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  1. There's a new download up since the old one had some game breaking bugs that could prevent further completion. This one's pretty awesome. You should check it out. And thank you for that nice comment, Vincent. I enjoy knowing about people's thoughts on this.
  2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~Halo Reacharound: Extenze~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a warning: (one will also be implemented to the game itself soon) This game is incredibly offensive. Like, really, really offensive. It includes but is not limited to: -Sexual Content - There is nothing shown but the game is sprinkled with very vivid descriptions of such content. -Sexism -Racism -Vulgar Language -Religious Prejudice -Crude Humor -References to tragic events, recent or otherwise -Drug Use If you even think these might offend or disgust you, don't play this. Don't even read on. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  3. Tentacle Grape

    10 Minute Infinite

    It's ridiculous that this doesn't have any replies yet. This is a really creative game. Gaining levels might seem like an easy task at first when it's just talking to people left and right, but it actually becomes challenging as certain tasks require items or you're looking for a new area you haven't covered yet. The dungeon is also very fun to figure out and still retains the humor of the game but adds a sort of subtle mood of seriousness as you observe what's around you. If you haven't tried this yet I suggest doing so. It's something fresh.
  4. Tentacle Grape

    rmvx BGFT: The James Lucas Story

    This was the first RM game I ever played when you made it a few years ago, and for what it is (which is a first attempt for a game that's actually completed) I was really impressed. It pretty much inspired me to try my hand at RM. My only complaints are the battles. They have amusing scenarios, but often times they themselves are really dull. It's a mash enter to win sort of affair, aside from one battle. There's also a very linear progression. Not much to explore outside the story that's here, but because it's entertaining I don't take too much issue with that, also considering the length. If you look past these minor issues you'll find an entertaining story within. It's not super-deep with complex webs or character relations (or is it??? !!!??) but it's sure as hell entertaining. If anyone's curious about the inconsistency in some art, namely character portraits being a mix of stock and original resources, it's worth mentioning it's pulled from a comic book I'm making based off this. They weren't made originally for this game, but he asked my permission. And hell, the comic's based from this anyway.
  5. Tentacle Grape

    EDITORIAL: Early DLC Exclusives Don't Help Anybody

    I pretty much agree, but you can't surely speak for everybody. There may in fact be people who are fine playing it on either console and get whichever has DLC first. Not to mention that the consumer wouldn't be spending extra money on it in the future.
  6. Tentacle Grape

    EDITORIAL: Features Exclusive by Platforms is Bullshit

    It's just business- you're giving the consumer a reason to buy that game for a particular console. Yes, those features can be annoying but in the case of something like your Mass Effect III example, the feature is so meaningless and doesn't add anything so it shouldn't matter anyway.
  7. I never thought there would be a workaround, but here it is. This info will be very useful to me and others.
  8. Tentacle Grape

    About First Projects

    Good advice here for anyone new to the engine. My first RM game was built on VX and very simple. It was a one hour game without scripts and less than a handful of custom graphics. (It only took me a week to make!) From that alone I felt I learned enough to make a larger scale RM game should I choose to do so. Although I personally never wanted my first project to be a huge game, I'm sure starting small sounds boring to people who are new with RM. But it's a lot better than having never finished an idea to begin with.
  9. Tentacle Grape

    ~[Syvkal's Menu Bars VXAce]~

    It's nice to see this script again, but for Ace. Good job.
  10. Tentacle Grape

    Gamertags, PSN & Friend Codes

    PSN: Shadowbhiemes That's me, but often my family uses the PS3 to watch Netflix.