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  1. My former name around here back in 2014 was stevethehuman01, pleased to see ya'll!

    It's been, 3-4 years since I've been here.

    I was 15 when i foolishly left RPG Maker even though it's what i enjoy the most.

    I'm 19 now and I have learned way too many much from my past mistakes, personality wise that is, but not much from writing LMAO.
    Although, i can quite draw, and still practicing to draw alot of stuff that i can use to create a few extra resource for my upcoming projects.

    TL;DR I'm back from being a dummy-dumm-dumm (and rather battling against my own anxieties and personal dilemmas), and i'm glad that the community is still active!

    1. Rikifive


      Welcome back then! 😁

    2. PhoenixSoul


      Ahoy there! lolz
      What was I doing back in 2014? Oh. I was in a coma.

  2. Steve The Developer presents... A simple, story-driven RPG Made in RPG Maker MV with few customization systems. Within the depths of war, In the days where the tomorrow slowly ceases to it's last... will there ever be gonna be a new tomorrow? Yanfly for the Amazing Plugins that almost made the game! Terrax for the nice Lightning Plugin! More to be added~
  3. Strisk

    Hi There!

    Welcome to the forums! There's alot to check here, and specially the community is very welcoming! Looking forward for your work in the Showroom or The Gaming Lounge! Goodluck and have fun developing RPGs and showing progress here!
  4. http://asoftmurmur.com/ a small ambient music makes my whole day, made developing rpgs relaxing for a bit.
  5. Strisk

    I'm real.

    Greetings over here, I hope you have a good time in the forums. Looking forward for your game! Have fun developing and most of all, Goodluck across the development fields!
  6. Strisk

    forum games Ask a random question

    Probably Trump, for the best. Would you like if Donald Trump was the President?
  7. Strisk

    forum games Ask a random question

    Because it maybe has no point that it has to be released for no reason. Who really killed Hitler, Did he really suicide?! Or... is he alive?!
  8. Strisk

    Make a story sentence by sentence.

    And then in the lair of the vile and great Bananman, skeletons starts to pop out to it's lair that is spooking everyone who tries to enter.
  9. Strisk

    The Worst Game Dev Idea Possible

    Pineapple with no sleeves would be a platformer game where he has to snatch up some other pineapple's sleeves as points, in the end the sleeves he snatched will be confiscated by his krab boss in the restaurant where he works in as a chef, and later on the game the pineapples who had their sleeves snatched will become angry and since they're angry their sleeves responds to their anger, turning the sleeves into a huge monster, now the protagonist pineapple must fight the final sleeve battle to save the pineapple land from the angry sleeves the pineapple citizens that has their sleeves snatched boss came in. Make a game that is an Family Friendly RPG.
  10. Hoo-boi, it's been a while since i was here, i miss the community XD It's me, Steve (for those who recognize)

  11. Strisk

    Chill-out Corner (Fave Music Thread)

    Always makes every single morning i have.
  12. Currently Learning Guitar notes for Breezy (FFVIII)

    1. Fjoraselda


      Breezy? For real?

    2. Strisk


      xD yep, Currently Getting it 50% =D


    3. Fjoraselda


      Why not Force Your Way?!


  13. Am i only thinking that exdeath has the most powerful Force than Kefka?

    1. Necromedes


      Well... Kefka became God...

      And I don't mean "Ha ha! I am in the process of becoming God, so you still have a moderate chance of stopping me!"

      No... He became God.

    2. UberMedic7


      Well, ExDeath's powers come from the void, and Cloud of Darkness is the Void itself so...

  14. Thanks for the add, friend. :3

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    2. Yuugami


      THE VOID.


      What other RPG series do you enjoy? DQ? SMT? DS? :3

    3. Strisk


      Tales of Series, Summon night, The world ends with you, Bravely Default, Also Chrono Series and Dragon Quest


      That's all in my Greatest RPG hits Void-Styled Box

    4. Yuugami


      Those are all great games. c:


      I liked the older GC titles for Tales a lot more than the recent ones, but Vesperia was my favorite. Do you play any wRPG?

  15. Oh, Final Fantasy.... Why you are getting hated by the other guys.... :(

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    2. Strisk


      Oh, I forgot. But still..

    3. Strisk


      <--- This guy is a bit powerful than kefka.. A small bit...

    4. LordSquirrel


      I never really got a chance to play V. I played the first two, four, six, seven, got halfway through 8, played ten and ten-2, the entire thirteen series and the first couple of hours of fourteen online.

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