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  1. What are the terms for using your EXP Bar script, (non commercial & commercial)?

  2. lol i know this is WAYYYYY late but, could you possibly get this to work while IN battle? I am working on a tactical battle system and love this script but dont want to wait until the battle is over to see the levelups. I have tried very simple fixes like changing false to true, etc etc but nothing is working. Instead of delving deeply into it, i figured I would try the source!
  3. Sorry to hear that Yung, I have been trying to replicate this bug and have had no success. What level are you leveling up to when this bug occurred?
  4. rbahamut

    RBA - EXP gauges for VXAce V1.4

    Hey pparke2, Im not sure how you are getting that problem. I have created a new game and tested current projects using the script as-is and it shows only the exp needed for the next level in text, not including previous levels. Make sure to check your database and compare the exp To Next Level, If at level 1 it shows 50, then the text should read 50 exp when bar is empty and 49 the bar should be pretty much full, and when you hit 50 exp the bar should be empty and the text should read lets say 112 exp because the To Next Level table reads 112 at level 2. (Your numbers in your database may differ). Let me know if you are continuing to have any issue.
  5. Hey adogbiscuit, ok here are the steps on how to use it, Step 1: Create ur starting map that has the intro events etc, make sure to place the Player Start on that map. Step 2: Place in the below script the map id (ex: 2) and coordinates (ex: 1, 5) of where you want to be teleported to after the intro is over and NEW GAME is selected from the title screen, if you CONTINUE from a save the player will be where ever you saved. I do have a demo available above that you can download and see how i ran the events and which map is which to get a better feel. Hope this helps.
  6. Ok got it fixed, changed the default back to size 351horizontal, 481vertical and in GTBS Side Battle script line 14 i changed: @back_transition_default = 30 to @back_transition_default = 35 and that made the edges of the picture no longer visible when the mini battle backdrop transitions out!
  7. im having a problem with high res (1920,1080) with the mini battle popup... the pictures pretty much explain themselves first attack of game Game 2013-07-25 17-14-30-01.bmp just after first attack Game 2013-07-25 17-14-20-87.bmp rest of attacks Game 2013-07-25 17-14-27-82.bmp
  8. Does there need to be a "neutral" present in a fight? and if so... why?
  9. rbahamut

    Diminishing Returns

  10. rbahamut

    Modify Yanfly Engine Ace - Class System v1.10

    I believe u can achieve this by grabbing the Class specifics script and create a copy of each primary class and have one note tagged to primary only... Would just assign the characters that only can be primaries the copied classes. This is a simple solution
  11. rbahamut

    Diminishing Returns

    Hmmm didnt think of using states lol. Note tags arent necessary for me just was sayin im cool with a script that uses them or not. Thanks
  12. rbahamut

    Monster Level using notetag.

    But you see, I want the "Lv. 1" font to be smaller than the name of the monster. Is there a way to change the font size of part of the text in the monster's name? o.o i believe u would add a FONT = line above the text = in this area #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # alias method: name #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- alias game_enemy_name_elv name def name text = game_enemy_name_elv if add_level_name? fmt = YEA::ENEMY_LEVEL::LEVEL_TEXT # <============ add a font line and mess with it until u get the level separated from name size text = sprintf(fmt, @level.group, text) end return text end
  13. rbahamut

    Random Exp Gain's

    Should be an easy task of taking the enemies database exp then rng of +-10%
  14. rbahamut

    Yanfly System Options add new item

    try replacing the ":blank," with ":reso,"... that is the handler the other script uses... just a guess... not able to test atm