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  1. Finally got some progress done on Kamikakushi 2.0. (Thanks to my GF for helping me fight through depression)


    So... What did I change?

    -Revised dialogue

    - Ramped difficulty for the chase scenes/music box puzzle

    - temporarily removed the doll puzzle (blame the depression)

    - added some flashbacks that further explain Hisame and Shin's backstory

    - replaced face graphics and sprites for Ueno and Yamazawa.

    - replaced the sprite for short-haired Yasu

    - added a book in the Omake Room that helps explain some mythos that wasn't clear.


    ^ attempted to sprite graphics for Hisame in some cutscenes using a base. More to come...

    - fixed up all of the face graphics

    - added a bit of developer's foresight in the True End route that some players could abuse in 1.0. Attempting to backtrack after the final chase scene will now net you an INSTANT Bad End. That's how I roll, kiddos.


    So what's next after Kamikakushi 2.0? Maybe helping my GF with her project? Or maybe I could try working on my other small-scale projects? Who knows.