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    Dead characters? Too maby deaths? Consequences?

    Death of a favourite character shouldn't make much difference, truthfully. It's very unlikely that a single character was all that made the game enjoyable. Don't worry on that score, just make sure that all the characters get good lines and are interesting. No, there can't be too many deaths in a game. There is no magic number of fatalities that is 'best', it depends totally on the style and themes of the narrative. In general, there are two kinds of deaths in RPGs; 1. Deaths that are necessary to the narrative ('necessary' as in progression). The classic example is Aeris, but also the heroes village being wiped out, a mentor sacrificing themselves etc. The point of this is to add tension to the story, provide impetus to the protagonists, redirect the plot and further characterise the surviving characters be they hero or villain. The key thing to consider is how you want the player to react to the death, and this isn't a simple matter of 'I want them to be sad'. If you want them to truly hate the villain then make them the focus of the death scene. Over a decade later I still remember this scene from Suikoden 2 The villager is nothing to me, but Luca Blight's sadistic cruelty made her death memorable and emotionally affecting; I hated that guy. But that's not the only emotional response you can want the player to have. Killing the heroes village should almost be downplayed, because the point is that it is sending the hero on their adventure; the player wants to move on to the game. So having the hero mourn and be sad and take the tragedy seriously, paradoxically, works against the story. Better to have them swear vengeance, remember their mothers words and move on. The other key thing to remember is don't have a girl die so a boy can get motivated. That's such a boring cliche, it's rooted in misogyny and it has to stop. At this point I'll put a game down if that shit happens. 2. Deaths based on player choices. This is potentially far more interesting, but as with any player decisions the trick is to reward them no matter what they choose. This can be tricky to get your head around, I'd say examine Alpha Protocol for a perfect example of it in practise. As an aside, your idea of beating a boss to save a character is one I'd be wary of. Most players will just reload until they win the fight because that's just how we're built.
  2. The Cracks Children understand it better than adults. They know the path in the woods will lead to an inescapable labyrinth. They know the basement is bigger and scarier than it has any right to be. And they know that sometimes there are monsters in the darkness. Even when we grow up and learn how foolish those ideas are, sometimes we still feel it. The tingle in your neck we call deja vu. The glimpse of shadows that for a moment you were certain was some strange creature, watching you. Birdsong that for a brief heartbeat sounded like an orchestra from the forest. The truth is, the ordered world we know is an illusion. For those that choose to see will find magic and mystery, danger and delight, secret lives and struggles hiding between the cracks in reality. In The Cracks you play a transfer student just moved to the City, and it will fall upon you and a ragtag group of friends to understand and face a growing, sinister force as it emerges from the shadows. Characters In The Cracks you must divide your time between investigating and combating the supernatural and keeping up with your commitments in the real world. Although the main story is linear, who you choose to spend time with and the side-quests you choose to do will have an effect on the narrative and your chances of survival in battle. Screenshots The only additional materials used are Victor's Engine. I intend to update this thread quite regularly with new locations, characters and developments so stay tuned! Bonus; the City is a big place, full of NPCs to interact with. To make it more interesting for me making them and as an easter egg for players, if any of you want to be in the game as an NPC let me know! Just say what their job/name/appearance/whatever should be!
  3. Really, really good mate, a lot of character came through there, I even got a Constantine vibe at points. A few more interstitial noises, like grunts and quick sounds that can be dropped into conversations, and I think we've got our first voice pack!
  4. BigBlueCar

    Is it a bit terrible to steal an aesthetic?

    I hope you pack of bastards realise you've made me try and make custom sprites now... And whilst they are pretty dire they are just about usable, and it's pretty satisfying to look at the screen and go I made that, that's all me. Hell, at least my game will have a unique look now.
  5. BigBlueCar

    Is it a bit terrible to steal an aesthetic?

    Thanks for the replies, for reference here's an example of the Battler and portrait styles I'm using. Obviously they are a work in progress, the guy on the left isn't even close to finished yet and there's still another 5 characters to do afterwards, but do they seem distinctive enough?
  6. The last chapter of Ice and Fire should be called The Prince That Was Promised and it should be about Rhaegar heading to the Trident.
  7. BigBlueCar

    Souls Style Game?

    Don't do it on one giant map, that would be an Eventing nightmare and could grind mid-level laptops to a crawl. I think you'd have a tough time making this work in RPG Maker too, you'd be fighting against the program without using it's benefits.
  8. Good plot twists are those that are, in retrospect, foreshadowed. When Robb and Catelyn are killed at the Red Wedding, it's shocking but also totally makes sense in the narrative. In Agents of Shield when Ward does his heel turn, you can watch the earlier episodes and there are quite obvious hints that he's Hydra. But if at the end of Final Fantasy 7 Barrett had abruptly turned on you it would just be crap, because there's no way the player could have known. In an RPG though, the big betrayal twist shouldn't happen right at the end. It would be more effective happening at the start of the third act, so the player has time to deal with this new status quo. If a party member that you previously relied on has gone and you are readjusting your strategy to deal with that, that supports the betrayal on a ludo-narrative level and would likely be extremely effective. As the writer, I'd recommend you plot the entire narrative looking both at the PC and the betrayer; look for opportunities in the plot for the betrayer to further their objectives, but in a way that the player wouldn't immediately recognise. And don't pretend that their relationship with the PC was all a lie, it's just that they believe in something else more. A personal favourite is a character that 'betrays' you in that they didn't actually betray their original allegiance at all. but you assumed they did. The princess of an evil empire, the elite soldier that defects to fight for peace, the mercenary that suddenly doesn't care about getting paid, they are all such cliches so subverting them can be ace. I also think this would be shite in a horror or a mystery game. In a horror game knowing the stakes is key, and in a mystery the player is naturally looking at all the angles, so the betrayal will inevitably be too obvious or too random-feeling. Something I love the idea of and well within the scope of RPG maker games is for character motivations to be randomised, so if a character will betray you or not is never known. For a short game meant to be replayed I think that could be fantastic.
  9. @Monkey.D Luffy, Sughayyer and Karsh, that's fantastic that you are all willing to put your voices in. It feels a bit like we're all waiting for the proper thread to be made, but when it is if the three of you, LordSquirrel, EraYachi and myself are all involved with recording that would be a great start. It would also be useful for game makers to say the voice clips or voice types they would find most useful.
  10. Exit Fate is absolutely incredible, if you are a fan of Suikoden 2 it is mandatory playing. It's what inspired me to give a shit about RPG Maker games and if it had been released on the Playstation back in the day it would be in the top ten RPGs, no doubt. It's free here http://site.scfworks.com/?page_id=10 Review and gameplay here
  11. The look of the maps doesn't seem to match with the setting. Why does he still live in his apartment anyway? Have him live in an abandoned space of some sort, that will be more ludo-narrative.
  12. A project I'm working on is a modern fantasy, heavily inspired by World of Darkness, Persona, Neil Gaiman's works, Buffy and Jung's whole concept of the collective unconscious. So if I'm trying to combine JRPG with a modern look, Persona is the obvious go to aesthetic and honestly using the Persona 4 Arena sprites with Victor's system looks great in battles. And as those sprites work, it's a short jump to use edited P4A sprites during conversations as well, The characters are completely different, but if people recognise character designs from another game, would that take them out of the experience?
  13. @EraYachi actually the sample you posted was great, don't do yourself down! @theguyver thanks for offering to help! Getting a professional to help edit and clean up the voices would be fantastic. But I will echo that you've missed the point a bit, we aren't trying to have AAA level voice acting, just like RPG Maker games don't try to have AAA particle effects or ipad companion apps. We're talking about building a resource so that if someone wants some voices in their games, they can. And Audacity and a laptop mic is more than good enough for that. I totally respect your professional perspective, but I think it would be more productive when we are honing and improving the resource rather than now, when we're still trying to get people involved. Right now enthusiasm and inclusiveness is more important than quality. I've been sorting out my recording from last night, pretty sure I can get three useable voice tracks out of it, but want to stress that it's really fun and simple to do. Something I noticed was that as we all have english accents it isn't as varied as I'd like. This forum has a pretty international community, The more different accents and inflections we have the better in my opinion. Edit: Good luck with the diploma EraYachi! Immediately stop wasting time on the forum and study.
  14. So I got two other people to sit in front of the mic with me and go through the script thing with me, but as it was 2AM and we were in a state of, ahem, 'advanced refreshment' there's a significant amount of talking over each other, laughing etc. I'll see what I can get out it, or if someone thinks they can have a go taking out/editing the best bits I'll just post the raw.
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    Hello I'm introducing myself

    I deserve far more of a welcome than this pitiful showing.