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  1. Yes, people. I'm aware Kamikakushi sucks. We can't all defend our first piece of creative writing/gaming. (Even though, technically it's not my first game)
    Besides, the game is loosely based off an actual horror story out there. One I didn't write. I am planning on cranking out an update that fixes all the errors and revises the dialogue, so I beg of you:
    Please. Stop. Telling me. That I suck. Or you won't get anymore games from me.
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    2. Kayzee


      Well I thought it was pretty neat! Besides you just know that no matter what you do there is bound to be at least one person who dosn't like it for whatever reason, often times not even because the work is bad but just because it's not to their taste. And a lot of people can't tell the difference between those two things unfortunately.


      And anyway, a lot of gods or other such supernatural beings can sort of come across as a bit chuunibyou-like, especially the more villainous ones. It's just something that kinda comes with the territory. After all, when a being is near the top of the cosmic power curve throughout their whole existence, they have little incentive to actually 'grow as a person'. Sure, there are gods with great wisdom and/or compassion, but a great number of they are basically stuck in the mentality of spoiled middle schooler brats. Like Zeus for example. Or even worse that prick Yaltabaoth ('Child of the Void') / Saklas ('Fool') / Samael ('Blind God'). You know, that one god who tells everyone he is the only one. No that's not what he calls himself, but those names are faaaar more fitting.


      So anyway, yeah, don't feel too bad that some might say your overpowered evil god-like being acts a bit like a self-important middle schooler. That's just how overpowered evil god-like beings tend to act.

    3. TobiObito4ever


      Here's the kicker: Hisame's actually the *GOOD* guy. He lost his eye in a scuffle against the main villain of the story.

    4. Kayzee


      Oh I thought you were talking about the bad guy that chases you. Regardless my point still stands! Overpowered good god-like beings act that way all the time too! Really all god-like beings can, good or evil, overpowered or kinda weak. I mean even some of the cool ones tend to. Hehe, That reminds me of Maui in the movie Moana  which I saw for the first time not to long ago (on the plane to Singapore in fact). Maui basically acted like kind of a brat most of the time. He just has enough raw charisma and cheeky moxie to make it kind of endearing. That's kind of a thing with tricksters, even when they do bad things and act smug they are still such lovable goofballs! ❤️


      ... Okay as a fairy, I maaaay be a little biased on that point. But who cares! Tricksters are the bestest!


      Anyway, not saying the criticism was valid mind, I honestly would need to replay the game first before I could make any judgement about it since I kinda played through quickly last time. I am just saying the only difference between chuunibyou and some gods is that gods usually actually have powers, so I can see how characters could be thought of that way. It's actually rather tricky to write a god-like character who doesn't come across that way.


      Personally I would probobly have actually leaned into that interpretation more, made it sort of a plot point even. Cause yeah, on some level these powerful god-like beings might seem like they are acting in a completely ridiculous way. But on another level, they aren't human. Perhaps were never human. To them most humans act in completely ridiculous ways too. Really, I find everyone and everything is completely ridiculous on some level anyway. Which might be why I am not a huge horror fan outside of maybe surreal horror (where things being completely ridiculous is what makes them scary).