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    Professional Pathfinding Solution. Lightning Fast!

    Hey, I want to buy Invenio Pathfing on your website but I can't, when it ask a credit card, it's continuously loading.. look:
  2. stiven202

    Black Winter - Download now! (Full game)

    Black Winter is available now! Download full game here: http://stiven202games.tumblr.com/downloads
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    [Event] Easy tile swapping

    I tried with these script calls and none work for me tile_swap("A9","A1","A1","4") tile_swap("A9","A1","A1",4) tile_swap("A9","A1") and get this error: help me, please
  4. stiven202

    Black Winter - Download now! (Full game)

    Game is finished and I am excited to see their gameplays and see how you get scared with the game. Release Date: April 8
  5. Black Winter is a horror game with suspense and drama elements. We will dive into an mysterious story which will take place in a huge castle where our protagonists will face an unexpected nightmare. Inspired by games like The Witch’s House, Amnesia, Silent Hill and Alone in the Dark. Psychological horror will be the main ingredient which will engulf the hidden mysteries within the dark walls of this castle. Matt is a truck driver and he must transport heavy materials to distant zones in the middle of snow. One night, he decides to take Lily with him so she can see how his job is. After 3 hours they find themselves in a dangerous place and unfortunately the truck runs out of fuel. Lost and disoriented, they seek shelter in a nearby mine. After a short time, both find a person who offers them shelter and fuel in their castle. What they don’t know is that the place is cursed and they’ll have to face a horrible creatures to keep themselves alive. - Original Soundtrack. - Original Character Design. - Multiple Endings. - Two playable characters: Each with their pros and cons. - Puzzles, traps and horrible creatures with different behaviors. - More than 5 hours of gameplay. Two characters, two points of view: You can almost always choose between Lily and Matt. Players will be able to choose their favorite character and will see their own dialogues in certain situations. Some of the players may want to run and hide from the enemies, others may want to face them with weapons. Be cautious: Every monster and boss will have their own behavior. Some of them will be more aggressive if you turn on a lamp or walk near them. Be careful, killing them won’t always be a good idea. Save ammo and food: Resources will be scarce, meaning that ammo and food won’t be found everywhere. Search every corner and your effort shall be paid. Kill a monster only when it is imperative or if you need to check the same place often. Name: Matt Collins Age: 35 Job: Truck driver Personality: Brave, honest, has good sense of humor, a little proud and very responsible Name: Liliy Grant Age: 30 Job: Owns a dairy company Personality: Fearful, sincere, religious, respectful, somewhat obsessive and impatient. Name: Emma Age: 14 Personality: Discover it for yourself Name: ??? Age: ??? Personality: ??? Name: ??? Age: ??? Personality: ??? CREDITS: - Creator: Stiven202 - Soundtrack: José Goval - Character Design: Kodyz Beta Testers: Pedro Puche Sidmarck Leandro Rodriguez Contributors: TheCasper288 Kodyz José Goval Sidmarck Light and Dark Maidenrikku123 Banshee Soel Sebastián Rodríguez Tilesets: - Celianna - Germania - Evil Castle Tiles - Halloween Pack - Modern Pack Contact and news: If you want to see the latest news about the game, follow us on Tumblr blog. Ask whatever you want in the "Ask me" section or comments on this page. Reporting Your Game to be Moved: Please report the game to be moved when it's ready for Gaming Lounge or Masterpiece Theater, but ensure it meets the requirements for those areas.
  6. Information: - Title: Good Bye Rebeca - Engine: RPG MAKER VX ACE - Genre: Mystery, Suspense - Languages: English, Spanish - Number of Players: 1 - Duration: 2 to 3 hours - Four alternative endings (One secret) ----------------------------------------------UPDATED--------------------------------------------- I've updated the game with new version. Version 1.7: - Fixed some dialogues and many bugs. Download new version here: http://rpgmaker.net/games/7314/downloads/ Synopsis: This is an adventure of mystery and suspense that tells the story of Rebecca Bradley, she is 15, who awakens one night in the basement' home with a letter from her parents that says "Goodbye Rebeca". Now she will must find her parents to know why they abandoned her. She knows she always has been a good girl but what she will discover at home and around will reveal her the great truth. Features: Screenshots: Characters: Rebeca Name: Rebecca (Protagonist) Age: 15 years Personality: Shy, intelligent, spontaneous, impulsive, solidarity, studious Occupation: High School Student Rodrigo Name: Rodrigo Age: 16 years Personality: Optimistic, brave, sarcastic, solidarity, incredulous, outgoing Occupation: High School Student The Rebeca's parents has no faces for a reason, that you will know when you finish the game. Carlos Carlos: Rebeca's Dad Age: Unknown Profession: Work in a Warehouse Mining Rita Rita: Rebeca's Mom Age: Unknown Occupation: Housewife Teaser Trailer: Note: This trailer is taken the Spanish version of the Game Credits: Created by: Stiven202 Faces and Characters: Miza and Andrelo Gomez DOWNLOAD HERE: http://rpgmaker.net/games/7314/downloads/