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  1. Noyemi K's Simple Dynamic Music

    Why has it taken someone so long to do this
  2. First time I've encountered it. (And yes I figure it's nothing to do with the scripting I just don't know if anyone else is having fun with it) Was simply wondering if there may be a problem with the file you've uploaded
  3. Perhaps I'm missing something, and I -am- sort of hopeless with technical stuff, but trying to run the .exe for 1.4 throws an unexpected error at me. "startIndex cannot be larger than length of string. Parameter name: startIndex" Not sure what that is all about.
  4. CardGame inspired skill and battle system

    I completely adore this. Super cute. If I may make a suggestion - It may be wise to add character/class note tags to specify non-card using characters. This would allow for the use of magic-like creature cards, which would summon in as playable characters with their own unique skills independent of a constructed deck.
  5. Static EXP

    Yuh know that's actually a clever way to handle that without resorting to an enemy level tag system.
  6. dmtk Writing Magic Scroll with Runes!

    As someone who has done portfolio work and stuff: Don't announce your failure at the top of a post (or in any sort of introduction to your work lol) It's just bad buisness That said: There's an alarming ammount of potential behind this idea, and the whole "Player finding a correct pattern in 1/4762###" whatever is easily overcome with in game help texts, hints, etc lol. Beyond that, you can even develop a logic system behind the way runes work, which changes things from a guessing game into a learning-the-system issue Really, this is pretty neat and there's a lot of potential for a really deep and interesting system here lol. Very coll idea. And again: Don't put yourself down at the start of your posts. Something somthing something Self Fulfilling Prophecy something something.
  7. This, I realize, will seem sort of strange but I just need a little snippet of a script that will not only allow me to have Icons to indicate resource types, but also the ability to completely hide the numerical resource cost and have only an icon displayed. It would be easiest if it could be done with simple note tags, as I do not want to hide the cost of all skills, only some. I hope that this isn't too ambiguous.
  8. Command: Enemy Talk

    You picked up the Soul Hackers Remake didn't you? To be fair I love this feature in the game though.
  9. Progressive States

    Out of curiosity do you have plans to expand on this system? For Example, State changes to different state on Physical Damage Elemental Damage Skill Execution Or perhaps you could arguably simplify/complexify(i make up words) to work with a stacking state system (I know yanfly has done this) where stacks increase or decrease as the timer goes down? I adore state scripts they are easily the most fun things to play with~
  10. Progressive States

    So many wonderful applications for this.
  11. command Use Skill

    What would really make this shine more is if the tags could also be applied to other things, for instance weapons or armors. Equip a shield to use cover commands etc. Not really different than an item giving a skill but it adds a dash of pepper.
  12. Identify Item

    If you are creating an item that can identify it, it would be wise to also create a script call that calls on the same scene, in case people want to create an NPC that can Identify items for you. As I understand it now, it seems like you need to have specific calls to ID very specific items? As a side note, I imagine there would be compatibility issues but the "Identifies on equip" function could cause all kinds of hell combined with a random item augment scrips and cursed equipment. That's like dark-souls punishing shit.
  13. victor engine VE - Leap Attack

    Visually, you cand do it the way you want, as long your sequence assume the actor will be invisible at the end. Actually this is what I wanted to know lol
  14. victor engine VE - Leap Attack

    Is it possible to customize the animation for the "jump" effect? Ie, instead of jumping, hiding, poofing into smoke, becoming a ball of cotton candy(????) or something like that?
  15. <moment of self-gratification> I see my death animation :3 .. erherm. I like this. There's a lot to be said for a simple and clean battle hud~