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  1. TobiObito4ever

    Certain Order Puzzle

    Tried using this tutorial but the dolls didn't properly reset. Not to mention it broke another puzzle in game, but that part is irrelevant.
  2. You implement one puzzle and another puzzle breaks. The wonders of coding, everybody. QwQ

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Yup, yup.

      Implement one feature, have to fix/modify another, compat scriptlet, etcetera.

    2. Kayzee


      Unfortunately that kind of thing often happens when you have lots of scripts by different people that all step over each other. It tends to be less of a problem the more simple and self-contained a script is though.

    3. AceOfAces_Mod


      Sometimes, you wish the code you have is modular. Other times, you wish you combined them into one harmonious code. Things break when it's not handled properly. Say, you used the same variables but forgot to check that another piece doesn't use them anymore. 

  3. TobiObito4ever

    Certain Order Puzzle

    So I'm creating a puzzle in my horror game where you have to decapitate some dolls in a certain order: 1368. The problem is figuring out exactly how to do it. I tried messing around with variables, but I'm totally stuck. Do I need variables for the correct dolls? Any help, please? ^ Clue to the puzzle
  4. One of these days, I *REALLY* have to make a blog for our games' studio. It gets a bit tiring making blogs for each and every game, hahaha...

  5. Was flipping through scary stories for inspiration and by sheer coincidence, I stumble upon the real life version of the Kaminaga Shrine.


    Spooky! (ΟΔΟ;)

  6. After lots of consideration, I probably won't include Mefis's human form in game (lack of sprites and no immediate need for it).


    But for those of you curious, the closest I can get to it is this V


  7. image.png.436f06a0b74ec522e632e8633921f08a.png

    Mokumokuren: when paper sliding doors/windows go damaged for so long, it is possible for them to become this youkai. While creepy, these youkai are relatively harmless and are usually signs of a greater youkai infestation.

  8. image.png.6e07bd9e361a011f48986c7a6248c798.png

    Come on in. The water's fine.

  9. image.png.8af0b0a66f799cfb440b5a9fd9bbd640.png

    Don't let them catch you with your pants down. Rule #3: Beware of bathrooms.

  10. image.png.e5b41d1df21580f95f2f439eb194fbcf.png


    An old faded sign outside the Kaminaga Shrine...

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Hidden messages like this should remain prevalent in video games.

    2. Kayzee


      Kaminaga? A godly snake person? 😮

    3. TobiObito4ever


      Kaminaga in this case written with the kanjis "god" and "eternal".

  11. tumblr_inline_pfi179ihDE1rt8qzo_540.png

    Kanashibari: the Japanese term for sleep paralysis, a phenomenon when REM sleep overlaps with waking consciousness. The victim’s body is still paralyzed in sleep, but the eyes are open and the mind is half-awake; and the real and dream worlds mix together.


    One of the many deaths of Kamikakushi's protagonist, Yasu...

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Something I suffer from a lot, actually.

      (light sleepers often have this issue and it's just how things are)

  12. The hour of spooks is almost here! I have the major urge to work on/play tons of horror games during this period. Ehehehe!



  13. TobiObito4ever

    Commenting on Key Items

    Awesome, it works! Thanks.
  14. So I'm having a bit of a problem here. I'm trying to figure out how to make it so a certain character (Shin) comments on each key item the MC (Yasu) shows him. These would provide some hints on what to use the item for. The only problem is, Shin only successfully comments on one item (any other item and it's a VERY delayed reaction. You have to press the other item twice to finally register.) I kinda want to prevent that. So.... How do I do it? So far, he only reacts perfectly to the knife. V The code for the knife event (and every other object, so far) V
  15. image.png.23cb95651e7214235130fb5cc5511ec1.png


    Finally added a glow effect to candles/lanterns/some windows scattered across the shrine. It looks REALLY nice in game. I'm proud of it!

    1. Kayzee


      Hehe, I personally think those types of effects look better if they are less smooth  (I just tend to think ultra smooth lighting effects look a bit weird on top of the less smooth pixel art), but it looks nice anyway!

    2. PhoenixSoul


      It's really hard to get that just perfect level of translucent glow...

    3. Kayzee


      Yeah, after my comment I felt like going back and messing with some of my own light effects and spent a few hours just messing around in gimp.