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  1. Thank you all for participating! You have greatly contributed with the restoration of this old community. The winners have been announced. Glasses Moneymenace Nobody Amysaurus Halestorm http://www.rpgarden.com/showthread.php?tid=157&pid=669#pid669
  2. The participation so far has been great, and we're thankful for that. The event ends in 10 days.
  3. I got two reports now about the image verification being impossible during registration. I believe to have fixed it now - sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Right - as long as you have the permission to do so, you can post them. And they will count.
  5. http://rpgarden.com/showthread.php?tid=14&pid=26#pid26 Hello all. Special thanks to the admins for allowing this to happen. As several of you may already know, the community rpgmakervx.net has been shutdown. There is, at the moment, a rebuilding effort - and it is called RPGarden. It is a very resource-oriented community, in the sense that it strives to collect as many graphics/audio/scripts it can. I would like to invite you to our opening activity. The details are as follow: Awards Users are encouraged to submit as many resources (graphics, music, scripts) to RPGarden as they can. By the end of the activity, the top contributors will be rewarded some cash prizes: $25 $20 $10 $5 $5 The prizes will be delivered through PayPal. Amazon gift cards are also an option. Notes Obviously only resources that you have permission to post. Resources don't have to be new. Bring in your old things. We don't value a resource type over another (like a script over a sprite for example). We instead subjectively decide their worth by amount of time and/or general appeal. The current deadline is December 24th. However, it may be extended for one week more depending on the circumstances. Simply start posting resources and you will be participating automatically. Please don't make a single thread with a "huge compilation of things". If you have several resource types, make several threads. You can make compilations of things of the same type (trees, zombies, battle tracks, etc). How to participate Now. Normally, the idea of this contest is for you to register at RPGarden and post your resources there. The official announcement can be found here: http://rpgarden.com/showthread.php?tid=14&pid=26#pid26 However, to ease your burden, you can optionally post your resources in this topic instead. We will manually export them to RPGarden, and that way you don't need to register (although it would make our lives easier). Thanks This wouldn't have been possible without the permission of the staff here. RPGarden is in debt! I will make sure to post useful contests in this site in the future - maybe a Summer game making thing.
  6. It generates a random integer between 0 and x, including 0 but excluding x. So it would be D.
  7. Omegas7

    Christmas Contest!

    Well, I always wanted to work on the evil orphan-eating Santa monster. Would a gory game be fine?
  8. Omegas7

    Omega Lunar Map Editor

    We don't have any plans on making it commercial. It will be free software. In the scenario we require a form of income to support the project, we will get it in some other non-intrusive way. But no, we don't plan to sell the engine. Hello, and thank you for your feedback. The purpose isn't to profit (at least not directly) from it. We decided to prioritize the engine's framework rather than make a standalone editor. This is partly because we intend to "compete" against RPGMaker (not in an aggressive way of course), and a standalone editor would simply benefit RPGMaker while we would still be busy working on our framework. Regarding the 2-years-or-so delay, it should be made clear that the engine's development actually started much later, as there was indeed a time when this project was halted. We are sorry for any confusion made during the time. We truly appreciate your interest, and sincerely hope that by this December we will be able to showcase a bit more. Thank you.
  9. Omegas7

    Omega Lunar Map Editor

    Hello, and thank you for your concern. This project has moved into a larger one. Currently we are working on a new RPG Engine, which uses this map editor (basically, this is no longer an RPG Maker extension). The mentioned RPG Engine isn't publicly accessible yet. We do expect to have an alpha build by December this year - at which point we will let you and the rest of the community know. Have a nice day.
  10. Omegas7

    Omegas7 is back :3

    It was under debate to become an RPG engine.
  11. Helloooo. Sorry, was very busy. Well, here I am. Back to some development, coding etc.
  12. Omegas7

    Omega Lunar Map Editor

    Ah, I forgot to mention it in this site: This week I've been on vacations. Some other news that didn't arrive to this site: The particle extension will be halted, to accelerate the beta testing process.
  13. Omegas7

    Omega Lunar Map Editor

    What do you mean by priority? Perhaps I don't remember XP very well. In RPG Maker XP, you were able to set it as such that tiles would overlap your character if they stood on the same coordinates of the tile, but have the character overlap instead otherwise. An example was with RPG Maker XP's counter/table, where the size was two tiles, but the actual graphic was centered in the middle of the two tiles, so that on one end, a character could 'appear' to be standing behind the table, with his legs hidden by the table graphic. VX and VX Ace lack this kind of system- There is a simplistic priority system where the tile can simply just be over the player, and not adaptable. Ah. Well, given that Lunar can let you build "objects" from specific tiles from the tileset, and put those objects either below or above the player, probably it will just take a bit of mapper calculation to properly achieve that effect. For instance, I can have that table graphic and create two objects from it: one made by the lower half and another by the top half. The lower half goes in a layer below the player/events, while the top half goes in a layer above. Of course, the area of the top one would be passable, while the one of the bottom one would not.