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  1. Not to rain on your parade, but: ^ That's what everyone thinks. ^ Scripts =/= uniqueness. But that aside, welcome. If you're half as determined as you seem, you might just be one of the few people who actually finishes a good game. Good luck. (Yes, I'm always this cynical. Don't mind me.)
  2. Kirin

    Rose leaves, for now

    Minecraft Link. Heh. See you when you get back.
  3. Kirin

    VGZ - Ring Menu

    I hope this won't discourage you from posting more scripts in the future. As gubiD has said, two scripts that do the same thing can have very different components. It's a good learning process for people like me trying to learn scripting to look through other scripts and see alternative ways of doing things. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Kirin

    VGZ - Ring Menu

    I would advise you guys to take a look at the scripts first before jumping to conclusions. I looked at the scripts and they seemed different enough that it couldn't have been a straight copy and paste. I'm pretty sure this is an original from this site.
  5. Kirin

    [Graphics] Making a professional logo.

    That is very strange. If you say it's up, then it would seem that TinyPic is blocking me, which is very strange because I use TinyPic as well, and it was working fine up till about two days ago. I'm not going to ask you to reupload all your images on another image host. xD I'm just gonna wait and see if TinyPic decides to sort itself out on my end.
  6. Kirin

    [Graphics] Making a professional logo.

    I keep hearing about how awesome the logos are, but I am completely unable to see any images in the post. Instead of the actual picture, I'm getting 'Posted Image' text, and when I click on the pictures they just load forever. Seems like TinyPic is down though, since I can't access it, but why is everyone else getting to see them without any problems? T_T
  7. Kirin

    Skills for specific classes only

    Rather than individual skills, give them a skill type. For example, the clse quarters combat specialist gets Martial Arts as a type, and the mage gets White Magic, Destruction, Arcane Arts or something similar as a type. Stick each skill into their types (Rush would be a Martial Art Type, Fire an Arcane Type), then assign types to each class.
  8. Kirin

    HK VS Animated Title

    Is there a way you can just replace all the fixed resolutions with Graphics.width and Graphics.height, then minus a certain number of pixels? So for x = 540 you can have Graphics.width - 4 and for y = 160 you can have Graphics.height - 256? That way the script will take care of all the resolutions at once rather than having to need separate scripts for each resolution.
  9. Nope. You still need to know the basics of how to script. An easy way of explaining this is: This lets you organize stuff. You still need to know what to do with that stuff.
  10. Kirin

    ☼ Howdy! ☼

    So you were an onion and now you're a little sister. You're a talented one. Welcome.
  11. No, it won't be. This is a whole Custom Battle System, not a simple display changer that changes how the menus are shown, shows the turn order, yadda yadda. The thing on the left is part of the battle system, the order bar. What you're asking is the same thing as asking if Yanfly's Battle Engine Ace is compatible with Fomar's Standalone ATB/Stamina Based Battle System. The answer is no, in case you still don't get it. But what you can do is change the display stuff. Things that only affect visuals, like Jet's Simple Side View script. STR33G1's Battle Status Window is compatible too, since it's just a menu. Proof:
  12. While I'm not exactly sure what you mean by the scenarios you've given (Is it the attacker or the defender who should have the state?), you can check the states of both the target and the user by using: a.debuff?(n) for the attacker's state, where n is the state ID, and b.debuff?(n) for the target's state, where n is the state ID. (I got that method from WindMesser's script. Isn't there something like a 'has_state?' method that might work better?)
  13. Very, very nice. It took me a while to understand the implications of being able to use a custom formula for each skill, and a little longer to see what could be possible if you're allowed to use Ruby syntax within. Once I DID figure it out, the implications were staggering. This should help people struggling with formula ideas.
  14. Anything that affects the battle engine is incompatible. This will work with stuff like Display Victory Aftermath, Core Fixes, Encounter Rate Manager and so on, but will NOT work with Battle Command List, Ace Battle Engine, Active Chain Skills, Input Combo Skills and so on.