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  1. Hrrrrm.... How do I fix the doll puzzle in Kamikakushi without making it too obscure....

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    2. TobiObito4ever


      Also added a bit of developer's foresight. If you backtrack AFTER EVADING THE SERIAL MURDERING FOX DEMON ON YOUR TAIL, you INSTANTLY get the Bad End.

    3. Kayzee


      Honestly when I first complained about that puzzle I think I just missed the thing with the clues on it. That being said, I generally dislike this kind of puzzle for exactly that reason. Really most puzzles in games have the same problem. That if you miss something and can't figure it out you can easily get stuck and can't really do anything else. It's not really even a matter of the puzzle being 'too hard' half the time, just that it's really easy to overlook stuff. I mean, there are tons of LP videos where people completely overlook something right in their face just because they are looking for something else or not paying attention.


      And the thing is? That wouldn't be so bad if it didn't make the game grind to a halt whenever it happened. Miss a cool secret or optional thing? That's too bad, but the game goes on and you can always find or learn about it later. Can't move on with the game till you have solved the soup cans? The player is likely to just look up the answer or get frustrated and quit. But if they solve it too easily, well, it's not much of a puzzle is it? I personally rather have puzzles be secret/optional things. Make them as hard as you want, but don't make the whole game revolve around them. I mean, granted, in horror/adventure games you don't really often have a lot of gameplay that isn't related to puzzles in some form or another, but most players play them for the story anyway so... I donno, just saying my thoughts on the matter.

    4. TobiObito4ever


      The question is... what would the reward for an optional puzzle be? More backstory in the omake room? Bonus art?


      Maybe I should have went with the idea of the doll being a key? "I want to see my daughter again..."