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  1. GuiltyAxer

    How to make the most of custom formulae. Part #1

    Oooooh, yeah, that was easy Thanks xD
  2. GuiltyAxer

    Tsukihime's Effect: Devour

    Okay, I'll try to test this out this weekend. Anyway, thanks for your time
  3. GuiltyAxer

    Tsukihime's Effect: Devour

    Bump ?
  4. Oooh, I'll test that later and let you know if it works ! I'm not a scripter but Shouldn't it be... def self.stc4(battler, state) battler.hp <= battler.mhp / 2 end ... more like this ? EDIT/ Question : <turn state trigger: stc4, sta4> Do i HAVE to put an sta ? As I'm only needing your stc... Is something like... <turn state trigger: stc4> ... possible ? Oh and, of course, thanks
  5. GuiltyAxer

    Steal Ability

    So, it's kinda a necropost I'm doing here but, in the rule it says Necroposting - some areas of the forum have their own guidelines, so check the rules of each forumAnd I didn't saw any forum rules specificly for Completed ace script that says Necroposting is a crime... so I'm doing it anyway and, if that's crime, then sorry, I won't do it again xD Anyway, is there a way to steal multiple abilities from the same enemy ? I put <STEAL ABILITY 52> then line break <STEAL ABILITY 53> but my skill only steal the ability n°52 All the enemies in my games have two to three skills that can be stolen, and this is the only steal skill script I've seen so far that doesn't make actors learn the skills permanently... So I need this. Thanks in advance !
  6. GuiltyAxer

    How to make the most of custom formulae. Part #1

    Hello there, sorry if this already asked but.... 8 pages ;w; So, I would like a skill to cost 50% more mp if the user have armor type x equipped; and have normal mp cost if he doesn't have that armor type equipped. Or the other way around, though I prefer the first, if this one is easier, I would take too : Skill's mp cost is reduced by 50% if the user have armor type x equipped. And is there a way to do the same thing, but with damages instead of the mp cost ? Thanks in advance~ Oh also, the thing I need the most but forgot to ask : A formulae that would damage the enemy, add a state to the user, and restore 10 mp to the user ? I already have the two first features, just need the 10 mp heal. a.add_state_with_log(6);a.atk * 4 + a.mat - b.def * 2 It's "a.add_state_with_log(6)" and not "a.add_state(6)" as I'm using a script that displays the status changes in the battle log when you inflict/cure states with the formulae.
  7. GuiltyAxer

    Hey hey

    I prefer 50 cents ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) And okay, thanks every one, I wrote it down somewhere inside my head so I don't forget ! Finally found that spoiler button too u_u
  8. GuiltyAxer

    Temporally Change Max TP of one Actor in-game

    Soooo, first, thanks, I finally found that spoiler command ! c: Tested and approved. However, it seems that Neon Black script doesn't work with it At first, I thought your script wasn't working, but I tested in a new project with only YEA Core Engine, Battle Engine, TP Manager, and Galv's Menu theme script, with his passive skills script. It displays perfectly the TP in Galv's menu even when the TP is over 100 In Battle Ace Engine, when the character have 100 TP, the TP jauge is full, but when you use a TP heal, hopefully, there isn't any jauge bug (you know, it doesn't cross the line). I also tested a passive skill that doesn't links to a state with your cookie note tag and it worked, some incompatibility I think. So I guess that I'll use "fake" passive skills for the stamina bonuses. Perhaps with Hime Common Event Equip and Scene Interpreter, I'll inflict an invisible state with your cookie tag (I love that word, cookie tag xD) that increase TP, and make the equip learns to the character, a skill that does nothing. But the player will think that the skill do give him a stamina bonus *Evil laugh* Thanks a lot Cookie !
  9. GuiltyAxer

    Temporally Change Max TP of one Actor in-game

    I intend to use Neon Black's passive skill script for that. So, except if I get a compatibility issue when I'll put his script in my script list, It will be passive skills, and not states. For my script list, here. I think I'll remove Yanfly's TP manager though. The reason why I took it, was my need to change max TP and for all actors to gain 10 TP at the end of each turn. However, I quickly realized that it was impossible to do so in-game, and that I could just use a kind of passive state for actors to gain 10 TP by turn (As in my game, TP is used as stamina.) I also intend to use Vlue's Advanced carfting script, but I don't think it touch the TP. And for your last question : Answer number 2. In God eater, bonuses of the same level aren't stackable but bonuses of the same type and from differents levels will stack. Example : Hero Max TP = 100 Hero get the passive skill "Stamina+ 1" wich increase max TP by 10 Hero Max TP = 110 Hero get the passive skill "Stamina+ 2" wich increase max TP by 30 Hero Max TP = 140 I want those two to be stackable. But not if it's the exact same skill. So if you have two times the Stamina+ 1, your Max TP will still be at 110, and not 120. You follow me ? And, just so you don't forget, actors gain skills with equipments. Off-topic question : For the
  10. GuiltyAxer

    Hey hey

    I don't know if that's what I'm asking either, I just read that using blue text could get you banned or a thing like that in the forum rules, but I have no clue of what that means. For Flaming, I think that's the fact to feed a conflict, but I'm not sure~ Anyway, thanks for the welcome
  11. GuiltyAxer

    Hey hey

    Hey it' s me uum. I agree, we need an How To Introduce yourself Thread xD Well, I kinda already introduced myself, but in my profile and my signature, so you can check them out if you want. Huuuum... (You know, it's kinda weird for me to write your "hum" like "hum", I'm french and in France, the "Hum" is written "euhm" xD) So, my RM Skill is mainly Pixel Art, but not just Pixel, I can do some other stuff The best example would be some old sprites I've done one or two years ago, I was adapting a role-playing forum into a rpg game, so I took the images of they're characters... (They're not mine, I juste cutted the faces so for this, I shouldn't be given any credits~) And I made sprites of them (yeah, the game have 15 actors so, the faces sheets and sprites sheets aren't "synchronized" sometimes... (Yeah, a samurai with wings, lol, that's how his character was...) Ah, also, I can't find the spoiler button on this site, it's getting on my nerve since two days ago xD While I'm at it, some questions on the rules : What's the meaning of : -Flaming -Using blue text ? Thanks~
  12. You have 3 orders... wait, is that 4 ?

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      Cookie Ninja

      I'll have a 'Bob Marley extra crispy' and a bottle of water.

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      "I'll have 2 Number Nines, A Number Nine Large, and number six with a extra dip."

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      You all killed me xD

  13. GuiltyAxer

    Rotate Formation RGSS3

    Hi ! Soooo, I searched valid links of the script you are looking for without success. However, I did find a script that apparently, do the same thing (plus, it plays a sound effect when swapping character). However, on the topic were I found it, there wasn't any line breakinf the code (because the site of the scripter has been closed, finding his scripts is harder now), you'll have to do all the line breaks by yourself. # -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=# Simple Player Swapping# Author: Soulpour777# Date Scripted: 12:18PM, April 5, 2014# Description: Allows the player to switch on to characters by pressing a left# and right button (user defined)# -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= module Soulpour module PlayerSwitch # Which button should be pressed to switch party members from the # formation? # :R = W # :L = Q Switch_Button = :L # What is the name of the sound effect played when you switch players? # Sound Effect should be inside the SE folder or inside the RTP Button_Effect = "Absorb1" endend class Game_System #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Public Instance Variables #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- attr_accessor :leader_switch #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Alias Listings #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias :soul_initialize_on_game_system :initialize #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Object Initialization (Aliased) #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def initialize soul_initialize_on_game_system @leader_switch = 1 endend class Scene_Map < Scene_Base #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Alias Listings #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias :soul_frame_update_on_scene_map :update #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Frame Update (Aliased) #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def update soul_frame_update_on_scene_map if Input.trigger?(Soulpour::PlayerSwitch::Switch_Button) RPG::SE.new(Soulpour::PlayerSwitch::Button_Effect, 100, 100).play $game_party.swap_order($game_system.leader_switch, 0) if $game_system.leader_switch == ($game_party.all_members.size) - 1 $game_system.leader_switch = 1 else $game_system.leader_switch += 1 end end end end If you're wondering, the scripter is Soulpour777 (It's written in the script, but some people don't see that) so don't forget him in the credit~ Here is the video of his script in action (The window with faces isn't part of that script, it's another script of his that has nothing to do withe characters swapping)
  14. GuiltyAxer

    Tsukihime's Effect: Devour

    Ooooh, okay, thanks. But. BUT. 11 months of experience, and you already have all thoses skills and award ? The Power of Rainbows is scary D: