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  1. Darthneko

    Player-made Character (custom character?)

    Programming it actually probably isn't so bad - I've done name/gender/haircolor before, and it was just a matter of setting variables based on the choices and then at the end checking the variables and assigning the matching sprite/faceportrait to the player character to match. The problem I ran into is that there wasn't (at the time, this was when MV first came out) any way to assemble the sprite/portrait on the fly, which meant I had to make a complete sprite sheet and portrait set for each variable option. Gender and hair color? Not incredibly bad, just tedious. Gender, haircolor, hair length, eye color, etc? You're looking at needing a lot of graphics. If anyone has come up with a plugin for compositing graphics since then, I'd LOVE to know!
  2. Darthneko

    Rare Enemies

    Thank you for this!
  3. Darthneko

    1 DAY BEFORE RPG MV's release!

    BEST THING EVER - I will be able to do all the work on my Mac, instead of doing the graphics on my Mac and then having to make the game on the PC. I am SO EXCITED for this!
  4. Darthneko

    Is RPG Maker MV over-priced?

    Ok, I'm drugged up on cold medicine and feel the need to put in my two cents. I will preface this by saying that I own both the pro version of Gamemaker Studio, as well as Unity 5, as well as RPGMaker XP and VXAce. I picked them all up either when they went free (unity) or on sale (gamemaker and rpgmaker). I am, however, fortunate enough to have a good paying job, and have already pre-ordered MV which will make it my first engine picked up at full price. So why am I getting MV if I have all those others? Because it's the perfect tool for a very specific job and that, to me, is worth the price. Could I do everything RPGMaker does, plus more besides, in Gamemaker or Unity? Yes, absolutely. However, RPGMaker is very easy to use and does very specific things built into it that would have to be recreated from scratch in other engines. There's a guy on youtube who's basically recreating RPGMaker in Gamemaker and plans on releasing that engine pack for sale on the Gamemaker asset store, and I've been watching him with interest because there are some things possible in Gamemaker that really aren't possible in RPGMaker without extensive scripting. But it's taking him months to recreate in Gamemaker what RPGMaker does right out of the box, and he's much better at the Gamemaker language than I am. In short, I'm willing to pay MV's sticker price in order to pay myself the time that learning a scripting language or new engine would cost me. Side-view battle, larger screen resolution, and larger database are some of the things I've wanted out of RPGMaker and I've easily spent more than 8 hours mucking around with scripts and being frustrated, which is when I moved on to Gamemaker and Unity. RPGMV with those things built in? I'm willing to pay myself $10 an hour for the 8 hours I won't be spending beating my head against how to make VXAce do things it doesn't naturally do, when I'm not a Ruby scripter. (I'm actually more familiar with Javascript, which makes MV even more attractive.) I have several games I'd like to make, some of which are better suited to one engine than the other. It just happens I have one idea which is perfectly suited to the old school JRPG style, and MV will do that, no mess or fuss required, with minimal effort. So to me, no, it's not overpriced - it's perfectly reasonable. I'd be more irritated over VXAce, honestly, if I hadn't picked it up dirt cheap in a bundle. It did, however, give me a good taste of what the RPGMaker engine does out of the box, and I'm really looking forward to what MV will do with the features I want added in.
  5. Darthneko

    Not Me Mapping Critique

    I think maybe Iron Croc means on the exterior of the dorms. The portions of the wall that protrude, where there's a shadow on the ground - use the shadow tool to extend the shadow up the wall to give the extrusion some depth. (I love the wall and windows you used, btw - I assume the doors will be events?)
  6. Darthneko

    Map Transitions - thoughts?

    Yeah.... I want to give the impression of wide open farmland, but I think you're right, there needs to be something more than just a path or it wouldn't make sense WHY you couldn't just run off any part of the side of the map. Open, but guided. Hmm!
  7. I'm curious - how do people mark the areas at the edge of a map where players can get to the next map? I have several maps of green fields and farmland - technically, the transfer events could be all along the edges of the map. However, a path does run through it - so should I make the transfer events only be where the paths are? And if so, should I mark it other than with the path? I've seen some games where people have thin white borders around the events that transfer to the next map. I can't decide if I love it for being easy to spot the exits, or if it's distracting. So what do you think? All along the side? Paths only? Marked exits?
  8. Darthneko

    Sceenshots of my 5 years old game(almost)

    These are gorgeous! the first set especially, and I love how you did the forest in the second set. Like some other people mentioned, the transparent menu is a little hard to read, but other then that it looks great!
  9. Darthneko

    help with Modern Algebra's ATS message system

    Thank you! That did the trick.
  10. Darthneko

    Formatting Currency Display

    That did it! Thank you!!
  11. Darthneko

    Formatting Currency Display

    Thank you so much! I don't have my laptop with me right now, but off the top of my head this is what I'm using that touches the menu: Galv's Menu Layout Galv's Shop Upgrade Galv's Bank Storage Pretty sure Galv's are the big menu overhaul compatibility culprit, but I really love how they look. However, I could ditch the menu layout and shop upgrade if necessary - those are cosmetic. Only really need the bank storage. Also using these: Xail System Journal (creates a quest log journal - I can pare down the descriptions to not include money, should be fine). Zetu's Alternate MP X (changes how TP is displayed) PK8's database breaker (higher amounts of gold) Any help you can give, or advice on how to start poking at it myself, would be wonderful!
  12. Darthneko

    Need help figuring out a closet.

    You could try Galv's multiple storage containers script? In the screenshot you can see it's being used for dresser drawers - same idea as a closet.
  13. Darthneko

    Subfolders possible?

    Thank you, Tsukihime! That will work great for me.
  14. Darthneko

    battlers I'd like to see what you guys think!

    Lady bug tank - heeee! That's fun. I like how those last ones were done, it'd be neat to see more composite battlers. Are you doing the edge clipping with a brush/eraser? What program are you using? Because if it has it, using paths or selection tools will get a cleaner edge, especially along curves like the ladybug.
  15. Darthneko

    My enemy designs

    I love the character these have! The bird and the rat in particular - great expressions. What program are you using? The only thing I'd say is that the outer lines could be cleaned up a little (it's most noticable on the rat, there's some thick spots along his back) but that's minor (and tedious) work with a 1px pencil.