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  1. SirCumferance

    Damage Formulas 101 (MV Edition)

    I think you may have answered your own question, you could use the ID as a multiplier? I cannot code or anything, so forgive my amateurness. If you are wearing Armor ID 2, multiply it the Defense value by (Armor.ID*.25) or some such, so you only need to really do it the once.... Looking at it, it made more sense in my head, lol
  2. SirCumferance

    Damage Formulas 101 (MV Edition)

    Thanks for this info, it really is useful. Now for my request How would one use JUST the weapon Attack parameter in a formula. I hunted and found 'weapons.at(0).params.at(0)' by my attempt to alter the numbers, add a.weapons.at(0).params.at(0) to it and such yielded nada.... help me out, again? Example: Guns do flat damage, so attacking with a pistol atk=25, I want it to deal 25 (plus variation) damage, not the total of the actors attack value. Ideally, I would compare this value to the defenders armor defense, so it is only blocked by armor, not all the defense thats been built up....cuz bullets EDIT: Got, used the paramBase to get the base attack, then just subtracted that from the Full Attack, giving me my result.... not pretty but it will work
  3. SirCumferance

    Random Loot

    Hope it does the trick for you. There was a game I played once, you would find a chest and could decide how to open it, Break, Pick Lock or some such. That could be like a mini game for you, do the Mortal Kombat thing for test your might, that kind of thing.
  4. SirCumferance

    Random Loot

    Kind of like the enemy placeholder, but for loot? That would be pretty cool EDIT: I once tested out 'Loot Bags' that was a common event that doled out the goods...was exhausting to do, but it gave out the random loots based on Condition Trees. You might be able to pull that off too, just have a common event run and check if the party has a 'Loot Bag' if so, roll a d6 for the type, then based on the type, a chance of dropping something in there....maybe not even a lot bag is needed, just Call Common Event?
  5. SirCumferance

    YEP Item Upgrade alteration

    Dude, you started me on a path, I will make this work or cry trying. Thanks man
  6. SirCumferance

    YEP Item Upgrade alteration

    So in effect, take Yanflys info, run it through a filter (1 for I, 2 for II etc) and then output the roman numeral back into Yanfly info, so that it shows my info instead?
  7. SirCumferance

    YEP Item Upgrade alteration

    You have pointed me in the right direction, to say the least. I have minimal scripting anything BUT can troubleshoot like a mad man, so can look there and see if I can fiddle with it. I thank you for taking the time, but I hope others could also help...but it would be badass if I figured it on my own, lol. SirCumferance, scripting guy! EDIT: No....not even close, lol. I would easily do the work if I knew HOW to do the work, changing +1 into I and stuff....anyone?
  8. SirCumferance

    YEP Item Upgrade alteration

    So, loving the Yanfly scrips, who doesnt, and I am using the Item Upgrade script. In particular, when it gets a bonus it goes from +1 to +whatever, example, Flaming Sword (+1). I am looking for a way to replace the numbers with Roman Numerals and I was hoping someone can help a guy out. So Flaming Sword (+4) would actually be Flaming Sword IV. I think its a good idea and most of you didnt even realized you wanted it until I said something....admit it EDIT: I will only be going to +10 so X is all I need it to go to, maybe if someone is feeling up to it they can also do it by ranks too, F through S++ or something, lol, but for me, just need the Romans. Maybe if BoostCount = 1 then string = "I" or something, BoostCount >= 10 then string = "X"
  9. SirCumferance

    Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid V3 update

    I will try and replicate when I get home, see what we can see.
  10. SirCumferance

    Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid V3 update

    That should work just like a regular event. Make it check if you have an item (conditional) and if so, its open and if not....its not. Is the lockpick like a mini game or something?
  11. SirCumferance

    Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid V3 update

    Works very well sir, many thanks. The timing is tricky but I tell you what, so simple and elegant
  12. SirCumferance

    Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid V3 update

    Cannot seem to get her to aim before shooting with the standard method, I do like the Common Event route though, will try that. Thanks for the idea
  13. SirCumferance

    Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid V3 update

    I am attempting to have it so the actor uses a Sniper Rifle, but adding a delay just makes her wait, then whip out the rifle for the shot. I want it pulled out, delay and THEN the shot....thoughts?
  14. SirCumferance

    Effect Conditions

    I like that, set it up so that you can learn Fire I, Fire II or Fire III depending if your INT is high enough, or your level....or even max MP. Its a great way to reward patience, 'weak damage now' or 'Mega Nukes later'
  15. SirCumferance

    Regarding Maps.json

    Not too bad of an idea, I must say.
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