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  1. I'm hanging by a thread, a rope, the noose around my neck. Cause every time I fall in, love falls out of me...

    1. Kayzee


      Oh dear... Though I think bleeding out would be a more fitting metaphor then being hanged to match the last line... Er... Please keep it just a metaphor though, I would be sad if anything happened to you!


      Anyway, I don't know if I every really fell in love or just skipped on the surface, but I don't think love should work like that should it? Investing your feelings into things may be a gamble sometimes, but shouldn't you get back at least some small returns before it falls apart at least? I know me blabbing probobly won't help, but I really want to. :/

    2. PhoenixSoul


      Are you perhaps, a fellow songwriter? These sound like lyrics to some hardcore music to me...


      But I do second @Kayzee on her concern.


      Need a bassist? I'm your girl.

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