifive


      Oh I didn't know GIMP got updates - still using 2.8. :P It all looks cool, but I'm kinda afraid to reinstall it. :P 

    2. Kayzee


      Yeah, GIMP updated, but I think all the plugins don't work right for the new version so I am using 2.8 anyway. Keep in mind also that a lot of open source projects like GIMP don't always have higher versions that are linear upgrades. Sometimes the whole structure of the program can change from one major version to another.

    3. PhoenixSoul
  15. A Windows update literally broke my computer... After a very complicated case of trying to access files I had to reboot the entire PC.


    I rebooted with the "keep files" option, and now my PC is fixed and actually usable, the reboot in fact did not keep my files... I've lost everything, and I had no chance to back them up since the update was mandatory and just happened...


    It was also a 6 hour update -.-


    Goodbye game progression~

    Goodbye drawings I never got to upload or finish~

    Goodbye game saves~


    I'm very salty right now...............

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    2. PhoenixSoul



      Look there! Look there! @Takeo212

    3. Kayzee


      I havn't found windows 10 to be that bad, but yeah. I always always end up holding off on major updates for a month or two because most are broken at the start. I get awfully tempted to switch to linux at times... with Wine and/or VirtualBox you can run windows programs like RPG Maker more or less fine anyway. But... I am lazy so... Still, I do back up my game like crazy just in case.

    4. Animebryan


      Windows 10 is a Spyware OS. It constantly scans ALL of your files & if it thinks you acquired a program or files illegally (read: pirated), then it can delete those programs & files WITHOUT your permission! It also sends constant data to Microsoft which is extremely shady & look how desperate Microsoft is a shoving a Win 10 upgrade down everybody's throat, even when nobody wants it. It also got rid of some files & inner works that stops some old programs & games from running too.


      I know how it feels to lose everything. I once downloaded a Win 7 driver for an XBone controller for my laptop (because Walmart just couldn't keep their XBox 360 controllers in stock), and apparently, it caused Win 7 to go into the Blue Light (read: Blue Screen of Death) & it took nearly a month working with a MS technician just to get my laptop working again, but at least I didn't lose any data. Right now though, my Laptop is out of commission again because it completely froze up over a video glitch & I couldn't control my temper, slamming the damn thing up & down until the screen was fucked & god knows what else.

  16. - Sister buys a cinnamon scented candle melt/freshner.

    - Tells her I'm allergic to cinnamon so she can only use it in her bedroom with her door closed.

    - Comes home from work, smells cinnamon, sister says "I forgot".


    So now my throat hurts, It's hard to breathe and my sister just sits casually in her room like "oopsies".


    This is why I'm not a family person.

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    2. Takeo212


      @PhoenixSoul I wouldn't say she did it intentionally, but she's rather ignorant so I believer her when she "forgot". In other words, she never paid attention when i told her in the first place.


      Thankfully I'm not deadly allergic but it does cause alot of discomfort.


      @Rikifive Lucky~ I've got two allergies, but the harmful one I don't even need.  Theres an ingredient in travel sickness tablets that make me swell up and my whole body numb. That was a fun experience as a kid lol.


    3. Kayzee


      I have some horrible allergies myself... Or maybe it's more like horrible hay fever? All I know is my nose is stuffy all the time and my eyes can get scratchy.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      @Takeo212 Still very callous of her. But ultimately, I hope she learned something.

      All allergies should be given serious consideration. I'm allergic to cigarette smoke, I cough as a response, and if I am eating or drinking when that happens, it leads to nothing good, and if I have prolonged exposure, I begin heaving and it has an effect on my cognitive functions, something the people I live with just tell me to 'quit bitching' about, like it's nothing. If it gets real bad, it makes my eyes itch to boot.

      Again, serious consideration. Your sis could learn from my on-paper parents' foolishness as that may one day very well be my end.

  17. Takeo212


    From the album: Tales of Eadris

    Marina and Mathu from Eadris. Was trying for a 'scared and protective' thing but there faces are kinda weird... Ah well~ Drawn with mouse. I don't really like the shaded version so heres the flat colours too.
  18. Takeo212


    I couldn't draw fingers with my shakey hand so I went for the "chibi clump" hand xD Also just noticed Marina's (the girl) upper arms are weird. Ones super skinny and the others rather thick Dx I miss my tablet lol. Thanks for the feedback Riki :3 I agree the other version is rather "agressive" and just messy but versions brighter. I loved drawing their ears xD
  19. Takeo212


    From the album: Tales of Eadris

    Marina and Mathu from Eadris. Was trying for a 'scared and protective' thing but there faces are kinda weird... Ah well~ Drawn with mouse. Not sure if I like this version though.
  20. Takeo212

    Tales of Eadris

  21. Takeo212

    💖My Little Pony: The Game

    Haven't checked in in a while (mostly due to not getting a notification back when you replied...). Those menu's look amazing. So colourful~ Checked out the animated version and just wow, I love it. It moves smoothly, the bounces and animations make it so dynamic and it looks so clean and pretty. Also learned what "Punkty Nauki" means so now I feel clever haha~
  22. Takeo212

    staff Rooooooooood | New Sectional Staff

    *facepalm* I keep forgetting Discord is a thing nowadays. Really need to get on that chatroom more. Congrats though Chibae~
  23. Cookie for whoever knows what day today is :P

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    2. Wingflame


      Happy birthday :3

    3. Chadzter01


      Happy Bday!

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Birthday sandwich!



      Enjoy. :)

  24. Takeo212

    Plugin for voiceover etc.?

    I don't think a plugin exists for this for 2 main reasons; - Implementing dialogue is already easy as you just have to play the requested ME before the dialogue box appears to have the character speak. If you skip a box, the dialogue already cuts to the next ME and second text box since everytime you play a new ME is replaces the previously played one. It's tedious, but it is super easy to implement. If you want the dialogue to stop, just add the "play ME" command but have it set to none to stop dialogue suddenly (probably best used after the last dialogue box). - Most text box commands are used for actual text inputs (and some face/portrait graphics). Adding voice commands into the mix just becomes too much and would cause alot of compatability issues between similar plugins. I suppose someone could write a plugin for it - not sure the difficulty of adding ME commands are - but you'd be much easier doing it manually to be honest.
  25. Takeo212

    MV Text "Corruption"

    What font are you using, and what format is it? Can you send me a copy of the text file/your game to test it myself? - mainly to test for file corruption or possible miss installation. Are you using a plugin to change your font, or are you replacing the actual font file? Have you used the font before and it's suddenly broken now, or have you recently changed your font? What style of font are you using? Script, pixelated, imagery, serif or sans-serif? I can think of a few possible reasons why it's broken, but more info would be helpful, or a copy of where you got the font and/or your game to test it myself would be good.
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