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  1. Greeting Acers! Waffles here. I'm a new member to the community, but I've been browsing this site along with previously closed RPG maker community sites for years now. I figured after my move to Australia from my home in Canada, now would be the best time to reach out and make some friends! Haha. At any rate, I'll be posting some resources in the coming days (mostly icons and other small visuals) to give back to the community. In the meantime though, I could use some advice/suggestions on a project I've been working on recently. A bit about the project: I'm working on a dungeon-crawler with randomized dungeons, with a player-owned farm as well as mining, woodcutting, and NPC relationships. I'm going for something akin to "Animal Crossing" meets "Harvest Moon" meets "Final Fantasy" I suppose. I'm currently working on the layout for the player-owned farm. Specifically, how it could be designed with efficiency in mind. Farm resources renew/progress with each passing day. I expect the player will spend 10 minutes or so with each morning tending to crops, milking cows, and gathering items from the various areas. Here is what I have so far. My question involves efficiency, as the player will spend some time throughout the game in these areas tending to the farm. Location of buildings/plots are key, as backtracking long distances to visit the areas could be tedious. Also, any suggestions for additional areas/buildings are welcomed, but getting the layout right is crucial. Thanks guys! Any feedback/suggestions are welcome. Extra (non-essential) Information Edit: Added topic tags.
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    mapping Map Layout for Farming RPG

    That's a decent setup for a single-map farm, for sure! The main reason I decided on doing separate maps for each of the buildings/areas is to have an easier time with upgrades. The farm areas will visually change on the interior and exterior when a player upgrades a particular plot. When they are separate I am easily able to have 3-4 individual clone-maps for each of the upgrades, showing a visual progression. If they were all on the same map, I'd have to create... Hundreds of clone-maps of that one map, for all the possible upgrade levels. (ex): (Workshop is lvl 1, Sheep field is lvl 2), (Workshop is lvl 2, Sheep field is lvl 1), and so on. If I have 10 plots, 4 possible levels for each that's 210 possible combinations...
  3. Love posts like these. It really gets you thinking about things that are fairly important but often-times go by the wayside in development. Careful balance can make a truly amazing game. Item and currency economy in RPGs is a pretty important balancing act. If the game is developed to be easy, or generous with items and gold, players often have more than they need to accomplish their goals. (ex): Final fantasy games, where after a certain point, the player is so rich, they can literally buy out 99 of every item. Why use Elixers, when I can just Cure3 spam+ Ether? On the other hand, if the game swings too far in the other direction players can be frustrated. Not having enough gold to buy a potion can be a pretty big turn-off. Some Rogue-likes fall in to this category, and the more casual of players often dislike needing to carefully manage their inventory and item use to survive. Careful balance of both items and gold given to the players is needed to ensure a reasonable play-through, I believe. For every Megalixer you hand out, make sure there's a boss coming up soon who will tempt the player to use it in order to prevail. Make sure the player is gaining just enough gold to buy their potions and an upgraded weapon or armor here and there, but not enough to buy-out the shop and start a multi-national corporation. Great post Tsu, would love more of these.
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    mapping Map Layout for Farming RPG

    1. You're probably right, actually. Since the player would be able to harvest and plant everything at once, it would create a bit better pacing for activities on the farm. 2. The pig pen could be moved to be near the sheep, for sure. The main reason for even having all the areas separate to begin with is because of the upgrading. It's much easier to have upgrades done on a map-by-map basis, instead of designing maps with a large amount of areas on it, and trying to map all the possible combinations of levels for the buildings/pens etc. 3. I'm thinking inside the barn? Perhaps a few stalls for cows, and along the back wall, a line of nests to collect eggs, while the chickens sort of wander about? Great suggestions at any rate! I may be able to move the mine to the same area as the fishing pond as well to save on maps, along with moving the pigs to the sheep area. Will edit main post when I get time.