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  1. CaelanGM

    How do I give a player skills?

    Okay thank you guys! again, I know it was a super basic question but I couldn't find it anywhere.
  2. So right when the game starts, there is an autorun event to introduce the player to the game. When it ends, there is a switch to end the event, which also starts a parallel process to play bgm, but the bgm doesn't play until I interact with something an a text box appears. The music stops after the text box goes away.
  3. I know this is a super basic question, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Everything was about skill types and that type of stuff. I want to give the main character a skill. It doesn't work when I put it in the "features" section in the character part of the database, and honestly I don't know where else to put it. Basically, from the start of the game, I want the player to have a heal skill. I don't want them to "earn" it from leveling up or anything like that. Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. Okay I guess I just unknowingly fixed it. Thanks! This topic is good to be closed!
  5. Welp it turns out I had some weird damaging floor down, however this had occurred before in the snow, but just went away when I replayed it. Is this just a glitch in RPG Maker or was I just unknowingly screwing around and fixed it? Sorry for messing up that bad
  6. Basically, each step the player moves, the screen flashes red very quickly. There are no "flash screen" events even in the room and not even any parallel processes or auto run events. It's very noticeable. I looked it up but nothing came up. There was one google link that looked promising but i couldn't access it for some reason. Anyway, all help is appreciated!
  7. Wow I can't believe I didn't see that XD. Thank you!
  8. CaelanGM

    Enemy knowing party weaknesses

    You can go into the database and in the enemies tab you should be able to customize its attacks under action patterns.
  9. How can I make the screen pan away from my characters. I want to pan away, then pan back and have something appear there as a jumpscare type of thing, but I don't know how to make the screen move. It is on a standard 17x13 map.
  10. That script is perfect! Thank you!
  11. CaelanGM

    Pause in between songs

    I made it a bgs and rearranged some things and it worked great! Thank you!
  12. So I'm attempting (for the first time) to make a horror game and right at the beginning the bgm changes to be more sinister right as blood appears on a bed, but there is a small pause in between the two songs, and you can tell that something is going to happen before it does. I would rather it to be more sudden, like the second song interrupting the first, rather than there being a moment of silence in-between. I don't have any fade-out or fade-in commands set, the pause is just there. Does anyone know how to eliminate the pause? The screenshot attached has the event. The bgm that I want to interrupt the one that is already running is highlighted. Thanks in advance!