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  1. Pedrovin

    Shopbot Sisters

    Author: Pedrovin Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace Genre: Puzzle ............................................................................................ INFO The following was created as part of a gamejam, created in roughly 5 days. In the world of Nerale, sentient robots known as Souldroids thrive among humanity. This is the tale of two Souldroid sisters known as Ail and Ali, the mascots of the Shopbot Supermarket Services franchise! Ali, the oldest sister does get a little rough, and her younger sibling decides to take revenge by changing the store's warehouse into a small gauntlet of puzzles. ............................................................................................ Screenshots ............................................................................................ Download Normal version, can be played by anyone! http://www.mediafire.com/file/q0t373si9mx5vut/Shopbot_Sisters.7z/file Open Source version, require a copy of VX Ace to play and open in the editor. http://www.mediafire.com/file/e9ns6lbtnl1pr77/Shopbot_Sisters_-Open_Source-.7z/file ............................................................................................ Credits All art assets and game-making. Pedrovin ( Pedro Marques ) Music Will Ultigonio Bowerman Wyvirin Scripts Yanfly Moghunter Mithran Raizen Rikifive Racheal GaryCXJk modern algebra
  2. Pedrovin

    Steel Zeroes

    Yeah, the thing about the chests is that I had to do something so they'd stand out to the player, so I made them like that. And thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the game so far! I've updated the download link to a newer version of the demo, hopefully some issues are gone now. http://www.mediafire.com/file/7j353lkhfpnnx27/SteelZeroes+DEMO+1%2C2%282%29.7z
  3. Pedrovin

    Steel Zeroes

    Thank you all for the feedback! The DEMO for Steel Zeroes is here! You can download it from the link below! http://www.mediafire.com/file/7j353lkhfpnnx27/SteelZeroes+DEMO+1%2C2%282%29.7z The following is a DEMO version of a game still in development, that I’m making strictly as a passion project, the full runtime of the demo should be around 1 hour and a half.My sincerest apologies if you come across any glitch, please know that I did my best to polish the game as much as I could, and I hope you have as much fun playing the game, as I had working on it.
  4. Pedrovin

    Steel Zeroes

    DEMO AVAILABLE - RTP NOT NECESSARY http://www.mediafire.com/file/7j353lkhfpnnx27/SteelZeroes+DEMO+1%2C2%282%29.7z http://steelzeroes.tumblr.com/ This game dates back to early 2013 when it was going for a more “realistic“ and steampunk-ish approach, back then I didn’t really had much in mind other than a ripoff of Final Fantasy VII where two renegades would rise up against a greedy, oppressive corporation, they would eventually have to fight a dark pseudo-mage that used science to do magic stuff who wanted to reset the world from it’s “rotten†state. Eventually though, idea faded away as I lost interest in it. Next I came up with a more "colorful" idea for a game with a sillier plot! One that involves robots going up against big bad aliens, who are trying to obtain important Crystals from planet Earth. I hope you have as much fun playing this game as I had creating it! "An otherworldly thread awaits us all, and it's up to a bunch of toasters to save the day!" A long time ago, mankind had a society based on magic, that existed thanks to a Magic Crystal who lent it's power to every living creature in the planet. However, man's greed generated conflict after conflict that ultimately shattered the crystal, which in turn, made magic fade away from the world. And now... many centuries later... "It is now the year 2450" With magic completely gone from the world, mankind migrated to a more technologically advanced society based on robotics. In this era, a scientist by the name of Dr. Anette created two domestic robots, Luke and Eva. They all lived peacefully, until one day, Anette gives them a new job that'll change their lives forever, by embarking on a journey to save the Earth from an otherworldly threat. Luke - A rather naive, yet kind toaster! Very gentle, optimistic and obedient. He may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but will do his best to please everyone. Eva - A somewhat snarky and cynical domestic robot, she sometimes say things without thinking first, and that can rub some people the wrong way! Her brother is always accompanying her everywhere she goes, they're both pretty close siblings. The soundtrack is being composed by Will "Ultigonio" Bowerman https://soundcloud.com/ultigonio The game contains tons of hidden artwork scattered around the world! Can you find 'em all? Feel free to try! Guest NPCs Karbonic "Snek" Fidhell Froiland Planet Silent Maid Little Paw Goshaag Rozel Gaiax2 Scripts Yanfly Racheal Galv GaryCXJk Yami Engine Symphony Zeus81 Shadowmaster modern algebra V.M of D.T Fomar0153 MOG Levi Stepp Xaiu IXFURU Hime KMS Zerbu Raizen JohnBolton
  5. Pedrovin

    Hi there! I'm Pedrovin!

    Sweet, will do! Thanks a lot!
  6. Pedrovin

    Hi there! I'm Pedrovin!

    Good to be back! Kinda wish I could share my project here but for some reason I can't post something new on Games in Progress
  7. Hello there, my name is Pedrovin! I'm currently working on a RPG Maket VX Ace game called Steel Zeroes, you can find a lot more info on it here: http://steelzeroes.tumblr.com/ Haha sorry if I'm sometimes blunt with my messages, english isn't really my first language so that can get in the way sometimes! I had this account here for a while but very rarely used it, I'll try to be more active from now on.
  8. Pedrovin

    Some sprites

    Hello there. I'm working on a cute cartoony sci-fi game about robots, and a few days ago I went to a certain community and said people were free to design their own robots and I'd make a sprite for them and put in the game as NPCs ( since I want every NPC to be unique ), and this was ther result. People are still welcome to send me some designs. Also a couple of scientists
  9. Pedrovin

    Small peek at intro + portraits

    Thanks everyone for the feedback, and sorry if I never replied to those posts. Anyway, here's a small gameplay demonstration too
  10. Small lil' peek at an intro Yeah I realized the english here needs some work, it's my second language so I apologize for any sloppy text you may find, I'll get help from some people to proofread it before actually releasing the game. And some dialogue portrait stuff
  11. Pedrovin

    Screenshots for a cartoony sci-fi game

    You mean the blue orb thingies that marks locations? yeah those will be animated and will blink a little when selected, yes the map will scroll, in fact, the clouds in the background move too but it's not noticeable with still screenshots.
  12. Pedrovin

    Screenshots for a cartoony sci-fi game

    Just thought I'd update this because why not. Here's some progress on a SMRPG-like world map
  13. Pedrovin

    Screenshots for a cartoony sci-fi game

    I pretty much made around 90% of these graphics so yeah.
  14. I wanted to give things a slightly cartoony feeling, this is a project in development, and I may not make a thread about it until I get a stable demo going. (Yes, I realize the telescope is cropped, whoops )
  15. Pedrovin

    Some cutscenes

    Hey there, this is an old game of mine from 2012-2014, who I decided to translate from my native language to english, and these are some cutscenes! Some feedback would be nice, since I have no idea if I'll continue translating it, but if people want to I will, the RPG Maker community over here IS a lot bigger than the one my country has, after all. It's not really a serious game... like... at all so it's filled with sillyness and stuff.
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