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  1. *reading a story about fairies and the MC and her fiance breaks 5 of the 8-or-so fairy rules of etiquette*


    I'm sorry MC-chan but at this point, you kinda deserve this. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. Kayzee


      Oh dear. Honestly I am not sure what most fairies have could be described as 'etiquette' (outside of those in the Seelie court anyway, bunch of stuck up types always trying to one up each other with silly political games if you ask me), but we do have more then a few unwritten rules we tend to take very seriously. Plus it's not like fairies respect most humans very much in the first place, so offending a fairy isn't too hard. Some will just be begging for an excuse to mess with you. ❤️


      Generally though many fairies won't mess with you to much if you amuse them. Just keep in mind: The worst thing you can do, the absolute worst, the swiftest way to annoy a fairy, is to ruin their fun. And keep in mind that annoyed fairies tend to find ways of having fun anyway, mostly at the expense of the one who annoyed them.